Conquering ice bergs!

There this sand beach to the North of the Island called Melihah where we went today  for a change of scenery and to have fun times.

The bus journey there took about half an hour and upon arrival we got some umbrellas and went straight to the FLOATING ICE PARK!

The floating ice park is amazzzzingggg!!! Heres a photo of one:

You like climb all over and jump off it and crazy stuff! The big iceberg in the middle is the best as you climb really high and get a kick out of it then slide down really quick and land in the water =) Me Ian and Doug all managed to climb it pretty quick, but Laura was struggling at first so we all helped her. Kick ass teamwork right there!

The sea trampolines were also cool. The waves and unsteady motion just made it so much more fun!!!

Whilst we were at the beach Dave stayed at the flat for some alone time and made a song and music video =)


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