I am my own worst enemy!

Ok so when we first made the three single person shows Sam made us set some rules as in his mind he knew i would try to change things cause im main channel admin.

1) Editing may only be done by the person who the show belongs to
2) May only feature in a show if permission is given by the owner
3) Upload times and days are decided by show owners

I broke 3 of these – at first yesterday when i uploaded Sam Suggests for Sam i had broke none of them. He edited it. He had me in as the guest. I uploaded when he wanted.

When i took it down this morning due to youtube fucking up, i broke rule 3.

When i added the 30 second new intro i broke rule 1 and 2

When the rules were made origionally they were agreed on. Mainly because i thought they wouldnt be able to edit ask tom so it didnt bother me…. i was an idiot. The punishment for breaking rules is to be “chosen by the show owner” so Sam is choosing it.

This morning i got a text saying “ITS NOT EVEN YOUR SHOW TOM!!!” thats when i knew he was planning punishments. Though so far Dan tells me the worst he has is for me to make a video saying im a superman obsessant….. – Already have a plan for a video about that nanyway ๐Ÿ˜›

(lets hope he doesnt read the blog :S)


Fuck you Subscription box

Ok so when i went upto scotland with Mhazz and Laura i put up a video. This video was with Mhazz and Laura in (obv) it was the jokey vlog. Also we did the video that went on Lauras channel – the words one.

What i noticed was that neither of these got comments and ratings that matched usual – well not usual for mine and lauras were below mine and hses 1k subs above me. These were uploaded the day the new page came into place.

Next video i uploaded. Scotland video, same thing. Podcast video, again same problem.
Today i uploaded Sam Suggests 2 a video sam actually did which is rare, and it gets 3 fucking comments in an hour and 2 ratings. WHAT THE FUCK, seriously. I then go onto burnzy121 – for those of you whom dont know that is my personal channel So Anyway! I log in and my video isnt in the sub box. This kinda answered it for me, the sub box is fucked. I have missed SO MANY videos over the recent days due to this, i didnt see Mhazz’s video with Alex this evening till someone told me about it and i had to goto her channel. Stephens new video was also not there, i had to go find it myself after he tld me about it in stickam.

Stephen also told me my video had not shown in his sub centre so i linked him to it. This isnt right and its annoying me. Right now my sub box is showing the one video i “havent watched” and thats one of theborzois. Dont have the heart to watch it atm. I dont think i ever will.

Anyway back to the main thing here.


Recognised by some Dumb person

So im on the bus home from college today and basically i get on as it is halfway between southampton and my house, and just before the nearest train station.

So anywayyyy i get on the bus and this girl is like staring at me bizarrely, and what made it worse was that the only open double seat was in front of her.

So she keeps staring and im like …. :S …. and then she taps my shoulder and says “I KNOW YOU!” and im like “yeah?” and then she says “Yeah i saw you on youtube on this channel i watch” – Now naturally i assumed it was mine she was watching and quite arrogantly say “Oh ok cool, so your subscribed to us then?” and she goes …”no not on your channel.. on this other girls channel i watch” to which i replied “Laurbubble?” as she was the most recent channel i have properly been on. She then says yes….

So i went back to the matter of my channel and was like “so your not subscribed to us?” and she replies “Didnt knosw you had a channel, just thought you were friends, does that girl live near here?”

Luckily her stop came as the bus reached the train station, because i was about to call her a dumb bitch and explain why descriptions are there. This blonde probably thought both me and Mhairi were randoms without youtube channels and travelling with Laura despite the fact it should have been clear.

Then as we reached the town by me some girl got on who ive known years and years and years and is one of my best friends. But sadly she went to a different college. I was sooooo happy to see her!!!!! Made me realise inย  ways how im getting out of touch with some peoples.


So i put a new vlog up on burnzy121

Its been a while since i vlogged properly.

I want feedsback XD!

Why wasn’t i invited?!

I woke up this morning on the chair under my bed – its not bad because it is a comfortable chair! Anwyay i assume i drifted off watching a movie last night – worst bit is – i slept through both my alarms and i have now missed the morning of college (SHIT)

Anyway i noticed the computer was on and went over to it to find i was on nics stickam room, i had a few pms from epople asking where i was but then as i went to read up it like closed itself.

So anyway i went to Facebook and saw dave and nick have got married. within the space ofย  2 hours from going into a relationship… now i wanna know… where the fuck was my wedding invite?



