Some thoughts…

A list of things i have thought today randomly. Noted them down throughout the day as i remembered i had this open ^^

Swine Flu is a lie. Noones actually died from it. It’s just a big cover up for the fact Dora finally snapped.

I have lots of friends, but only need to use both of my hands to count the people i truely trust that aren’t related to me (8) .. it doesn’t mean i don’t trust my friends.. im just over hesitant to tell some things to people… and i never know whether this is good or bad.
I update twitter wayyy too much but don’t care.

Michael Jackson died. As do many people. Sure it was significant, but i swear people are just milking it now…

My future is finally as a point where even i don’t know whats happening. Despite all the amazing stuff i’ll be doing over summer i’m scared. As this in many senses is now the end of much of life as i know it… i’m already getting the impression im drifting away from close friends like Mim, Sam and Dan as the ideas of moving seperate ways gets closer and becomes more daunting in my mind.

How am i going to handle living alone? I have the maturity of a 5 year old and ask questions to no end like a toddler.

Is being able to read emotions and peoples actions really a good thing…? It leaves so much paranoia..

So Barry can say he’s going to an American holiday gathering in England ages ahead, but can’t give SITC an answer till the day before? Man thinks people care too much.

Youtube are idiots. They won’t listen ever by the looks of it, and i dread the new channels… but i know theres nothing that can be done about it because history as often stated.. repeats… youtube change, and they move on. The website never looks back. (Black bars, new front page, shows tab)

Is sitting in front of a mac editing for over 3 hous really being “productive”..?

I met some amazing new people on Saturday, yet still i find a bit of me feeling too shy / me-like to meet more people openly.

If superman was real would comic super heroes even exist?

Oh shizzle. I cut my finger.

Is it racist when i add izzle to things?

I want someone to get “Im on a boat” the fuck out of my head. It keeps coming in when im NOT on a boat, and when i AM on a boat i hear the pokemon gym battle theme.

I can’t help everyone and can’t even prevent harm to people i hold close.. even when it happens right in front of me it’s not always going to be possible.

Why have i been adding to a blog since i woke up?


June 27th

Went to a gathering in London. It was cool. At first we started off with some crazy scavenger hunt with photos, in which we threw a birthday party for a random person.

We lost.

Then everyone was just sat around on Southbank seemingly with no direction to follow after then. By this time Charlie had, had to leave for his brothers graduation.

Following this Myles suggested going to the haunted show on south bank, so a fair few of us split off and went there.  It was quite short, but all the same amazing! It was run like a show with the actors acting like we were in a facility and had to escape.

The woman guiding us vanished and then quickly reappeared but with handcuffs on and chained to a machine….

We then continued around a corner into a room where some guy had a sparkler or something and they came out and around us. It was lulz.

Following this we went to hang out around London, and eventually ended up in Pizza hut, which then led to a smaller group of us going around London and having fun doing random simple things like riding the lions in Trafalgar Square, and going on the South Bank carousel XD XD
All in all i had fun, and especially loved the evening as it became much more laid back and friendly.. and had a carousel.

We’re all fanboys at some point…

I log onto my email as i get back this evening to “Justine is now following you” Followed by a DM from Justine. Then i go onto twitter to see who Justine actually is..
Picture 17

It’s safe to say that had someone burst into my room, pulled out a gun and murdered me at that exact moment. I would have died a happy tweeter.

The internet is full of desperate people…

I often go onto dailybooth feeds to post a comment and get put off as i see some people, and often the same people, desperately “Joking” and pushing for people to be naked.
I think there’s even a user now called NakedBooth in which people are actually going to extremes.
This has made me generally start thinking that dailybooth is packed full of desperate single men who are so desperate that they get kicks from seeing underage girls evidently sat there naked.

All you have to do is watch the live feed for a short time and you see the proportion of kids around 12-14 using the site as extremely high.. yet grown men of 20+ are seen to be happily posting on individual pages with comments like “This would have been better if you were naked” and generally sitting around hitting on younger girls whilst commenting topless and things…

I MEAN COME ON, how desperate are these people?

