The Internet: What to do if you think you think you’ve crossed the line

We’ve all crossed the line at some point in our lives, whether it be something as simple as mocking Mexican people and how swine flu is going to kill them all, or  something more complex like an attack towards that man that has OEVS (over echoey voice syndrome)

No matter what the situation, the outcome is generally the same for all. An Outcome that comes in the form of something i like to call the “Oh Shit” Factor, or in some online cases the AD Factor. The Oh Shit factor, is where soemone says something without thinking of the consequence and latet thinks “OH SHIT”

Now before today there were limited ways to avoid this. The main way was to stand by views and adamantly state that influencing lots of people to jump a ship is a good thing. The other view is to just laugh and pretend it never happened.

Both of these views have implications.

People will think you’re an asshole.

Thankfully this needs not be the case anymore! Thanks to weeks of intensive research we have finally located an answer! That answer being…. Pav.

Just strike up a conversation with him about your statements, and watch as he makes you feel better about yourself and worse about him in a  maximum of TWO LINES! YES TWO LINES!!!



Like Jason Mraz

I love Jason Mraz and recently confused an album release article from last year with one for this year and assumed he would have a new album out May… upon discovering my error i was pretty bugged. So i went and looked for some new artists that have a similar style to him.

So far i’ve found two artists that i’d never heard of that i LOVE & one that i had totally forgotten.

First off the one i’d forgotten. His name is Joshua Radin and he made a beautiful song called “Winter” that featured in scrubs. It’s my favourite song of his and how i found him in the first place, but i think his other songs are great too =)

Now the new artists i’ve found. First up theres this guy called Matt Wentz. He has a song called HeartBreaker that im pretty sure i’ve heard before. I like it non the less. Its catchy, upbeat and has an acoustic style – everything i love XD So far i’ve only listened to his album “Everything in between”, and i’ve found it to be awesome! Got two more albums of his and an EP to listen to still =) But that is something for tomorrow!!!!

The second artist i found is called Eric Hutchinson. He apparently tours with Mraz which gives him bonus points =) I don’t usually find Piano music thats in a style i like. This is Piano music in a style i like. The live version of “Ok it’s alright with me” is amazing XD I also like Outside Villanova – but mainly for its funny little tune in the background XD  Food Chain is another song thats cool XD
I’m considering a post about Summer in the City tomorrow as a lot of planning has been going into it lately and it’s nearly all complete – like EVERYTHING prepared and then all we have to do is wait for it XD – just got a few loose ends…. i’ll talk more in a blog tomorrow maybe… depending on the status of some things then =)

Links and stuff =)

So i don’t like spewing links into video descriptions to about ten different sites i use as honesltly.. im not too fussed about twitter & having massive followings cause alot of th stuff i say can be controvertial on there and a bit ott so i only generallty want people following me who find me / decide to without being handed a link…..  however people do oddly ask for these things oO I mean… its not like its RandomProdInc like my YouTube??

Now onto Dailybooth. It was fun at first and novel. Now its boring and im only using it when i have time / i feel like it… kinda defeats the purpose but hey! Most people dont use it for that anyway… just to post themed photos that get lot of responses and feed attention.. as can be seen by many demands for comments or asking people what colour shirts they are wearing etc.
Anyway Dailybooth :
About the whole comments thing… i know some people who EVERY VIDEO say at the end something like “How are you… answer in the comments” or “What are you wearing… answer in the comments” or “Does this annoy you and do you want to FUCKING PUNCH ME IN THE FACE SO I DIE… answeer in the comments” This annoys me. I don’t know why. it just does. I don’t like being told when to comment… i often don’t comment videos because i DONT WANT TO say simple things or generic things.. i dont like being like “Awesome video” and leave people wondering if i watched it like Barry does… I want people to know i watched irt and that i enjoyed it….and thats what i want on my videos… I love the comments that randomly quote bits or pick out a bit htye like or give feedback… i don’t like comments where people are like “yeah my days fine… but … havem’t watched your video… just skipped to the end and got your question”

Rawr. Im a Dragon.
My youtube is :


Though you should already have those 😉

Can someone IM me or comment or somehting how many followers google reader says this blog has? I follow too many people and don’t show on my own list XD XD

New layout

People have been going mental and it’s only the channel page that I’ve seen change so far… I kinda like it.. It’s lacking some bits and the lack of banner room makes it a tad restricting in that sense but other than that I think it’s ok..
That and it’s only beta so I’m looking forward to seeing how my channel changes this week XD

That all said. I miss the old one. It was good and personally I see no reason to have changed it.

From the new channel page you can’t access the video page easy to leave comments. This could be a kick in the balls to the community and could see your only comments coming from direct links / sub box =\

Tell me what you think of my new layout:


On Thursday Mhazz said she told some guy i have never ending energy. I didnt this morning. I was ill and horrible and DEAD on the couch watching god knows what on tv in pain!!!!!

Srsly. I was dying. Feel sorry for me.

Now. Im like. Alert, Awake, Clear and full of energy. Gonna go for a bike ride and then make a video and then im going to do something else of which i dont know yetttttttt XD XD XD XD


I have the worlds worst headache.
This weekend Stephen managed to prove me wrong and Mhazz right… I miss him. He’s crazy fun to have around, but he’s annoying when he doesn’t come and doesn’t let us know -.-

Mind.. He may have a good excuse and then it’ll be fine..

Today we went to Portsmouth it was fun 🙂

Pav: me tom dave and ian are invading castles & killing French
Random Pav follower: I’m French. Bastard

I have a headache 😦 feel sorry for me!!!!!


Im tired. =(