Feedback time!

So new video today, asked for feedback.
Please do this by commenting on the video!

It will help 🙂

If your here from the video.

z0mg HI HI HI HI HI!!!!!! XD


1100 Subs

So note to self. NEVER EVER claim your not getting a dry spot near the 100 mark of a subscription point, this was due to how we went from 1054 to 1084 in the last week.

Now we’ve been stuck on 1092 -1096 for a few days

Moral of the story: Tom opens his mouth too much and jinxes the channel, its all good though! As i type this there are only four subs to go. I am thinking on making a video asking people for feedback, like whats good, bad and what people want more of in our videos, as well as requests.

Up and coming videos also consist of Ask Tom – which Dave awesomely said he’d try writing a short theme for! :D, and Hide and Seek Final – WHICH HAS BEEN FILMED! i just need to fully finish the editing 😛

We’ve also done some challenges. Trust me. Don’t EVER EVER EVER EVER eat cinnamon. It makes you ill. 😛

Sam makes me laugh

So il be honest. Sam isnt as youtube literate as me and Dan, and he is nly just getting used to the users and who i interact with as friends (mhazz, pj, dave, laura, nalts samantha and other people)  So anyway. We’re on the bus today when he turns around to me and says “You know the laura girl in our 1000 sub video” This is after lots of silence from him btw. I then say “yes?” and he suddently asks if she is the one off of radio one on sundays.
As soon as i say “yeah i think so” Sam suddenly goes fanboy, and is all like “oh my god! How do you know her” “hjow does she get on the radio?”  “how did you get her in the video??”

So i leave the us to go home to sam sat there sitting looking crazy and walk off. Its ok though! When i go back tomorrow he will be onto something new… like maybe asking why i deleted ten comments on sam suggests (people asked if he was gay and he gets really weirdly update)

Other than that event, the first day back at college has been BORING!