And just to add briefly to this. Youstage is about a month away. Why is everyone freaking out about tents and who they’re staying with so early :O Tis all good though, few weeks ago i was talking to Mhazz on stickam and we worked out tentness’s πŸ˜›
But seriously, what happens if someone dies between now and then. That’ll be tent plans out the window wont it? πŸ˜›

Actually i have another note. I was slightly pissed off last night but wouldnt tell people why. I just stuck a caption on stickam as a warning forpeople to not like do anything id kick them for as itd probably be a ban πŸ˜›

Yesterday im driving back from the shop and go on a roundabout. Some dick decides to come out of a turn off at a pretty high speed (was clear when i entered) and comes right up the back of me, so i accelerated in a hope of getting a bit further away from him and off the roundabout as i think this was one of the pricks who race around my local area doing time laps. I accelerate too much in 2nd gear to get past, and as im off the roundabout by car makes this weird noise, starts sounding like a dying big monster thing, and then slowly… but definately… died.Β  So then i had to push it down to Sams house which was near where i was and ive left it there until later today when its going to a garage to be looked at.

Lesson i learned. Bring a gun into my car. Then if i see racing people pass me again i can shoot their tyres


Thats the last time i forget my intro…

Two night ago i had a dream following uploading a video where i didnt use the randomprodinc intro. In the dream i was being chased by the swirls of my intro and beaten up by then until it got to a point where they killed me. Then i exploded. Then instead of waking up as i usually would. It cut to someone closing a book as if they had been telling a story, was a very… strange… dream to say the least.

If i get found dead and sliced up in multiple places. You guys know what happened…

Yeahhhh the first bit of this is boring!

So from now on im going to make an effort to think before i do things more, alot of things i do in a jokey manner people get and understand. But when i do it to people that dnt know me, i think problems them come.

So yeah, i was thinking and i kinda decided that i maybe need to … tone myself down a bit… i mean like some days im totally fine with everyone, then other days i go into a jokey “fuck off” or “get out” mood to some people. But i dont end it there, i someitmes kick people and then whent heyre gone im like…



Cant come back after your kicked….

Bit late to realise the jokes gone too far then? In real life i am the one out of all of my friends who says things wrong the most and then people are like – WHAT?!?! and i have to explain how i worded it wrong, or i just said it in the wrong context, and i mean like im lucky because noone has got offended with me so much they hate me, dislike me or have stopped talking to me due to it, but like i dont want to cause this to happen with anyone. Whether it be in my everyday life here, or with the many friends i have made on youtube and stuff..

Ok boring bit over!!

Anyway. Today i get to go see my friend Mim who i havent seen in FOREVER!! i am looking forward to it soooooo much!! Cant wait!!! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

Also got a free house sunday – tuesday =/, but i dont wanna have a local party because one happened last week and the poor kids house got trashed by chavs 😦 so i might just resort to having sam and a few others from college other for a small gathering here.. should be fun! πŸ™‚ I would do what sophie did, but i live so far down from everyone else that itd just generally not work as noone would be able to come due to travel down here being a bitch unless you live in london/ can dirve XD
Hit 1600 subs yesterday. I wasnt as exstatic about it as usual. I think i’ve actually got to a point where i dont care about sub count as much as i used to. Which is awesome! Because it means i can do any videos without giving as much of a shit about bad opinions!! πŸ˜€ Now i can play guitar covers without crying when people mock my crapness, and i can put up pokemon collabs, and i can wear a fairy suit in a vlog.


I dislike youtube sometimes

Why is it that when i upload a video it doesnt show in many sub boxes….

Now people may be like .. Oh Tom! They just dont like you! … This may be true. But i like to believe it is only true of 60% of my subscribers. Not more than 90%..

My videos when i upload sometimes are not showing in sub boxes. This morning it didnt even show in myother channels sub box. Its slightly annoying. But im sure i will live.

Ok thats a lie. As we speak i am holidng a knife to myΒ  wrists

But its ok… im tld if you send videos it shows up in “friend activity” right below the sub box? I dunno…
This weekend i went away to Pboro and then London. Pboro was awesome, expect a video from dave soon that we made! (riding in trolleys ftw!) After pboro we went to London and met many many people, however some had to go and did not come back to sophies  where we went for the evening 😦

There are many pcitures of people that evening… about 25 are on facebook, however i dont want people i dont know adding me… if you know me feel free to, as you will know my name.

