Collab Update

So yesterday i made a video inviting more people to join in wth the collab, more are welcome. Deadline is end of january.

Ive had about 10-15 clips in so far and they are looking great

I origionally made a call out expecting 10 max, had about 50 emails+ish….
If they all send clips itl be awesome!

Anyone know the highest number of people in a collab? oO



Hey Guys!!!
We have an awesome collab planned and we want YOU to be part of it!!

ToΒ  start off and get yourself in the collab i need the following sent to me in text form in an e-mail so i can assign everyone parts and send back correct info!
-Your Name (so i can be Nice when contacting)
-Your Youtube User (so i can get organised)
-Link to your youtube channel (id love to check you out!)
-YOUR top 10 favourite youtubers of all timeEmail to send to is :

Once you send that il get back to you with info and your part!!!

Hope to hear from many people πŸ™‚


Awesome Collab we’re in, and our up and coming collab!

Ok, so to start off recently (today) mugglesam posted a new video with Tom from our channel in it! Its a collab shwoing Australia, Canada, America and England. Tom representing England. Once again i finds myself needing to thank Samantha, as basically when she went on holiday she put a video from our channel on her featured spot for a week and we jumped up 50+ subs!! Now in just under a day we’ve risen another 25+ as i write this… so Thanks to sam! and please check out the video!

Now a note on our collab! Ok so we will be putting up a video in about a week or less announcing it and welcoming people to take part!

Basically, just email interest to and i will email you back the parts i want you to do and your deadlines! πŸ™‚

Collaboration idea.

Hey guys, this is just the primary me saying i have a collab planned and want loads of people to take part.

Its themes and such will be revealed to you as you email me and i assign you a part.

In your email please include:
-Your youtube user
-Channel link to you
-A list of your top 10 youtubers (will help with the collab!)

Chow for now
-Tom the cool kid who everyone loves

Hey guys!

So basically i was on youtube this morning (as usual for me) and i saw a few more channels with the wordpress link, and well after seeing how Nick (riverbasil) managed to use his for getting collabs organised effectively and news out i thought it might be worth us doing (as yes we have a collab coming up!)

So check back here when you can and i hope to keep you all up to date!