Platipus’, Seals & Clowns




PMFG I own/ am Dave and i didnt even know it! :O

Thanks for helping me see the light Trevor! :O


But i liked the pokemons :(


I’ve learned to screencap my phone 😮

Theme Writer? Terrorist? Theme Writer? Terrorist?

When the guy who made the RPI theme joined the group pav made i wanted to make him an officer but couldnt pick the title…So i asked Pav XD


I went with theme writer or something along those lines in the end though XD


-Woke up
-Put on my clothes and my shoes
-Drank coffee and watched the news
-Opened up my laptop….
-Shouted PRICK at youtube.


-Drove to bournemouth airport on my own to smuggle Mhazz into the country
-Drove to winchester with Mhazz to pick up pav and kai
-Walked around Winchester before realizing that it would infact be easier to drive to pick up the dominos we’d ordered.
-Went back to Ians
-Watched Halloween
-Got scared by noises in Ians house, and Kai turning on the light… only to find out the noises we’re Ians flatmate cooking and not someone breaking in XD
-Saw Edd, Ian and Dave as they came in
-Slept crushed with 5 people on the bed

-Woke up with 10 minutes to get to southampton and meet Dom
-Got ready & Waited for Mhazz to get ready
-Drove to Southampton
-Considered stopping at a christmas fare thing on the way
-Met Dom, Ate Lunch, and went in hunt of something to do
-Played in Hawkins Bazaar, and Toys R Us.
-Went back to the car & to town Quay 😦
-Sat in a cool cafe in Town Quay XD
-Went back to Winchester, and drove to Tesco
-Took the wrong way and got lost in some creepy dark villiage.
-Found Tesco
-Went to pick up James, but considered getting Darren first
-Found out Darren was in Southampton not Winchester
-Went to see fireworks
-Flaming torches
-Tea cups in the rain that werent made for our weight / speed so felt like they’d snap XD
-Retreated to Ians & had many a song played by Doug
-Rave Lit guitar hero playing.
-Found out Stephen hadnt been able to find a plane =(
-Going to sleep with at least 7 on the bed


-Watched Little Rascals
-Dropped James to the station
-Went to Winchester town for food
-Went to Winchester uni and stole their internet
-Went on Bebo and tried a 15 year old Mhazz quiz. Failed.
-“Shit moose Bastard”
-Spammed similar twitter – responses
-Everyone started to part =(
-Started writing a book
-Sparklers!!! 😀
-Drove Mhazz to the airport =(
-Left Mhazz at the airport and said bye before driving home on my own =(

I Miss people 😦

Normally when i do blogs about weekends i bullet point in the style above and then work down putting it into a flowing paragraph….. Have you seen the size of that list?!? Fuck off am i paragraphing that shiz mofo … brap. XD

Because they’ll get real far without a power supply….

This afternoon i was sat in college enjoying… thats a lie… sitting in the boredom of my double ICT class. It was about an hour and a a bit into the class when suddenly some girl runs into the ICT suite screaming. Nothing more, just screaming her head off.

Then out of nowhere about 10-15 homeless (they looked homesless from their clothing and state, but they might have been drug peoples) ran into the room, instantly you heard all the girls in the room scream, and i saw a few guys just move out of the way of them. I stayed where i was as i was in the corner of my row of desks so was blocked by the tables behind, in front, the wall and the fat bastard mammoth next to me.

Security (my college security consists of 2 people, a man and a really fat woman who is overweighted) ran into the room then, however by the time they came in all of these people who had just ran in and caused an uproar had picked up monitors and cpu’s from the area and were heading out of the fireexit.

Security chased out after them, my teacher did, and so did some ict technicians.

I then turned back to my computer and realised i had no monitor. I pulled out my phone and posted on twitter.
And i honestly didnt know what to do. I had just spent the whole lesson typing up a section of coursework and had no monitor. Also the class was pretty much now fucked too as some people didntr have a cpu as well. I just ended up sitting there doing fuck all until the teacher came back and said – You can all go home now…

What shocked me is that noone on the computers tried to stop them, they were all scared. Then with that said the monitor on mine went, so equally i could be criticised… but i honestly didnt see the monitor getting taken oO must have been from behind the computer when i was looking at the security peoples oO

If this has bored you… which it most likely has

Heres a funny picture.