How are you still alive….

Seriously. I’m suprised you haven’t killed yourself / been murdered yet.


Red Nose Day -Partner Branding

With less than Five days till Red Nose Day it would help heaps if you’re a partner and upload the following banner and box.



Put the link for the donation page for the link that the box and banner direct to:

The Truth about Mhazz….

She’s always accepted Wednesday as a nickname.

In truth i didnt meant wendesday as a day. I missed a comma.


Is the name that Dave suggested for the donation tinyurl XD
I uploaded a new video today =) Im proud of it. Please comment / rate and stuff…I normally don’t blog about videos but after being told by 4 people it isnt showing in their boxes i’ve kinda got to the point where im annoyed and tryna get it out as many ways as i can!

Make a response to one of the three videos! =D