I haven’t posted a long entry for a long time… Nothing much to blog about lately.. alot of things i put in small chunks on tiwtter and i can’t blog =/

I’m going to blog my life… Yes. It’s decided. This will also kill time whilst i wait for a friend to get here =)

I was born up north around Coventry. Within a few months of being there my parents decided they didnt wish for me to be  brought up there, they saw the area at the time as Dodgy and dangerous – this more so from my Mum who lived her life in Southampton.

I spent the next 3 years travelling alot. We moved alot and this sucked in ways. I can randomly remember kids i used to play with but not in detail, and they’re nowhere now – this is because as we moved around so much i never got ot solidly develop friendships at an early age. I never really had much other than parents and sister. When we finally moved down here this instantly showed to my parents. Mum often refers to me being younger as a well spoken child for my age who was very shy. I was afraid of other kids and lacked the whole innocent “Hey wanna be friends” ability most kids seem to have.  It was ok though as soon as school came i started to make friends pretty quickly.

As a child i was always stuck in a world of fantasy. I would escape with toys, tv shows and games and put myself in the roles. It was fun.

Infants and Jr School arent that memorable because i was an idiot. I remember biting someones arm once and telling a teacher “He put his arm in my mouth and i had to cough” I also remember trading my younger sister in a playground for someone elses younger brother because i wanted a brother XD  I remember the crazes like Digimon Cards, Pokemon Cards Crazibones, and football stickers that all seemed to eventually get banned aswell… But thats pretty much it. Lessons and playtimes then were cool and fun i guess. Just running around without a care because its normal. No worry about looking silly.

Secondary school was a jump into a new world. Strict teachers, detentions all sorts. Playing was done for. Many of my friends and i were split up into different tutor groups because the secondary school was a mix of 6 jr schools. Thought that it’d be find though and that we’d all sitll meet up breaks etc.

They split us up into learning bands T,P,S,U – T being the highest , U being the lowest. I was in band P. Alot of my friends went into band T or band S.
The school gave seperate break times depending on bands, and eventually i found myself making new friends within my classes… bad times.

Went to Germany on a trip with the school week before smmer holidays started. I remember this trip not because it was spectacular. I’ve been to Germany various times now. Same each time.. I remember it becase the day after i got back i was taken to the sailing club for the first time ever.

I was nervous and scared, i knew none of the kids and nothing about sailing. I was worried i’d be judged for my lack of knowledge in it, but it ended up being fine. I was taken out on the water in what at the time seemed like a MASSIVE boat to me. We were zooming along, and this guy was teaching me the basics. He told me that when i got to a certain point i qwould have to choose a path. Racing, or casual sailing with Yachts. The speed and rush on the water was amazing. I knew what i wanted to do from the moment i got out of the boat, and i spent the next year working towards it.
Over the summer between school years i managed to advance from sailing supervsed and only being able to do one of steering or Sail at a time, to being able to go out alone and do both.
I would race the bigger kids and the kids who had been there longer. I would also lose to them. It didnt matter though, because i always remembered that i had only been there a brief time and had so much more to learn.

Summer ended and i thought sailing had too until the next year, i felt kinda sad. However the lady at the club spoke to Mum and asked if i would do a “Team Racing” course. This lasted the whole winter and involved me sitting in the front of that boat i had first gone out in contorlling the front sail in a race situation. This is what devloped me into the sport the most i think.

School at this point was at year 8, and still pretty basic in terms of things now, just learning for SAT exams in year 9. I went on a waterports trip at the end of the year, and we went sailing and i instantly knew everything and felt amazing.

Until i crashed head on into another catamaran and went straight through it. The boat i was on was fine. We had the speed and angle… the other one wasnt. I felt knda bad but i see the funny side to it XD
Summer came again and i saw this as my change to improve racing and beat people. I didn’t

Year 9 and Sats exams. I remember this as the first time i had ever had to revise properly or worried about exams. I had alot of friends that i didnt wanna be moved away from for doing bad in exams. Never considered that they could have done bad -.-

Summer comes and i finally learn to drive a powerboat. I remember worrying that i would not be able to balance the two and sail at the same time.  I’m wrong. I need not worry because i can’t drive the poweboat alone till im 16 anyway XD.
Its this summer that i started to get mroe competitive. I have trophies from a wednesday night series where i began to improve.