Its been an amazing few days, and i know i probably already covered some of what i will cover in this blog in previous blogs… but i dont give a shit, hopefully more of it will be new yeah?

So my week- well week away began on wednesday as i woke up mega early and made my way to Kings Cross station. Now after much walking on tubes anddragging of my bag i make a move to sit down as i thought i had 10 minutes till laura would get in. Anyway turns out Laura got in early so i was the late one :S as i learn when i make a move to sit down and she comes up in front of me hugs me and says hi before telling me how she never wakes up uber early – i personally thought i had it worse since i had to wake up at 6 though ๐Ÿ˜›

So we get on the train. My god! That train journey…. within half an hour Laura fell asleep so i went n my laptop on the poor quality wifi (what do you expect though its a train) Now this would have been fine, had some butch woman not got on halfway through the journey with her crying baby who just would Shut the fuck up – and i mean shut up – seriously it kept crying. Anyone that rang me was like “whos crying” and ended up going cause it was annoying them. – TO go off on a slight tangent here. Im very tired now and might goto bed soon- Anyhow ths woman stated shoving, and i mean shoving this dummy at her kids mouth. Seriously any harder and its head might hae popped!!!

So we get to Scotland finally. Bit tired and numb from sitting on a train for so long , but oh well. We were met by Alex and Gillian, as Mhairi was at work until later on. We got a tube to Mhazz’s and then slowly unpacked bits and bobs for the evening until Mhazz came. I remember grabbing laura to hide behind a door with me, but it failed as first place she looked was behind the door -.- lol

Later that evening we went to a party at Gillians house. It was good. I learned that there are versions of the Scottish accent i do not understand ๐Ÿ˜ฆ But still it was good. There was a guy called barry who did impressions, i think. I dont remember muchof the bits like that, i just know me mhazz and laura had an uber youtube gossip like catch up thing with him there and then realised “SHIT! We’re talking about stuff he doesnt understand” We left Gillians abotu 1 i think, and went to wait for a bus. But it never came! So we had to get a taxi to Mhazzlands whcih was fun, i dont remember that bit but it was still fun. I think i got put in the middle seat – me being the biggest out of Mhazz and Laura – i dont think it woulda worked too well XD I think its in the taxi laura told us about the film the eye, though t may have been in the house. But more to come on the eye soon. Anyway heres the only photo on my phone that i think is from that evening. I think Mhazz took it

-This is looking more and more like a story isnt it? Oh well! XD-

So yeah, we get back to Mhazz’s and Alex is asleep on her bed, and i don’t actually remember what happened then i think it just came down to not being bothered to move him out, and feeling bad that Mhazz wouldn’t have her own bed when she had work the next day – so me and Laura ended up on the floor – That floor bed was fun! We used cushions because we didnt really have time and couldn’t be bothered to inflate beds, so my tall lanky self kinda arched over the cushions i had with my head on the floor, body on cushions and feet on the floor.
Thursday came and Mhazz had to goto work so left us in the flat whilst she went. We then went and took a trip on the train into Edinburgh. This was awesome. However as you will see when i upload my video from it. IT was VERY VERY windy!!!! Like Mega windy!!! :O We went on a toru bus, to the castle and to other random places (but not necessatrily into them) like the dungeons etc. Im going to cut Edinburgh short as i wish to show it in the video where i can as i think i filmed the most there. SO we get back from Edinburgh and go out to see Johncox, Chris, Sinead, Liam (picture below) and Nick.

It is here that i discovered officially – Johncox is a legend when it comes to being funny. He is fucking hilarious. I will not repeat what he said but OH MY GOD! Had you been there you would habve pissed yourselves much like me and laura were, though chris and sinead gave us looks as if to say “whyre you laughing its not funny” but it sooo was!!! it was brilliant. Another good part of the evening i liked. I check my bluetooth list “whos curly ginger tit?” – ITs not Sinead, Its not chris…. its this random guy whos not on youtube at the end of rthe table with straight flat ginger hair. Not curly, and he was a man… no tits. But still, it was funny! Yeah

So that night we went back to Mhazz’s and we filmed the two videos which im hoping you have seen on youtube. Personally i thinkt he one on my channel is SHIT, but the one on Lauras channel. If you watch to the outtakes it is great!!

