Scrubs – My Finale

May contain spoilers .. you’ve been warned =)

“My Finale” is the name that was given to the 40 minute long episode of Scrubs that is, in my mind, the best TV show finale ever. I’ve seen a lot of shows come and go that i’ve loved, and none of them were as impacting as the scrubs ending.
The storyline of the episode if heavily based around JD’s last day and his expectations of how it should be, and thoughts of the future. Thoughts that many people can relate to as everyone has moved on at some point, whether it be school, to college, college to uni, house, or work, its the same feeling generally. A feeling of “What next” and uncertainty as to the future. This episode looks into this feeling really well and finally expresses a lovely view that its not worth dwelling on it, because it is down to you to make your future for yourself.

As usual of course… this realization comes to JD through one of the people at the hospital and a conversation they have with him.

The episode finally covered loads of little bits that have recurred throughout the series such as Dr Cox telling JD how he really feels, and the Janitors real name ( Which you;’re instantly left uncertain about)  and this made it amazing, with nothing unanswered and it feeling like it had truely ended and giving the feeling that there is not going to be some cheap spin off.

The ending was the best bit i think. It was amazing!

JD walking through a corridor past everyone that he has met during his time at Sacred Heart. It was a great link to the idea of someones legacy and how as you leave somewhere you carry the memories and good times you had. It was also nice to see some of the dead characters in that part as it gave his walk more of an impact.

Ending on Hooch being crazy made me laugh a bit and stopped me feeling sad that it was ending. But then came his montage of his future, followed by a beautiful instrumental version of Lazlo Banes song “Superman”.

All in all, this is the saddest episode of scrubs i’ve seen – more cause it’s the end of a show i’ve always loved. Yet at the same time it’s the best one in my mind. Not necessarily the funniest, but i think it’s the best of them all =)


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One Response to Scrubs – My Finale

  1. janitorbud says:

    i never followed scrubs. i only watch the re-runs on comedy central..and the ending you put on this still made me get a tad emotional. i’m such a girl.
    i’m definitely going to watch all the seasons just because that ending was so awesome.

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