Year 10 finally rolled over and it was the begining of the end of my school life. Classes changed this year, you chose subjects so my classes and the people in the individual classes varied. English i still had my friend Mitch, but other than that i had to shift about a bit and adjust. I know the first week was hard. I am a shy person so i dont just go upto someone and chat, i sit in classes or wait to be seated alphabetically.

Science was the one that was worst. I knew noone. I was full of girls i didnt know, and chavvy guys who were all about ripping it out of anyone. Then the teacher sat us alphabetically and i found myself sitting next to a girl i’d never met before.

Half a year passed and i never said anything to her, i just spoke to Dan who had missed the first week but was apparently in our class so got stuck on the unused desk the other side of my table. Experiments always involved freedom of working where you want. I would goto one side and she would move away to work with another person.

Mid year there was a trip to America. It was amazing – almost jumped off a cliff trying to catch someones camera for them at one point XD. As i stood up from catching the camera i was asked sarcastically if i liked throwing myself in without thinking to save things. I handed her the camera and laughed.

The funny thing about trips  is that you can go a whole trip without speaking to some people and never get to know them. I’d gone a week on the trip without speaking to her, and half a year in science until now.

As i got on the bus again as we were about to drive to the hotel i was given a note that just said “Thanks for saving my camera”.

When the teachers said peopel could move around the bus again to chat to different people i was stopped getting up she came and sat next to me and started talking. The conversation started out with us wondering how we’d sat next to eachother in siceince for months and never spoken, then it moved into just general chatting and gettng ti know eachother. We then arrived and Mim snatched a pad from Mitch and wrote a number and Email on it and ran off to the back of the bus.

Its weird. Some people you just remembner the first time you meet more clearly.

Back in England over the course of year 10 and 11 i continued to get on with Mim more and as a result in ways became less shy.

I became a prefect, the power was brilliant. Not. Prefects are just a way hat the school can cut down on lunchtime supervisors and costs -.- Bastards.
GCSE Exams and picking colleges. My friends are all split between two, i choose the one best for me regaardless.

Sailing is still going well.. as are all watersports. Im practicing in many now. I have a  kite and a kite surf board and im taking a full on interest in general watersports.  I also take part in a national race. I come 60 something out of 120+

Im getting bored now….

During summer i begin to help instruct and work on that part of sailing.
College started and life carried on as normal until december. I goto London to see Kaiser chiefs with my friend Mitch. I also intend to goto a YouTube gathering. I do. But due to Mitch being there i have to leave early.

Soon i am told to come into stickam chats, and i spend much of the end of december up later in Mhazz’s stickam room. This continues until March, and then till April when i finally meet everyone properly.

Mhazz had a note on a list to “Touch Toms hair” =) It was cool back then. Hard to think it was only a year ago, feels like ive known everyone ages… College cotinued normally, i pass a driving test, Meet Laura and goto Scotland. have some Exams, goto Youstage

Ok earlier i had motivation to do this cause i was bored. Now im not so bored. So fuck it. Im only putting in what i remember anyway, and its not much XD


About Tom Burns
I'm an online blogger currently living on the South Coast of England where I study Interactive Media at university and practice as a Freelance interactive designer. In my free time I write reviews, and share my thoughts through a range of social media outlets such as Twitter, Wordpress, and YouTube, where I am an accomplished video blogger with a subscriber-base of 11,000 and over a million total video views. As you can probably gather.. much of my focus is in the realm of Social Media, an area I hope to one day end up in!

4 Responses to TomTomTomTomTommmmm

  1. hattimus reximus says:

    i love it
    it’s basically your life story in short

  2. i love it
    it’s basically your life story in short
    Sorry… forgot to say great post – can’t wait to read your next one!

  3. Doug says:

    nice blog.

    i’ve always liked watersports too, never really did them frequently though til last summer in america. got to drive the speed boat everyday and got quite good at water-skiing! englands too cold to do it until the middle of the summer though 😦

  4. Mallory says:

    i never knew you sailed!
    how lovely.
    this was fun to read, 🙂
    you’re super, Tom.

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