iPhone 3GS

The iPhone 3GS was announced today and i think it looks amazing… not physically… because… well… they haven’t changed it physically.
Picture 7

It’s the features that make this new phone appealing to me. The video recording especially. As a YouTuber this appealed to me lots… so i intend to use Burnzy121 for portable videos via the phone when it is released.

Picture 8 

Snow Leopard didn’t amaze me much but Dale made a fair point:
Picture 10

However moving back to the iPhone o2 have just started tweeting….
Picture 11 Picture 12

I think they;ve now fucked over a good change. Tethering would have been amazing, but £15-30 a month extra? no. No. NO 

Next the price. The price in America for the phones is $299  max so it is rather messed up that the price is near equal that amount in pounds….The upgradability. I dont get. last year people could upgrade as soon as the new one came out regardless of when they got the prior one… so im hoping its not when upgrade is coming cause thats 18 months for pretty much everyone. 

Personally o2 have potentially just fucked this up



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2 Responses to iPhone 3GS

  1. Joseph says:

    O2 have messed up, to get the iPhone 3G S when it comes out you’d have to pay £200 something to terminate the contract, then buy the new phone. The main people buying this are the Mac geek who are tied with a 18 month contract from the iPhone 3G. We are a credit crunch, and people who want this won’t be able to afford to terminate their contract. One big balls up!

  2. Mallory says:

    Here comes a stupid American bias!:
    Everyone SHOULD be eligible for the upgrade automatically, just as when the 3G came out. That’s what I’ve been told. If O2 is making you guys NOT eligible for the upgrade right away, that sincerely sucks. (And as previously mentioned, I am speaking mostly from how it’s working here in the states, I would love to know for SURE if it’s working differently in UK!)

    Tethering and MMS is available per how the carrier allows (as in the US AT&T is not ready for tethering OR mms, yet) but as far as I have been told it will NOT cost extra and it will not require any extra cables other than your USB sync cord that comes with the phone. (I watched the WWDC keynote, and it didn’t mention anything as far as that was concerned that I heard . . .) That would suck if O2 charged you guys extra.

    AT&T messed it up for us here in America, as we won’t even be able to tether/MMS until after september (they think)/summer respectively. I thought THAT was bad, but it sounds like O2 has you guys in a much more sucky pile of poo.

    I wouldn’t rely/go by what anyone other than Apple/your iPhone carrier says, always, ALWAYS get the official news instead of via tweet whenever possible. :p

    Woo-hoo, new phone! I reallyyyyy want it, specially cuz of the video stuff! WOO-HOO!

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