Jobs for today

So when i got in from college i made a list… its not often i make a list… only when i have a-lot to do and dont expect to achieve it without side-tracking…. so far ive since making the list, been on youtube, watched tv, and i am right now writing this…

Ok what the hell is my problem with avoiding what im meant to do haha

Anyway list is

-Geography work
-ICT work
-English Work
-Go over personal statement
-Fix RandomProdInc Banner / Background
-Convince Barry Aldridge to let me make him a banner XD
-Babysit some children
-Assassinate the local mayor so that  i can rule this small area of the south


I think i can safely say i’ll achieve one of them…

Invitation Only?

As Dave just said right next to me “Fuck that”

On Friday i got a text from Miss Mhairi of Scotland, who told me she was “in my home town” To this i responded with aphone call, and ended up calling Sam, and heading to the train station she was at to meet her.

Mhazz and Ian are now the only two people who have met Sam in person.

Anyway i set off for the train station with one thought in my head “fuck off am i having any scots in my hometown” which led to me arming myself with a shotgun, a 9inch knife, and most importantly my superman t-shirt, which i can’t be seen by people without… or the world ends!!!!

When i arrived i bargained with Mhazz for her life, and in the end she won me over with the offer of taking me and Ian with her to the mystery package meet-up. The people were soooo nice and accommodating, especially considering me and Ian weren’t invited. The first night we stayed in a room with Mhazz, and watched Ians amazing wall acrobatics – Video to come. We also met JohnnyDurham who is amazingly, epicly ultraly made of AWESOME in real life.

The next day we woke up and went to breakfast with everyone, and then Alex appeared. Hadn’t seen Alex in a long time, so it was cool to see him.  We then went to the life boat simulator, where Charlie, Ian, NSG (who asked where the guns were) and Johnny drove. Charlie crashed into a submarine. We all “Died” and moved onto the life raft.

Me, Ian, Johnny, Jazza and NSG all kitted up in wet weather gear for the life raft. I’ll tell you now, if your stuck in a life raft with anyone. Those guys are the people to be stuck with!!!!

To get into the pool we had to go up to a higher platform and step off to a 12ft drop into water. Im usually good with water, but i was so shaky here! However afterwards it was like WOW!!!!

Unfortunately my life jacket didnt self inflate… THANK GOD I CAN SWIM!!!

We then got into the life raft where the simulation began and we sang badman, wonderwall and many other songs, whilst rain, wind and other things went on outside of us. It seemed, we were all oblivious to this! Then we got out and got rescued by a “helicopter” and flew to safety!!! (Got winched out)

Me and Ian then went away and came back in the evening.

That evening we came back in and stayed around the bar area for a bit with everyone. People went to bed one by one, the bar got locked and closed, and we eventually realised it was just Me, Dave, Ian and Johnny……

Can you honestly blame us for playing board games?

and maybe running around chasing eachother, eating sugar, exploring the facility, and then finding the backdoor to the bar…. as ian just said “im glad we drew the line there”

We then went back to Daves room, after running from some weird security guy, and heard strange noises… though i think it was the ocean!

Long blogs bore me… and theresmore to write!!! Like Davefromblueskies coming to Southampton and me spending the day with him and Ian!


-Refuses to fail-

Watch this, its what i tried to post in my blog


i got bored


Im not sure how many times ive listened to this over the past 3 days

but i know

its alot.

<3 Nic

What Nic Linked me to:


Can you see why i find this slightly amusing?

Wasp Factory

I’ve been reading the wasp factory by Ian Banks and basically from the start the main character Frank has had some mysterious accident that ruins his life and means he cant use urinals… pretty random i know

Anyway after i get to about page 150 i learn the forshadowed reason is in fact that he had his bollocks eaten by a dog.