Just finished re reading Frankenstein…. what a great way to spend Sunday(!)

Its alright in relation to some of the other old gothic stuff i’ve read. Definitely kicks Draculas ass.

I like summarising things i read once i read them…. HAI BLOG!

Walton bitches and moans about being a loner and wanting to go north and prove himself and shit.
Walton see’s big scary man go past on sledge as they are trapped by ice. Next morning Victor appears. DUN DUN DUUUNNNNNNN
Victor recovers, and Walton is happy to finally have a friend…
Victor tells Walton his story.

This is where Frankenstein actually begins… the prior was only put in to prove it was real. Yeah.

Victor starts with his life as a child. Cause he’s a pedo and likes to think of children. He’s a happy kid and has a happy family and takes to learning and then his mum gets this orphan girl and “gives” her to Victor. Elizabeth thus becomes Victors bitch.

Life goes on and they have lulz with Henry until Victors mum gets ill and dies, after the dumb bitch went near Elizabeth and caught Scarlet fever.

Victor buggers off to Ingolstadt where he plays god, he learns a bit and meets some teacher, who in my mind reminds me of mad eyed moody… but meh. He makes the monster and then RAWWRRR holy crappppp

Its ugly. So he goes and hides in his bed like a sissy bitch.

Monster comes to him in need of some parental loving, he runs, monster leaves, V is mad, nursed by Henry, finally goes home finds out his little brother was murdered by his monster. Has an FML moment and then goes to court to try to prove Justine as innocent. She has  a FML moment and confesses to the murder she didnt do.

Victor is all like FUCK MY LIFE and goes up a hill to be a loner and shit when BAM the monster appears and tellls him of his life, and how he learned etc and how he was shunned by all he made friends with including the blind man…He then says how he tried to ABDUCT Victors brother to be his companion (pedo much?!) and actually ended up killing him as he grabbed his neck.

Then he’s all like “dude…. i killed your brother….. NOW MAKE ME A BITCH SO I CAN GET LAID DAWGGGG” and Victors all like “Yo homie, i can’t do that cause you killed mini me” and then Monsters all like “If you do it… i’ll move to mexico” and then Victors like “HELLZ YEAH!”

and he goes to England where he spends a few months travelling with Henry who seeks “intercourse with men” which apparently means intelectual discussions…. YEAH RIGHT

So yeah… they goto Scotland and Victor makes a monster, but then he’s like FUCK THIS! and destroys the monster, so his monster goes and kills henry.

Victor then goes into prison and the irish are all like “TOp of the mornign to ya… btw you’re going to JAIL YOU SICK MOTHER FUCKING MURDERER!!!” and he’s like “o shit”

His Dad comes and bails him out and they go home, then suddenly over two pages Victor gets mnarried and goes on a honey moon and Elizabeth DIES.

Didn’t see that one coming…. srsly.

Victor is then like “WRETCH! I WILL KILL YOU!” and chases the monster. They goto the icelands where we contnue with Walton.



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One Response to Frankenstein.

  1. caaameron says:

    whoa, i just finished re-reading frankenstein, too.



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