A day in pictures

I made this on phone first night of Dave’s and never uploaded XD


Blog Links

I just added a list of links to the side of my blog. To other blogs. Ive been meanign to do this for a long time… and i havent finished it. I got half way and got bored. So if your not on there dont die. These are just links i pulled off the top of my head… will add more from my reader XD

Youtube: Annoyances, and Joys & just general big blog to accomodate for my lack of blogs.

I never really talk openly about my true feelings on some youtube things. Often due to not wanting to seem like the person whos taking the weird view / not to set off people having mixed views.

My channel i like to think was getting better than it used to be. I put more effort into vlogs, learned i had to look at the camera, and planned more sketches and edited more things like that. Then i got a pm the other day from someone telling me its getting worse. I read on and found out they believed P4A and Red Christmas had made it worse.

P4a was for a good cause and i will never  feel bad about doing that. I managed to get the cancer charities youtube page about 50+ subs from having less than 10.. so i was quite happy. Red Christmas on the other hand i always had mixed views on. Everyone i spoke to about it had mixed views.. and though some of them were selfish and just mixed because they felt they werent being offered enough for 3 minutes of video, others i spoke to including myself seemed to show the opinion that it had to meet the standards of other channel videos, and would not be good to just bung whatever up.   I like the people who thought this. I dont like the people who asked for more money.  At the end of the day i think alot of people involved would have happily offered to do it anyway without any incentives.

So anyhow someone refered to my red video as making my channel worse. This was kinda annoying because i was never proud of it. I spend a day filming my real red video to have my camera break on me and have to be sent off…Im presently stuck using my macs isight, or our household digital camera….
What i had filmed were the scenes that matches out a sketch about red christmas day controlling peoples minds … i translated this into my vlog that i used.  I contemplated for a while whether to use the vlog or not, and decided that it managed to match the look of other vlogs ive done in the past.. Something i guess my longer / more viewing subscribers would have understood, but in ways other people wouldnt so much… so im worried about it going on the RED channel haha…

Ive recently developed a block delete method with videos. The occasional one or two negative comments i get are just like




Its kind of fun doing it, but as i do i realise alot of these people arent even subbed / new to youtube / have no videos / ony subbed to certain people on the interwebs.

The way i see things there is rarely drama within our group and stuff, like people dont hate others directly, they dont have real reason to hold grudges when little things happen. But there is one thing that im even imaginging possibly causing problems for some people. I mean… already i know of person who was hurt / is now uber hateful thanks to someones actions  & lack of consideration for feelings, and i can immediately see 3 people who could potentially end up the same way / at eachothers necks, and all i can see it as is just one person being leechy and inconsiderate.

Tomorrow is christmas. Do you know what christmas means?

Christmas means that it is 12 days until my birthday.

I’m actually really excited in ways.. 18 XD no more asking Dave, Laura and Mhazz to buy me drinks at gatherings, and no more relying on Mum pre-buying it when i go out down here XD

Though i was just thinking… i dont know if im more excited than i was last year. I mean last year I WAS ABLE TO DRIVE!!! :O Like.. now. If i want to. I can go out in my car and mow someone down if they piss me off. At 16, i could only sit on MSN and yell with caps like “U R SO GAY! I H8 U!! I HOPE U DIE!!” Whereas now its like “U R SO GAY! I H8 U… Btw can you please come outside of your house and sit on the pavement in approximately 10 minutes? =) <3”
When im 18 im just getting old…. Someone told me my life would end at 18. Daves told me it ends at 21, unless i move to America where it will end as soon as i get caught in the middle of a gang war whilst walking to the nearest shop to buy a bottle of water.

This blog is big. But is accomodates for my large lack of blogs in the past =)

Just saw the youtoon christmas thing. I liked it. Was a good onlook over the past year XD Youtoon drama made me laugh. That man is a dumbass.
Not too sure on what i think of the characters though. I kinda liked their simplistic look before, now its more like hand-drawn. Still good though, im just into the random simple things sometimes. Like iminlikewithyou’s imageing on some of the games. I like all of them but hamsterjet because its too detailed. All the same though. PJ is doimng great with their animation and he seems to have learned uber quick! Though sometimes i wonder if hes being pressured / pushed too much, whenever we’re all in big skype calls chatting he cant join because hes with Dom animating oO

In time there have only ever been 3 youtube songs ive properly like loved to listen to. Daves untitled. Mhazz’ Sail the World. Tom Milsoms Indigo.  Of those 3 indigo was the one that was most addicting and i would relisten to it alot. Twas bad =O. Anyway. Yesterday Mhazz sends me a song. The song is “track 01.m4A” At first i thought it was a sound clip of her saying something. But then i listened. I heard the opening drums, and i was like YAYYY. Simply because she’d sent me the full band version of Sail the world. I love it. It actually owned my cars music yesterday, i kept pressing back on my ipod. I like this more than i liked indigo which is win ^^

Ive just got a new email….

New wall post on iminlikewithyou

Apparently Rosy has overtaken me in levels.

That means shes going to get fat.

I currently have 3 good videos ready to go up, and one that i need to edit if i can get Ian to let me loose on his computer one day XD Mainly because Dougs cameras HD footage isnt mac compatible. My Mac knows that he has a knock off english hd camera that was from japan and doesnt like it ;P

I like this blogging stuff

I will do it more.


Unreleased ImInLikeWithYou Games

Ok so being the brilliant person i am i found two unreleased iminlikewithyou games. One with seems to be semi complete but buggy. I think its in its beta and still needs a make over to match the current games. But its all good


Best bit is the leaderboard:



I also found this other game.  Its amazing!!


Next Mission: Find their Pirate ship / Island game.

You know your REALLY the only one on your channel when…

People dont even recognise other members of your channel! -.-


You know that thing where i go on other channels alot..?


I just wanna sleep =(

Lately ive been waking up for college mega tired and just wishing i could sleep in longer =( But i cant because i really need to keep up with work for exams, and i ahve a habbit of choosing the wrong lessons to miss.. I mean like, a month ago i missed a lesson of geography cause i wasnt feeling amazing, and she set like 5 exam questions which im STILL trying to catch up with now.
Im really bad at procrastonating. This is why when i had English coursework last week … maybe the week before! I gave Dave my passwords and made him change them whilst i completed it. Now im finding myself doing it all over again. I tell myself that i will do work, and a certain amount by a certain time, and then i find by midnight ive done about half a page… but made a video / blog / been live / murdered a goat.

In law, i find myself more scared of the boy next to me each day. At the begnning of the year he started out nice, and talkative, chatted about films, driving etc. Normal things for guys in my college to randomly talk about.

However as this year has gone on he has started “Joking” about how Law was gonna help him kill people and get away with it. This made me feel awkward, but still i got on with work and ignored it.  He then started keeping a seperate set of notes in which he would record these… i thought at first it was him doing it to joke with friends. But now! He’s taking each area of law and using it to say how he;d love to do that to our teacher or other people!!!

Ive tried moving away before, and im either moved because its someone elses seat… or on one occasion! he has followed me to a new table!! AHIBVIDAKJLSBFKL

So im thinking this boy is a future murderer? and maybe i should report him to like… some authority? Like the police…MI6… The Justice League?

Yesterday my car “Little Red” died. But its ok, because it turned out i just didnt let it run for enough time before driving.. so its alive now!  If the car died i would be sad =( Its driven loads of people around with me!! Even youtubers like Ian, Mhazz, Dave, Pav, Edd, Dom, and James… everyone else was afraid to get in my car =( =P

Im gonna go out now.

Then ill do soem work!! 😀