Turns out i uploaded all the blogs from when Laura got here with the more recent happenings before i uploaded this one…. nice..

I’m presently in Malta with Dave, Sophie, and Ian. Literally running on barely any sleep.. infact as i type this we’ve just got back in from hunting down an internet cafe…it took forever, and as we were about to give up we went down a street and there it was…

The taxi from the airport was crazy. The guy was MENTAL! Though im expecting most drivers to be like that… i remember the buses being a bit packed full of people,  but not really much else regarding roads here.

We went to do a big shop today cause we need food.. and drink.. to live…

Anyway it was so big that we had to take the trolleys from the supermarket and leave like 50 euros as a deposit.. it was crazy, and a i type the trolleys still here…. i guess we’ll take it back tomorrow though =)

This evening as we looked for internet we went into the club district, and due to the fact we couldnt find it we went deep into this area… its crazy and kinda sickening at the same time. Basically loads of underage girls walking around with older guys perving on them and people throwing up on streets.. and the whatever older ones there are are slutty too… so we’ve called the place slut city. I was intiially thinking i might like to come down here one night but now i’ve seen it again and like this .. =/ gahhhhh

Anyway tired. bed times.



Today its the 14th August. We went to a set of temples which are apparently the oldest free standing structures in the world. Pretty cool, right?

I thought they were…

Doug left today. Bad times…. We leave in 2 days.. good times i guess. I miss England now.

Went through my bag at the temples and found a load of postcards i was going to send xD Trying to decide whether to send or just send when i get home with like additional letters and stuff… god knows.

Might film a sitc video in a moment.

Conquering ice bergs!

There this sand beach to the North of the Island called Melihah where we went today  for a change of scenery and to have fun times.

The bus journey there took about half an hour and upon arrival we got some umbrellas and went straight to the FLOATING ICE PARK!

The floating ice park is amazzzzingggg!!! Heres a photo of one:

You like climb all over and jump off it and crazy stuff! The big iceberg in the middle is the best as you climb really high and get a kick out of it then slide down really quick and land in the water =) Me Ian and Doug all managed to climb it pretty quick, but Laura was struggling at first so we all helped her. Kick ass teamwork right there!

The sea trampolines were also cool. The waves and unsteady motion just made it so much more fun!!!

Whilst we were at the beach Dave stayed at the flat for some alone time and made a song and music video =)


Today we pretty much threw Laura straight into Malta and went to the waterpark.

We went for a half day because it was open 09:00-21:00 and the half day pass lasts from 3pm to close. At first it was a bit crazy. I asked for a locker and the woman screamed at me telling me there were none as if i should have known… I then went to the others and we pretty much realised we were fucked without lockers as we had all our stuff… so we waited until someone returned a key.. which fortunately only took ten minutes!

The locker key was shit and didn’t work though.

There was a wave pool which was fun! Wave pools are awesome! Though i always have expectations for high strength waves that throw you as we have on the south coast and find myself being let down as i can stand there and not be budged.

The flumes were set up in a tower sort of thing, with the super bowl being lower and the two longer slides being higher… we went on the superbowl first and the man was crazy! The kid went before me and i randomly chatted to the guy as soon as like “So how long do you usually wait” (They had no cameras) and he pretty much just shrugged and notioned his head for me to go down the flume!

So i did, and found myself in the bowl bit at the same time as the guy before me which was weird as i was worried i’d go down the hole too early and crush the kid to death.

They also had a lazy river which you just float around on like a current….. yeah…..

The slide i liked the most at the park was one where you go down a big U shaped halfpipe on a rubber ring and try to reach the top of the other side xD Me and Dave almost got it once when we got pushed off by Doug, Ian and the guy working… but we didn’t actually make it =[.

The waterpark then got cold as it got later so we went back the apartment and crashed out exhausted!

Words can’t even capture the beauty…

Firstly i would like to apologise for the possible out of order line up of my blogs over the next few days as i am writing them offline to upload as and when i get to internet… and remember.

For the past 13 days i’ve been in Malta with some friends, and it’s amazing! =) At first there were less of us, but then Doug came on the 4th, and Laura came on the 6th, and from then till now (11th) we set off on a sort of whistle stop tour of activities around Malta.  Laura arrived later on the 6th so we just went out to the beach and chilled out for the evening! We’d already gone to the beach a few nights prior to her arriving with Doug, and without Doug, so it was a favourite place for just chilling out with music playing, and laid back drinking. To make it even better the beach is rock and not sand so i love it! I don’t know about the others here but i’ve always felt that sand is annoying and gets everywhere so i have a preference to the rock style beaches =]. At night time it kind of becomes a twilight zone as you look out across the ocean and the sky blends with the sea to form some crazy magical view that mesmerizes you to the point that time could just stop there and you wouldn’t know or care. Hell! The world could have ended around me and i wouldnt have given a shit!


All things come to an end at some point, and we left the beach and went back to the apartment to sleep.