The week of which i keep trying to call a weekend

This week has been amazing. Tuesday we  left early-ish and went to Daves house! On the journey up we only stopped twice… once to fill up my windscreen washer and once for toys r us…. a third time if you count me stalling on the motorway whilst blowing bubbles in traffic.  

First stop i really really really needed a wee…  but also my windscreen washer fluid was empty… so i topped up ^^  As i topped up i pulled the thing to test it and sprayed the washer fluid over the guy behind my car…

He didnt care…

Just waved and smiled

Toys r us was a last minute decision… literally…… 3 car lengths before the end of the junction exit for it and i pull off without looking XD My inner child will kill me one day…. 

So we get to Daves and try to go around the back… but Daves apparently already seen us and comes to the door… So we go in and see Dale. I have never met Dale in person before so it was good to be able to finally meet him after only communicating on skype and in stickam. 

We played some bomberman, and then a few games in the door knocked. Charlie, Alex, Becky, Jazza and Todd were there! 

We went to the shops to buy alcohol and Sophies birthday cake. It is here that i actually had a conversation with Alex that wasnt broken by either of us being yanked off by people XD Was good,  i dont think id held a conversation with him for more than a few minutes before then !

Mhazz, Liam and Chris then arrived. I went to get them with Dave. Liam told me he was bringing a dog. I wanted to pick the dog up. It was a robot dog. I died inside a little… but then it all came back as i realised i had amazing people in the car ^^ 

When getting into my car i heard Chris shout shotgun.. but Mhazz told him she had “automatic shotgun” in little red. So i couldnt argue , and i dont think he could either… after all.. its Mhazz, and she apparently has AUTO SHOTGUN (This was proven over the following days when she stuck tall people like Todd and PJ in the back of my car) 

EVEN LATER in the evening Tom Sophie and Jade arrived.There after is a blur…. except for me believing i was on the bed dave was concieved,and Sophies birthday cake.

Next morning i woke up at earlier than i should have because i was looking at a clock wrong… fortunatelty i realised or i would have left for an airport hours early… went back to bed and Mhazz had somehow sprawled out even further so Charlie was now on an edge and she was covering about 2/3 including where i was XD  I considered the floor but didnt wanna freeze so pushed her back over and then slept until 8 when i had to go get Mr Byrne

The journey to get Stephen was FUN


I went the wrong way for half an hour, and eventually got there to diiscover me and stephen had 30 mins to get to mcdonalds and eat as we had planned on skype days before. We made it. 

On the way out we went into a poundshop and bought a cheap scarf. We  then drove to Daves road. I tied stephen up, he gotr in the boot and we planned to leave him there for about 20 mins whilst i showered and got Mhazz.

Mhazz refused to come and it took 40 mins so i went with Dave and Jazza, hoping that Jazza could match Mhazz’ potential reaction.

He did.


New years began. PJ,Phil, Beth, John and Jemma arrived.

Me and John got locked in Daves attic so had a rave.

We Raved with everyone in the bedroom with a strobe light

Raved in the kitchen withh the strobe light

Wished everyone happy new years… but apparently said happy birthday in text form :S

Did more things which i cant remember…. think it involved everyone going to bed… YES. Went to the bedroom with people and just sat down and hung out..Then Mhazz said she was going to sleep so me Phil Tom and Beth all ended up becoming trapped on the bed. I went off and went into Daves room where they were all sprawled on the bed / on computers

Went downstairs where Hatti was throwing glasses.

Tried to run away. Failed.

Now i really cant remember detailed bits… just that i turned the living room into a bed, some of us slept in there and then in the morning i woke up and got forced to watch mama mia by Beth and Doug.


this blog has passed time…my video has now exporterd=)

It was an amazing weekend and i miss you all!!! ❤

Though i will see some of you next weekend XD


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I'm an online blogger currently living on the South Coast of England where I study Interactive Media at university and practice as a Freelance interactive designer. In my free time I write reviews, and share my thoughts through a range of social media outlets such as Twitter, Wordpress, and YouTube, where I am an accomplished video blogger with a subscriber-base of 11,000 and over a million total video views. As you can probably gather.. much of my focus is in the realm of Social Media, an area I hope to one day end up in!

One Response to The week of which i keep trying to call a weekend

  1. j0ames says:

    Was my arrival not worth a mention? *tsk* forget about me…?
    Maybe you forgot about when you dressed up as Superman and punched me in the stomach. I was pissed off at you all evening ^_^ ❤

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