Youtube has Slaughtered me…

Ok So basically i upload the video Me, Pj and Doug made and then within 10 minutes youtube decides to die. It disables comments, wont let you edit videos etcf – and this isnt just fo rme. Its for everyone!

If you ask me this is the sort of maintanence they should tell us about BEFOREHAND so we dnt upload super awesome videos right as it happens!

I might just have to curl up somewhere rock back and forward and cry πŸ˜›

I had an awesome day yesterday! Was amazing!! Today was fun too πŸ™‚

Thats alll i can write now. Youtube has killed my high spirit


Ode to my lost wardrobe

new video went up on my burnzy121 accoun today where i made a montage about my uber cool now gone wardrobe – new one is cooler though πŸ˜› XD

Yesterday i realise i said dave announced his love for borzois sistermΒ  misrread his comment. He said something about how she dug him, not the other way πŸ˜›

Glasgow gathering is on saturday! And the Zipster one too!! Guess who isnt going πŸ˜› – Im not! XD I am leaving tomorrow for a 2 day trip so will not be around probably 😦 😦 – But its ok! IM not dying or anything.

Today i barely got any sleep – been up since four, and fell asleep watching two and a half men, then i got woke up by a phonecall from someone and answered it not sure where i was infact “tom burns” when asked “is that tom” Luckily i came to and spoke properly.

Ask Tom isnt doing as wll as i hoped sadly, not got many questions and noone has even posted a theme since i last checked!!!! Now the next show willl be themeless 😦

I made a wardrobe montage

Today i spent half an hour making a video and editing clips from old videos, about my old wardrobe. This made me realise that i potentially have issues, as its not normal to make videos about a wardrobe, and now i am highly concerned with where i am going in life…. i dont wanna get married to a blue wardrobe…

Today on stickam i removed about 200+ subscriptions, and it made me feel good, of these about 100 were closed or suspended accounts, and some were people i had subbed just cause they made me responses – which is silly if i dont watch them- especially if they are ugly!!!

I found borzois sister and dad on youtube and linked the people on stickam, to which nic says :Β  OH SHI- borzois sister is beardless borzoi!!!!!!!!!!
It made me laugh at the time alot… still does a bit now, but not as much as how dave just announced his love for her! :O


The end of a legacy? Nah

Yesterday i destroyed my wardrobe – the blue one in the background ofΒ  all of my vlogs and videos. I did it on camera on stickam. It had to go anyway – it was not safe (basically i went to get out aq jacket and the whole wardrobe fell on me) so i was happy.

Now it has been replaced by a nice canvas wardrobey storage thingy which i think is cool and neat πŸ™‚ makes it look more tidy and better video set up i feel! It also has given my room much more space, and has encouraged me to change much more of my room… gonne redo my vinyll wall and then i will sort out a new desk that uses less room as it takes up alot of space that isnt needed … XD

Today i finished ask tom – intros and footage, it will be up tonight πŸ™‚ It has a youtube theme and includes some youtubers – i had some others but they wouldnt load in or were too long so im sticking them in outtakes for ask tom on burnzy121…. I am using my private channel alot more by the way!!! Today ask tom outtakes hopefully… then tomorrow a goodbye randomprodinc wardrobe video, and then two responses i am due to make… Fun Fun!!! Also we are hopefully banging out the rest of the challenges video this week πŸ™‚


My God Tom! Your going to write a non youtube realted blog?
Thas a shame…..

Today i had my last exams! Three law exams all across 3 hours with 15 minute breaks in between each exam. Right now im kind of in pain with a sore neck and a painful wrist as i had to write so much!!! about 20+ full pages of writing to be exact 😦 So it wasnt the most joyful time of my life but it was necessary for me to get the grade i wanted (hopefully got an A) and will help me in further life i suppose =)

This morning i got some packages. One of them contained a youtube mug, i am guessing it is my gift for being on the user panel…woulda been better had barry not made a video about it and spoiled what it was for me … damn barry is gay sometimes -.- I also got a DVD from vals art diary – a channel on youtube – now i won a dvd from her earlier this year BUT i got it, so im like WTF why have i got a second one?! Either way i will just give it to someone at a gathering or the next meetup i goto haha

I am going to host a stickam tonight maybe, or make some new partner banners… kinda undecided on which one to do! lol Partner banners i might hold back off doing and wait until i can take some decent photos of Me Sam and Dan for them!

Also sorry for calling everyone that may read this noone πŸ˜‰

Tomorrow = The End

Tomorrow i have my final exam in law. I have 3 exams as i am retaking one of the modules so its pretty heavy =/ But i hope i do well as it is something i intend to follow up at uni hopefully!

Today i put up dougs birthday collab. I have been making this slowly through the week editing it as i got bits. Yesterday i got clips from Pj and Laura. These were the last two i thought, so im editing it along and then someone asks me what i did for my clip … its at this point that i realised i hadnt actually filmed a bit myself and was a bit… yeah .. lol!

So i went to bed last night after cancelling the collab render and just slept to wake up this morning to the door knocking with a big thundering knock. I didnt goto it though as i was tired and my hair goes all shitty and greasy in the morning – something that woulda killed whoever was at th door!!!

Anyway after coming on for an hour and sorting out bits of the collab i decided to film my bit and put it in, so i did, and i just placed my two clips in randomly and exported it and i feel it went well. Maybe could have been better, i struggled to get a flow going when i put the cliops together – normally with collabs i see the clips and cut them up and put them together and they flow fine – much like the impressions one where i used pj to maintain a constant flow.

Anyway i think ive been writing on this enough. I shall depart from the blog now and revise some more (FUN FUN!…. Not)

Dont see why im talking like people read this anyway – not like anyone does haha

And another one bites the dust.

Today in had two more exams. One was a retake and the other was a normal one. I feel i did well, alot easier than the january one and i hope i got a high grade. Tomorrow i have geography. That is the mountain of my exams. It is at 3pm tomorrow so i intend to wake up at 7 and get the college bus into college for 8Am where i will revise straight until 3.

I have revised for geography, i have done it for about a month at least now, its just the last minute stuff is the most valuable!

This morning i chose to sleep in and not go in for exam revision (cant revise for the subject i had today its more general) but in my half sleepy state i managed to convince myself that i was infact having dreams related to the subject that helpedΒ  me revise…. Well NO tom.. NO! that was wrong… idiot…Β  i then went and had a dream about saving the world… hence the vlog title – it was in my subconcious blatantly πŸ˜›

So i just piut up a new video. Its just an update one… maybe your here as a result of it ? Hi! XD