Anyway yeah they will probs be on johns blog…


No sleeping for me …

Some weirdo is drilling the street outside of my house.

Winchester is old

As i write this i am sat in that amazing american coffee shop everyone seems to be addicted to using their free wifi. We came to winchester today. Hoping to film stuff…. bad idea much

Winchester has nothing here, even the shops are lacking!! I’ve been yelled at by 3 old people and 2 young people for filming today.Β  The cathedral here and its grounds though would make good for filming at night i think… some sort of crazy horror spoof. Dont wanna say zombies because of paperlilies bloody thing -.- So …. how about … skellingtons?

Anywayyyyy i’ll write a proper blog when i get home… which will be soon hopefully since i think we’ve all vowed never to choose winchester for randomprod stuff again…

Barry’s Stories: The Final Chapter.

Since Barry did not finish his stories. I chose to finish them for him.

Episode 14: Storymakers demise

As Tom hurtled to the ground at high speeds after absorbing the explosion and revealing his true identity to the many people watching below, Dave and Jazza started on in horror wondering if their friend would survive to laugh at this event. Laura was stunned at the fact the comic book geek really was a superhero so stood there shocked. IT was then as the smoke cleared that they saw Tom stumble out swaying from side to side… he was ok!

Meanwhile across the city Alex Day was beating barry screaming at him for trying to add drama to his life and stirring shit, ignoring the screams of Mhazz begging him to stop as the poor man lay there looking worse and worse as each blow struck him. It looked as if it would be the end for Barry Aldridge then suddenly Dave and Tom came storming down the alley way and grabbed Alex away telling him that Barry wasnt worth the effort and he would just help Barry achieve the end goal of the stories by ranting and raving.

It was then that a turn of events came. Barry decided he would no longer work towards his original plans of Mhazz , Alex, Laura and Tom getting together. No. If he couldnt have Dave then the rest of the story must be stopped. Barry pulled out a gun and aimed it at Laura, however Jazza reacted and took her bullet. Dave released Alex immediately and rushed to Jazza;s side. It was here that Jazza told dave how he would always love him and would wait for him… dave being an agnostic said “fuck off, its over now bitch”

Everyone was stunned and didnt know what to do. Everyone had assumed Jazza had been the only victim, but it turned out the man had fired two shots believing the gun needed “pumping”. Laura stumbled and fell to the ground clutching her stomach as it bled. This was it, noone cared for the sick and twisted man that was barry aldridge anymore. Alex had lost his best friend and Tom had lost his “dream girl” they both raised their fists and punched barry aldridge at the same time, sending him flying out of the alley and into the street. Where he was conveniently hit by a truck.

He was dead. Barry Aldridge was dead, and with it the stories and dramas would cease to exist. Or so they thought…. they didnt cease to exist. Jazza was still laid there in daves arms stone cold and laura on the floor clutching her stomach.

Suddenly a great groaning noise filled the alley way, followed by a glowing light. A blue police box appeared out of nowhere and Liam stepped out of it reaching out an arm to Laura, Tom Mhazz and Alex and said “come with me”. Mhazz attempted to lift laura but fell over trying so Tom and Alex lifted her into the blue box.

What happened next was so quick, next thing they knew they were at a hospital. Laura was safe and would be well. Liam promised them this. As Liam turned to leave Mhazz ran after him screaming “wait!!” and requested he took her home. He then agreed to do so and left Alex, and Tom waiting on Laura in the hospital.

In the blue box Mhazz met Nic. Nic was Liams “assistant” however in their short time together they fell in love. Nic left liam for a life with Mhazz. Her story had ended here, and not in a bad way. Mhazz lived happily ever after with Nic and had 3 kids who they named Jazza, Sebastian and Borzoi.

Mhazz’s story was not the only one that ended happily. Now Mr Aldridge was gone and not controlling lives Alex was free to move to china where he met a lovely Asian lady who was into gimp suits, cannabis condoms, and ukuleles. She frequently tied him up… and did … things…..

Tom had no choice but to leave as well. He left London and came to south coast england where noone knew his secret, Dave and Laura also traveled with Tom where they all had a great life living off of Dave’s musical success and fending off his many fangirls. To this day Dave still cries at night sometimes in memory of Jazza… Laura and Tom just film it and host it on stickam when he’s not looking.

The End