It’s nearly 2am.. We’re just chilling out in the apartment.

I’ve just come out onto the balcony to blog a bit..

Today we had a lazy day.. Caught up on long overdue sleep and did a quick shop.. We then went into the water at like 11pm.. That was fun 🙂

Yesterday we went and got a big shop.. We had to bring the trolleys back xD that’s the reason for the trolley in ians db pic 🙂

There’s an American lady upstairs.. She’s really friendly.. Only other tennant I’ve spoke to so far though xD


Sky high..

On a plane again 🙂 with Dave, Sophie & Ian. We’re all shattered but surviving..
Damn early morning flights!!!!
I think (hope) we land around 10.30 local time… Then I’m personally up for going to the apartment & sleeping..

Expect videos I guess? Ians been editing something since we got onto the plane.. I watched 2 episodes of scrubs season 2. “My Overkill” is one of my all time favourite episodes 🙂


I fell asleep on the m3 and just woke up as we were exiting the m25.. It was exciting.

As I write this the exit for gatwick is a mile away.. Fun times.

Just read Doms blog and it made me think about how I read blogs on my iPhone now & how this seems to make me not comment on anything :s I need to use mac reader again I think :/

The day we almost DIED in Hamleys

Yesterday we went into the Hamleys toy store in London. We’d just ran all the way to the top floor so decided to be lazy and get a lift down the bottom….

Anyway… the lift goes down a floor opens its door and then closes. A few minutes later and i ask “Are we moving..”

We then realise we are stuck in a lift. The lift consisting of about 6 YouTubers and one really fat woman with a really fat son glaring me down each time i say the words “We’re Stuck”.

Someone (I think Mike) then said “Reemember that film where they got stuck in a lift and all DIED?”… This caused the fat woman to shift her glare from me to Mike.

At this point i have rung the bell about four times for a long period with no response and am getting a bit impatient so i walked over to the doors and pulled them open and we all walked out.
Saved everyones lives, innit… Fat Bitch was sooo about to attack.

The waiting game that is this plane

Planes aren’t something I’m fond of. Not because of the fact I’m flying.. I’m fine with flying.. It’s the long wait sat in a chair unable to sleep that makes me dislike them..

Day flights are ok though as you can talk and do things, like play games..

Night flights are hell as you’re often tired & want to sleep but can’t so end up waiting as time passes reallllyyy slow.

I’m presently on a night flight.. It woulda been day but we got delayed big time -.-

Actually rang work to tell them I can’t come in cause of it.. I’m not gonna manage waking up at 8 xD mental!

I might.. DB a sitc shirt when I’m in.. Might just sleep

Jade Goodies Mum

Dunno if I spelt the surname right. Anyway women like her sicken me.

Yesterday in the news I read that she was in a hospital with swine flu. Today she’s eating at a restaurant sat right behind me.

A lady my Mum knows at the place here just said that she’s been in here every night this week eating & drinking.

This gets me as I think it’s wrong she just sells bollocks to paper. She’s not a celebrity, and neither was her daughter really.. So why the fuck do the media keep printing the shit she sells them?

My mother and her Blueskies fandom..

Mum randomly says to me that she hasn’t looked at any of my friends music on YouTube and asks if I have any of Daves music for her to listen to..

Showed her his new ep and still haven’t got my iPod back… Though I think she’s gone onto his older stuff now..

It’s kinda weird Mum used to watch Mhazz and Daves music and comment on it to me a lot. Then she stopped fior aaages till today