Costumes and Shiz

Last year at halloween i dressed up as clark kent….

This Year im going to Frght Night thngy at thorpe park and dont know what to dress as….. Im going to drive into southampton and see what i can get. I have a Link (Legend of zelda) costume made but its lacking a shield and sword and i dont thnk i can make those before friday 😦 😦 So im off to see what other shiz i can get..

Now Ians Party i have the worlds best? Costume plan for what im going as….. Though i didnt come up with it as such…. but still…. SHALL BE AMAZING!!!

Oh and whilst im browsing photobooth… apparently i had a blue fringe once.

Learn something new about myself every day!


Shame… I liked monkeys…

Its not the first time i’ve put the wrong person down…

Windows XP
Bill Gates
Windows Vista

Like seriously! They both began with S… Twas an easy mistake.


Were on skype with natalie (communitychannel)

“do they let you out when it’s less than 2degrees?!?!”


I often screencap things randomly that make me laugh XD

Yeah……. Isnt Mhazz’s face funny? ;P Oh yeah… the chat too!

Its funny because its true.

It is here that i realised my theme tune makes me worse than binladen

Stickam Admins Pm me

To tell me off 😦

That prick found my private channel too!!!!

Blog Blog… Blog blog blogggg

Ive used twitter for a long long time… before lots of people crammed onto it i suppose, but not before there was a decent amount of other youtubers there, now lots of people are on it. Its cool and everything, but one thing ive thought of as a result of it is that those little short snappy blogs people would post, the one sentancers mhazz had a habbit of posting multiple times in a day… seem to have now gone extinct.

I now look to my google reader in the morning or evening and find one or two new things as apposed to my old 10+ 😦

So yeah, i guess i miss the whole short blogs & Blogs on the google reader. Twitter is easy for me now when im out with my phone cause of the whole unlimited internet on it, but i downloaded this cool “WordPress for iphone” thing today, so hopefully once i work it out i’ll et it going as the last iphone thingy i got sucked!

Now sliding off written blogs and ionto video blogs. It has been one week since i started my video blog channel in which each day i try ( emphasis on the word try as i have already fucked up twice) and post a video.

I’ve started trying to learn a new song on guitar -save me by Remy Zero which is one of my favorite songs < Not because it is the smallville theme either