I’m Tom
You probably know that though…  So i’ll just blog yeah?

This weekend i had some amazing friends over my house ^^ It was amazing ^

I loved the confusion on some peoples faces as they walked in, looked at my desk, looked at my bed, and then looked at me and said “this isn’t where you film videos” 
Oh the joys of two housings… 
Maybe next time i’ll do it at the other one and see if anyone bleeds from their brain with confusion.

 Lets bullet list?
-Left Ians
-Travelled fo shiz
-Met up with Dom, Pj, Dale, and Darren
-Found out Pj had FINALLY bought an uber cool new HD camera  (PJ video win increases from now on much?)
-Went to my house
-Went to my room and watched the previously mentioned confusion
-Got my dailybooth ready to take a picture
-Came back to find Dave and Pj had taken one instead  
-Did stuffs
-Drank Stuffs
-Listened as Doug learned guitar chords
-Watched Lex go from Sober to Drunk in the space of 10 minutes
-Made a four guys and mhazz video with Dave 
– Got a call from Todd saying he’d quit as a result
-Someone rang borzoi and asked him about the bathering. Dave then sat there feeding back everything he said in a farmers accent. Was lulz 

-Replaced Todd within 10 minutes with a coolererer person
-Recieved another call from Todd arguing with us
-Called some Assassins to go kill him.
-Had a brief conversation with Mhazz. Can’t remember much of it but i think it was a nice phone call
-Watched as Lex went from Off her face to Sober within 10 mintes. Like literally she was falling over and then 10 minutes later she was better than me :O
-Sat down and watched Dark Knight
-Realised everyone had somewhere to sleep and something to sleep on… and found myself just thinking of how non normal it was for meetups  
-Went to bed in my own bed, and not crammed with heaps of people XD

There was more but i fail to remember it =(

Today we went to Southampton and hung out for a bit =)
Then as we were going to the castle bits and the cool parts i got called and had to drag people to a car so people could go home =(

Thats when the worst part of every meet up began.

I don’t like saying bye to peoples 


There was a Friday too…. i forgot to put that first.

We went to Ians house after going to Southampton and getting Pizza. Dave Lex Sophhie and Jade we’re shocked that we have free buses in southampton? This surely happens elsewhere? 

They then pointed out how we have unnecessarily placed escalators XD 

I can haz lost watching and sleep now?



You’re sweet and i’m mean.

Someone just said that to me on skype. It followed a conversation about being blunt and cold. The closing line “You’re sweet and i’m mean” made me realise why i often find myself offended or feeling extremely put off when people respond to me in a cold manner, or say things really bluntly. 

A lot of the time i can be buzzy and up beat and joke about things alot – sometimes too much. This as a result leaves me with a contrasting personality to anyone who is blunt or cold, or an instant contrast with people being blunt randomly, and i think as a result… the contrast leaves me feeling worse than most people can be. 

People who know me will know i can randomly go from normal to doing something randomly extreme, like going from a joke to having a full on go at someone or snapping and getting bitter.   I think this is how i react to it. Don’t know if thats good or bad.. i go uber defensive and it just seems to kill any form of happiness within me at the time towards the person. Dunno if this is cause im weak minded and can’t handle things properly or whether im just so different that it stings more ..=/
Anyway i will stop there.


Right now I am sat on a bus to Edinburgh airport.. This means I can write a blog =]

On Thursday evening I arrived on a street where I was met by Liam. We went to his flat checked stuff and then I slept

The next day was Mhazzs birthday party. This is the reason I was up here. Went to the counting house and drank Spanish beer. Then we met john and jemma. Left them to buy beer and RND stuff. Went to subway and met Mhazz and everyone else before going to mhazzs

It is here that we formed an elitist kitchen, and heard a boy scream FUCH YOUUUUU as he ran away from a taxi only to inspire a video the next day.

Next morning I woke up and spent a while thinking of various “fuck you” scenarios for fuck you ( that’s his name now..)

We left mhazzs for town and ate and went to johns

Then we left and went to mhazzs. Killed an old lady on the way. Then finally we went on blogtv..

The next stop is airport.. WTF.

I’ll round off. It was amazing seeing everyone 🙂 Mhazz and Liam are people I get on with well so always find it amazing to meet.

The others don’t have enough subs for me to consider. ❤

Put your money where your mouth is.

I love how you say everyone puts shit on their channels and that yo work hard for those views when all you do is show clips of fish, and make everyone watch you shake your manboobs as you walk.

I notice alot of mention of insight. Why dont you prove this and screenshot. People arent attacking because of views and hating. They’re being scepitcal, and they are right to look at it that way. All it takes is a screenshot of those “unique” views to prove people wrong.

Then to blame only the “Elitists and lesser subbed”

The only elitist people i can think of are people like yourself and the others who openly claim that there are elitists. You have formed your own little stuck up group in which you feel you can fucking brand people at your own freaking will. PRICKS.  You’re really hypocritical, and its pissing me off. You call us a group, a closed group and claim we ruin the community. You’re the ones trying to bury people in the dirt for being friends. You’re the ones driving walls between people and potentially making people scared to interact full stops. YOU are the ones taking the high up attitude and creating these blocks. Not us.

So moan all you like. It really doesnt do anything other than make you into what you are too happy to accuse others of being.

Weather Fail

Was trying to check the weather in Southampton, to see if it would snow….