Looks like its gonna be a fail!

So i always st myself the target of having 1,000 subscribers by April. It looks like that is not going to be met! 😦 We are currently on 978, and it is march 30th. One day to go! and we havent ever risen 22 in a day other than when doing collabs.

In April Nerimon’s gathering is taking place. I hope many of you go, as i will be able to meet you all, maybe even get slapped by some people – Hi Sophie!

I have such a bad habbit of forgetting i can write this, and forget about it! Its ok though

I;m getting better!

Creator of the WORLDS BEST Vlog


Drunk? Not me!

Check the video, for a crease up video sam uploaded on youtube today!!!


Coursework Really sucks

And so did Mirror day!! I opened it up globally, but only got 12 responses…. and one of them was my own video!!! Many many people will be joining Jess in mirror hell with the mirror gods of hell…. 😉


Now dont you agree, coursework REALLY freaking sucks. That freaking has to be said in the way i say “I freaking love it” with my funny accent and tones. Then you’ll get the full suck feeling i have! 😛

Basically for wednesday alone, i have geography, and ICT. Worst bit is needing to get them bound!!!

Its all good though :), as i write this ive nearly finished geog, and all ICT is, is a few corrections.

Also check out this freaking awesome drawing of me!!!!! Drawn by grandnarrative/Lyndsey
Lyndsey's Drawing of me