Sleep is actually good on weekdays!! :o

For the past few months I’ve found myself going to sleep after 12 on college days and in the end only getting about 6 hours sleep max ( latest I can wake up is 7) this always resulted in me struggling to get up and out of bed.. It also left me falling alseep / with less attention in class.

I always wondered how the hell Pav managed it with 3 hours or less when I couldn’t with 6 XD in the end I concluded in my head that he can’t. He’s going to die within a year.

Anyway. The past week i’ve made myself sleep around 11 and woken up a bit later giving 8 hours and I’ve found myself much more alert and willing to get out of bed.

Though with that said it’s been sunny… The weathers always had a direct effect on me. As a child I was often sick during storms. Sun seems to give me extra charge =]

Next step: stop sleeping long on weekends so I can enjoy more sunnnnn

Oh and I spoke to the Alridge yesterday. He told me he’d do a face to face with John. After the next four who asked him to do them. So if john isn’t the 7th… Barrys a liar and will be stripped of his god powers? Sound fair?


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I'm an online blogger currently living on the South Coast of England where I study Interactive Media at university and practice as a Freelance interactive designer. In my free time I write reviews, and share my thoughts through a range of social media outlets such as Twitter, Wordpress, and YouTube, where I am an accomplished video blogger with a subscriber-base of 11,000 and over a million total video views. As you can probably gather.. much of my focus is in the realm of Social Media, an area I hope to one day end up in!

One Response to Sleep is actually good on weekdays!! :o

  1. Doug says:

    There’s science behind your theory too! The sun is our main source of Vitamin D, a good daily dose helps you to feel less tired/down and more awake/alert/refreshed šŸ™‚

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