Pikachu i choose youuuuuuuuu

title has no real relevance to the subject of this blog. Infact this blog has no real subject. Right now i am sat on stickam being sticker man with a miley cyrus and whats her face off high school musical stickers stuck to my face amongst many otehers.  am on stickam with dave, dave, pj, nic, nic,sophie, and nic. I am sticker man as i already said. Yeah boi.

Today i did some work at my mothers marina, to help out her work, it was boring but oh well! Who cares!!! Now im on stickam and dont know what to write.

Noone has given us any really good challenges on our challenge video yet that strike me as AMAZING. and this pisses me off. I want evewryone wh readas this blog to make me a challegne on the video each, even if you have done one. Make them extreme, watever. Something that WOWS me when i read it


About Tom Burns
I'm an online blogger currently living on the South Coast of England where I study Interactive Media at university and practice as a Freelance interactive designer. In my free time I write reviews, and share my thoughts through a range of social media outlets such as Twitter, Wordpress, and YouTube, where I am an accomplished video blogger with a subscriber-base of 11,000 and over a million total video views. As you can probably gather.. much of my focus is in the realm of Social Media, an area I hope to one day end up in!

One Response to Pikachu i choose youuuuuuuuu

  1. wordsfromblueskies says:

    best blog ever!

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