Afvter filming those we settled int bed and watched this film “The Eye” Now for some basckground as to why we watched “The Eye” – Basicaqllt Laura, Mhazz, Gillian and me were having a conversation abotu scsry films and she said this one film once made her and alot of friends scream and cry after just 2 minutes. Now after hearing this im like WOW! i HAVE to watch this!!!

(Can i point out that i fell asleep here so if its a bit less free flowing sorry!)

SO we all started to watch the films. About 10 mintues in this scary bit laura was on about came up. mhazz and her covered their eyes with pillows. I watched, it wasnt bad at all, so i went on thinking YEahhhhh Im cool! im not scared! – Basically through the day id told laura and mhazz nothing scared me and i wouldnt flinch or – cry as laura said iw ould … if only id known how wrong that was …

As it got later Mhazz went down onto the floor bed – we had now pumped up beds cause we’d had more time! – Anyway, Mhazz went down onto the floor and me and Laura carried on watching this “non Scary film”. Now in my defence, itd been a long time with little sleep and i was tired, so basically i start drifting off to sleep as a scary bit whcih probably wasnt even scary came onto the screen, it caught me in that half sleeping half awake state and i jumped back and maybe went “ahh” but it was definately not a crying screaming ahhh… promise.. This suprisingly didnt wake mhazz up but as i jumped back i bolted the bed and i think maybe even knocked intolaura as i did so she woke up and then told me “im going to sleep now” – I used this as a excuse to turn off the film which had now scared me despite me being big headed saying it wouldn’t.

Next morning i wake up to Mhazz telling me the shower is free (left the blog and went to college) OS i get up and go in the shower and get dressed. Then after me and Laura are both showered and dressed Mhazz tells us we can stay in her flat whilst shes gone. This was good as it meant a tiny bit more sleep!

It is here that i learned how much of a fangirl Laura can be. I go into the kitchen to check my youtube so i dont make too much noise, then i get onto somehow being on skype chatting to Riverbasil. Walk into the bedroom with my laptop, Laura wakes up – looks on my screen – turns to me and in a low fast voice asks “is that riverbasil?!” As i say yes i think she screamed and went all fangirl like for him. But to be fair its Nick, who wouldn’t go fan over being on a skype call with him. The call isnt going to be blogged, all we spoke about was our trip and uk gatherings anyway XD

We then left Mhazz’s apartment, got a tube to the center and went looking for breakfast places…. and looking … and hey look theres a place!!! no wait …. theyre shut….looking … looking (im sure you get the gist) Until we came to a bhs, where i got a cooked breakfast thing which was nice, before heading to the train station where we would leave.

On the train back we had no screaming babies, i fell asleep quickly but then the fucking guard woke us both up for tickets and i couldnt sleep there after – was well annoyed. One point me and laura had a tiny debatey thing over macs vs pc’s in which the guy in front kept laughing at us. – Its ok though, he looked like he had no friends-

Got off the train and i was sooooo tired, then had to get on another train to travel to Lauras house where i went back, watched tvย  and then went to bed. Next morning i woke up later than i had the past few days and felt good was alot less tired! ๐Ÿ™‚ I filmed a really hort (2 seconds if your lucky) attempt at cloning when at Lauras house too. If i said it went well, i’d be lying. You’ll see when i make the video though!!

Left Lauras and headed to London to see other people, this is something i will put in another blog maybe when i have my video edited as after just mentioning it i have strong urges to go and finish it


One city to another.

Today we are leaving scotland to go back down to london, im actually going to sleep this time on the train. Yesterday we made 2 videos… i think it was 2, but i think youtube screwed up cause mine and lauras things barely got any comments overnight,….. Damn the American susbcribers and their laziness!

Last night as we were going to sleep me mhazz and laura were watching this film called the eye. Laura said it was scary and therer were bits where i just looked at it like …wtf…. but then as they had both fallen asleep there was this bit in a lift with a creepy old guy with half a head and i was like :S :S :S and jumped back a bit and got told “im going to sleep now” by laura which i took as a hint to turn it off as to be fair it was loudish and i think it might have got a bit more jumpy for me as i got more and more tired lol.

We went into edinburgh town yesterday too, got on a tour bus… so tourist like yeah? haha then we went to the castle and stuff. Overall it was awesome and fun to go around ๐Ÿ™‚

Im so tired right now, got up at 6.30 and our train is 11 but mhairi has left for a bus down london already leaving us here… might go sleep for half an hour