Some of the blogs i read in my google reader have been doing a thing recently where you select some skype contacts and anonymously write about them…. Much like Mhazz’ letters video… so i guess since i didnt do that i’ll do a late transposition into videeo form? XD

-All you ever talk to me about are your collabs and attempts to make me take part… know what a conversation is?
-You say Hi alot… sometimes i dont respond, but i guess its because im scared of the over attentional hi’s each time i log in
-I dont know you that much, but i have seen you in stickam and on blogtv alot ^^
-I added you a long time ago whn i first got skype and we were all transitioning from stickam to skype… i havent ever spoken to you since.
-I found you through a response you made to Jazza, and liked your videos. I enjoy our skype calls even if they are not as frequent as they once were =)
-You have no idea what your doing with things….Its going to fail
-I remember when i used to get pulled into random calls with you, i used to think you were taking the piss out of me alot, but now see you as an alright person ^^
-I dont talk to you as much as i could, but sometimes i am afraid to, i know youve blocked and vanished for petty reasons before and i find myself afraid to retrigger one…. I would love to talk to you more like we ised to..
-When you first came along i thought you were an arrogant prick. Now ive come to find you are very kind, considerate and caring.
-I cant remember how i met you… all i know is that you went from a commenter on videos and a responder to a good friend online who i enjoy being able to talk to in skype calls
-Your fun to tal to on skype, and even though you manage to ring when im busy / at awkward times i enjoy hearing you curse at blockles XD
-This morning… i diagnosed hyou with back problems =P Your an amazng friend and ive known you ages on here now, your kind and considerate to a high level =)
-When i first met you i didnt know you, Mhazz merely refered to you as a tall poshly dressed boy. This scared me. But then i met you and you were far from scary or stuck up =)
-I introduced you to the stickam lot ina way and forced you to come to a gathering and hostel. Im glad i did.
-Late Night Scrabble, Guitar, and stealing ice cream from charities is how i first met you. Since then i’ve found you to be one of the nicest guys on youtube!
-LesbianJew ❤
-Your a fangirl. Simple. Fortunately ive come to accept that
-When you grow up…. you will marry a man 3 times your age by the name of Thomash
-I still think your 14.
-I like to think of you as one of my better friends from youtube. You were the first youtuber whos house i stayed overnight with, and enjoyed our similar humour / jokes towards some things… i dont know why tats died down, but hope things go back to normal someday.
-At youstage when i arrived you ran upto me and shouted TOM!! Before hugging me. I thought id be the one introducing myself to you. I enjoy skype calls / doing random planned things at gatherings XD
-When i first came to the gathering last year in december you were one of the few people i knew of… I never got to meet you though because i left early =( Fortunately i was forced into your stickam room where  i eventually became friends with you.. now your probably one of the people i trust the most from youtube etc.
-I was new to using stickam with you guys and didnt know who else went live… then you told me to come to your live and everyone was there. Since then i like to think we’ve become good friends. You’ve always been really kind and awesome, and are fun to joke around with. When it was my birthday last year you were one of the first to comment i think =)
-I dont like you. I think your manly.
-Although i mock you and joke about you…. wait…. NO!  Recommend JohnCox you bastard !!!! 😥
-At the christmas gathering last year i fanboyed you a little. Im still nervous talking to you for some reason, and i never know whether you consider us friends or not.
-The names need to come back… we’re both long overdue name changes 😉
-Your shy, and i get the impression you dont like talking to me. Some people claim your elitist and all about big subs… but i dont think that
-Every gathering you hug me and others and refuse to let us go until you are done… it makes me laugh.
-Im glad to have you as my closest youtuber. Your awesome and have the potential to make amazing videos… your crazy!!!
-I cant believe what John did to your channel!!!!
-I managed to stop myself calling you that other person…. but still draw blue boxes ^^ Your a fun person and always seem to listen / give opinions on videos and are willing to contribute ideas to help me.
-You were my first youtube friend. We went through a stage fanboying the same americans and had a smaller friendship group with Samantha. It was fun. I met UK people and we talked less, but not i like to think we’re back to normal =) I enjoy the random calls you give me in stupd hours.
-Your a money hungry bitch.
-When i first met you we had a semi sub race going. You won. Your still obsessed with subs XD.
-If posting spoilers to smallville helps me meet amazing people like you… i intend to do it everyday.
-Carrying you into tents takes alot more energy than i once thought… Your hilarious and completely insane, but i think thats why i get on with you


About Tom Burns
I'm an online blogger currently living on the South Coast of England where I study Interactive Media at university and practice as a Freelance interactive designer. In my free time I write reviews, and share my thoughts through a range of social media outlets such as Twitter, Wordpress, and YouTube, where I am an accomplished video blogger with a subscriber-base of 11,000 and over a million total video views. As you can probably gather.. much of my focus is in the realm of Social Media, an area I hope to one day end up in!

5 Responses to DoctorToilet

  1. Pav says:

    ROFL I’m 16!

  2. wordsfromblueskies says:

    lmao who was the arrogant prick that turned out ok?

  3. BethOnTop says:

    why do i get a lame one? ❤

  4. MiniDave says:

    I think I know which one I am XD

  5. daveyboyz says:


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