Minidave recently kicked off a thread where everyone had clothes and then was topless. This was amusing and in joke, and generally wasn’t going around like “RIGHT GET NAKED NOW” which a lot of other threads and people can be seen to do…

Each Friday you see the words “Naked Friday” spammed… its an amusing themed day, but again you see users who are an age that just takes the piss being encouraged to do it, but equally you see kids who are like “Im 15. no”

Can just see a news story one day with the site being caught up with various people charged with getting ahold of nude children somehow through the way they chat them up into it…

I don’t wanna go all negative and like RAWWRR dailybooth sucks! Cause it doesnt. It’s a cool site and a clever concept… but i just think its  being used in such a way that will no doubt be later taken too far and result in something really bad.

I was also going to add something about Pav and how he’s Pav, and doesn’t spam people demanding them nude.

Same old drag…

So i have two exams left. Come Friday i’m free ^^ Going out for a bit in the evening but not heaps ages as i have to be somewhere super early Saturday morning D:
It’s weird. Come Friday i pretty much, except leavers day on Friday, have no more college… ever…  Past seven years have shot by.. it’s seriously insane!

Friday i also need to ring up a company reference some t-shirts and get them ordered following some issues…  Right now i just want to get to the bottom of it and find out if im being lied to by the person i know, or some bent company man who’s trying to steal moneys… Either way it pisses me off that i have to wait to find this out.

Patience is a virtue… i’ll try to keep that in mind.

So yeah, Friday i have to order stuff and talk to this man and then sort out moneys for things which will be lotsa fun… Then we have to sort out various other aspects.

I was due to put up a video for SITC this week, but i’ve held off whilst this is all done… not sure whether or not that is right as it needs to get up some point for people to actually see it who might not be on facebook etc.. and longer we leave the more uninformed people become like with YouStage.

I switched my twitter to protectded…. i don’t actually know why XD I just saw some people with it and wanted to try. It’s good in the sense i havent had any spammy followers, but bad in the sense that i dont get those random messages from bots XD XD

Gonna film a video or two over the weekend and then nother two or so next week if all goes well… hopefiully enough to give me 1/2 videos a week for a while.. or at least the 2 weeks im away.

I seriously can’t wait till Friday.. i’ve even lost the will to revise cause i’ve done so much =( I’ve burnt out… JOY…

That said, i just need to keep focused on Friday and it’ll all be fine 😀  Nearly done…

Rate 5 stars if you like the colour BLUE!

Have i ever blogged about people sticking “Rate 5 stars…” as an annotation? I might have… don’t care really im going to now anyway.
I HATE watching videos and then seeing “Rate 5 stars if…” pop up. It’s desperate if anything, and it just makes me NOT rate the video and in some cases leave the video page because it’s annoying.

It’s like the idiots that go around youtube posting comments like “Thanks for your comment on my last video!” when you didnt comment to make you check them out and sub or “Hey i love your channel.. subbed!” again to have the same effect.

Why can’t people treat YouTube normally and not try to game the system? People like Alex, and Dave haven’t got to where they are with the feedback by spamming channels or using such annotations, so why do people see it as a necessary?

Video ideas keep coming….

So as im continuing my studies i am continuing to build up video ideas. I think if i film like 2/3 days with Dan, Sam and some others during the week or two after 19th (last exam) i’ll be able to have something for each week of the summer, and stuff that i can upload whilst abroad, or have uploaded by friends..

That said when i go abroad from the 29th July i’m thinking i might film some things whilst abroad for each week, or do occasional blogs on burnzy121 in the evenings… depends how i feel and what goes down =)

I am travelling sooo much this summer! It’s crazy!!! I’m also missing a national sailing race i usually enter… probably for the best though. Last year some guy made me capsize so i got pissed off and rammed into his boat saying i “Lost control” just so i could maintain my race score as being higher than his… I’m bad at times.

Anyway back to the video ideas. I had a Pokemon related one that goes in sequel to “Pokemon Battle” and should be amusing, and give a bit more constant than the prior.
I have a song that i’ve written out to parody another song, which i will get filmed etc…

I stopped writing here to have a ACTUAL WHAT THE FUCKING FUCK moment… heres a tweet that summarises

Thats totally crashed my writing mood… Bye!