The blogs. They influence my day.

So basically i was reading blogs on my iPhone through google reader, as i usually do before i get out of bed and get ready for the day, and i had a backlog of a few days worth to read due to me sleeping in / generally neglecting my routines….

Anyway as reading i came to the decision that some of the blogs i follow are often pretty much always moaning / depressive, with perhaps one or two happy ones , to then trail back to some horrible part of their life.

I like blogs & i like reading about my friends lives and what they think, but the negativity is something i can’t handle.. seriously. Its like sometimes when i read some blogs i think about them and eventually start feeling shitty over little things myself randomly. Then later i feel better as i … well i just decide that im fine XD*

So as i was thinking about how these blogs bug the fuck out of me, and potentially affect my mood at times, i decided i would unfollow them all XD I follow about 90+ blogs, about 2/3 being people and a third being sites like passive aggresive notes, mac rumour sites and other various blogs.  I now follow about half and half of each. (Dropped at least 10 blogs)

I don’t know why im blogging it XD I think its just like …. i want to feel that i haven’t just murdered little children with axes. XD
Todays been pretty good. Revised well again =) Exams are over end of June and then im FREE!!! Might make my parents leave for a weekend again and have a party… I like the sound of that.

Summer is gonna be amazing!

-Holiday with Family
-Malta with Friends
-Summer in the City
-Doing absolutely nothing other than relaxing, hanging with amazing people and making videos XD

❤ life


About Tom Burns
I'm an online blogger currently living on the South Coast of England where I study Interactive Media at university and practice as a Freelance interactive designer. In my free time I write reviews, and share my thoughts through a range of social media outlets such as Twitter, Wordpress, and YouTube, where I am an accomplished video blogger with a subscriber-base of 11,000 and over a million total video views. As you can probably gather.. much of my focus is in the realm of Social Media, an area I hope to one day end up in!

2 Responses to The blogs. They influence my day.

  1. Doug says:

    Alright Nerimon?!

    Oh wait, it’s.. Tom..?

    LAWL 😛

    • randomprodinc says:

      Held off purging them all… wouldn’t wanna encourage a second round of sub losses for the world XD

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