Pages flicking through my head

On the way here I bought “The Host” by Stephanie Meyers the Twilight author… I wasn’t sure if I’d like it, but I figured I’d try as my friend Lauren keeps telling me twilight is good and that I should read it. Which of course will always be out of the question for me.. But that doesn’t mean I’ll shun her as a potentially good author.

Anyway. Upto page 256 now and I find random parts of the book flicking through my mind between thoughts as I see bits that link in. This for me is good as it means I am taking it in and enjoying it.

All in all I think the story has an interesting base to it which makes it an enjoyable read.

The story is based around an earth which has been taken over by another species of “souls” which inhabit host bodies of a world and make it better, however in doing this they remove the human person and leave the body taken over. This leads to humans hiding from the “seekers” so they are not taken and converted.

The story follows a soul names Wanderer who is different to most souls as she has never settled in a host species or on a planet.

She inhabits the body of Melanie, a girl who was running and tried to kill herself so they wouldn’t find where her brother was but failed..

As wanderer inhabits however Melanie is still present and stops Wanderer seeing certain memories until she makes her decide to help and they worm together…

There’s more to it but I don’t wanna give away the individual bits that would spoil XD


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