PEML Update – 1

Ok so ive officially edited the timeline.

All clips except lightsaver bit now have effects.

My favourite parts so far are:
The bit where mhazz beats me and dave and later gets taken out (because of the effects used and my sick sense of humor)

LIams Doctor Who bit… just epic.. All i need is some free to use doctor who music for tha bit

Daves Matrix style throw off – I worked a way just to keep it in XD


Comments… Looking back through the channel

=Looking back through my comments i found out that Nick was pretty much the first tuber i ever spoke to.
=Jess found me before the december meet up :O!
=and the first comments i have from Laura and Pj were about 15/12
=Mhazz and Daves are just random as are many others i screen capped 😛

NOw enjoy my random pictures that result from boredom….


So the shower by my room has been broken for about a week meaning i’ve had to use others in the house. But today when i got back to the dentist some random guy was in there wearing red, who spoke with the italian mario like voice and said “Ima fixing your shower, i’la be done by midday, okay?” to which i stupidly respondeed with “okay” in his accent -.-


I win

“if you hit me again you’ll regret it

“Shut up Tom you wouldn’t hit a girl!”
and then proceseds topunch me randomly again to which i fall to the floor and just lay there

“Oh my god… Tom .. Tom?!”

I then get up and make her realise that i infact win at life XD Even if it is through twisted ways… I can safely say she wont be randomly hitting me when i say silly things anymore.


The carnival we went to was shit. The rides were too childish 😦

Late night editing is bad

So last night i was doing bits to the video we filmed at david, i then went to bed. During my sleep i had a fucked up dream where everything from the gathering wass in it but real and more… epic?

Dave for example didnt just get floored by Mhazz’s guitar, no. He got thrown across leicster square and landed on Barry… who was walking past randomly. There was also this bit with Liam blowing up sophie with a sonic screwdriver, which then led onto me and some others hotwiring his tardis …. since when were tardis’ cars?! and flying it into a vortex.

Fortunately after that bit my dream did a classic, swap people for other people move and swapped gathering people for real life people in this tardis and the dream just got weirder. But since noone knows any of the real life friends i’d mention … i wont continue.

Pj just sent me a picture! He added to the picture of me in a S shirt by putting in himself and Dave!! Hopefully tonight he’ll add in some others! 🙂

Also made a birthday collab for j0ames. Was last minute notice i gave everyone (2 days) so thank you to all that did it!!

R.I.P Little Red

Title says it all, anyone who knows me will soon enough know

RandomProd… RandomProd… Random…Prodddd…Inccccc

New video! That has me in!

And Mhazz flooring me and Dave with her guitar

and barry having a ukelele shoved up his ass! Heres proof:

and the video!