Hotel innit



Tomorrow i get to goto London and do this filming thingy and i found out today its with LIONSGATE FILMS!!!! (look them up) LIKE OH MY GOD!!!

Anyway. Yeah. Will be fun.

Today i almost got hit my a blue BMW cause he was speeding down a 30 road at like 70 and he tried to overtake a van turing nto the road i was pulling out of so didnt see me and he skidded and went on the pavement and bushed his car.

I then got out of my car as did many opthers to see if the jerk off was still alive. He was. He was like 19 and in a bmw speeding…. its not right… 1) he’s in a stupidly expensive car for 19, and 2) 70+ in a 30?! He was definately doing that speed too cause he came out of my sigfht of the road whicdh is quite a way and overtook in the time i was about to pass out around the van so culdnt see the road… and thats like… 3 seconds…. fucking psycho.

Anywayz he got arrested cause lots of witnesses etc saw him speeding and such and he’s apparently gonna get points for dangerous dirvign which smeone said might mean he’s disqualified… but judging byu his car and speeds he’ll blates drive and kill someone and drivde off not caring… i hate dicks like that.

I wast thinking about stickam. People have been going on lately but as i was saying to Pav… its kinda not the same now cause its not everyone, and sometmes lots of people i dont know =( Oh well.

Stickam was amazing. I met alot of people through it and its where i made friends with some of the foreign youtubers i never met at gatherings (for obvious reasons) like Cat, and this girl in canada whos now quit XD

Cats still around though which is good ^^ Though i often find myself thinking she’s moved on into the higher subbed rankings / just follows trends in that way. We dont speak as much as we used to =( Oh wel! Its the same for me and alot of foreign people. I used to speak to Leah a  fair bit and don’t not. Same for Shawna. She’s like vanished for me. Its a shame but  meh.

Alot of my friendships with the foreign people oddly reflect a trait i have with my Offline relationships. At times. I get scared of bits / unsure / dont see how they work and self sabotage. I pretty much without realising it, mentally turn, and keep going until i’ve ruined things for myself. Im a self saboteur in many cases and its a shame. I used to be really bad and do it lots but recently past year… not so much…. probably like one or two people i’ve for unknown reasons unintentionally driven myself to push and do things that i deep down knew would mess stuff up.
I get to see Stephen on Friday!!! Win.


Fred hit 1,000,000 subs…

Im taking a 2 hour silence to  think of all the lives that will be lost in the inevitable apocalypse.

Today we filmed a video. It was fun. We did challenges too. Dans a big girl. He can’t drink a bottle of reggae reggae sauce…. pussyyyyyy

Sams… well sams sam…. and he likes hannah montannah :S :S :S

Video up thurs / monday depending on hotel internet thursday.

I dislike VEDA now that its hurting me :'(

So i uploaded a new video today:

Normally i recognise as i upload a video that theres a chance i’ll be competing with the  sub box and its failures. But i don’t expect to be competing against some sort of spammy YouTube stuff. Don’t get me wroong. I think VEDA is ok.. but i also think its a bit spammy / annoying when someone tellls me an hour after myy videos goes up that its no longer in their sub box because their box is full of VEDA.

So Veda pushes me off. You may think.. this is ok.. people will watch! No. No they don’t. I dont watch many VEDA videos, and i know alot of people that don’t. They will just stay there in many so its annoying.

People click view all… Again not everyone does. SOme people are lazy and just take whats on their front page.

Right now its been 3 hours. My videos had about 20 comments and 35 ratings.

Normally by now it would have more – probably near 60+ ratings… so as a result i find myself annoyed i guess =/ I kinda wanted the video to get comments with challenges so we’d  have stuff to choose for thursdays video since we’re filming tomorrow =(  Fail.

Hi. Im tired.

Im really, really, really tired.  Watching smallville now though =) Win.

Daves was amazing. Always great to see people =) Was awesome playing frisbee for a change and being in a cave XD XD Was good ^^ See most of them this week again too so it was like “bye guys :'(” but more like “right see you thursday yeah? XD”  Was cool.

Hopefully next weekend me dave and some others will get to meet Jon from dailybooth. Messaged him a week or two ago about it and he was all up fir it.. just needed me to check nearer the time, s i messaged him yesterday =)

Last skype blog left a few people like “OMG PLEASE DONT SAY IM ON THERE”
Im going to be honest. Alot of thointed with / upset by over time / recently. One of them i found out today is just someone that puts on a front for people being “nice and happy” for vie people are my like not as closey online friends but ones that i was dissapews and attention but then mooody and shitty normmally to people who talk to her as “friends”. Fuck friendship with people like that… i can’t manage it. It like kills me inside and makes me sad and annoyed and as a result i get shitty and just sit here for ages thinking of stuff.

For this reason i decided i was going to block and remove the numerous people that just are like that with me now. Skype was originally my Youtube messenger where i could have everyone.. but i got people on MSN too.. and then it got pointless. Now im just keeping it for friends and decent people who can be nice oO
Back to smallville. Im gonna like. Start blogging uber serious stuff if i keep on a trail like this and i dont want thattttt oO I stay random happy and upbeat where i can so it doesnt happen so why let bitchy, bastardish people make me break that XD


Been driving for about 3 hours XD so far Ive stopped off twice.. First time to get a drink and sit down.. Now because.. Well.. I really needed a wee.

iPhone wordpress and twitter win. Keep me sane.

Right now I’m sat In service station no.2 drinking a milkshake XD

Ughhhh up early tomorrow!!!!

So i’ve just finished reading Charlies newest blog… i dont think i could ever drink ketchup alone, can only stand it as a dip… so props to him! Can’t wait to see the video =)
( – the blog post)

So i have 10 minutes as i type now to finish this post, and post it, or i FAIL BEDA on the 3rd day. I dont intend to do this… i;d much sooner fail with an excuse like “no computer”

But i can’t use that either. I have wordpress on my iphone =) So if i fail. I Fail and i can’t make excuses.

Unless of course i die…. but then it won’t really matter cause i wont be posting anything else!!!

Just rolled over to 9 minutes….

OK so tomorrow i have to leave for Daves. Taking parents to airport early and then going up at like 7.30AM… SEVEN THIRTY AY EM!!!!

Im going to goto mcdonalds and get breakfast =) Anyone wanna come? I havent been there for aaagesss. Dad used to always take me when we drove up north when i was a kid XD So it’ll be like old times… minus Dad XD