Everythings changing

People are leaving. Soon new people will be in my life. Fun times! ūüėÄ

Time really does bring change…

Next Saturday is going to be a big day for me. The day will start early, as me and my parents prepare to set off with a convoy of my possessions to the town of Bournemouth. Why Bournemouth? Because that’s where I’ll (hopefully) be living and studying for the next three years.

I’m really excited to start university! I’ve been counting down the days since I got my desired grades and¬†received¬†the acceptance letter. It’s a big change. An exciting change even.. But also one that freaks me out.

The concept of moving away from home to live on my own is a weird one. I only turned 18 this year, 18 being the age you gain that “OFFICIAL ADULT” tagline in England. At least.. That’s what they say. I don’t really think of myself as a fully fledged adult just yet – For starts I still have three years of education left. Hopefully I’ll be happy to call myself an adult once they’re done and I’ve gained the¬†independence¬†of living alone.

I think the other weird thing about moving away right now is that I don’t know ANY of the other people I’m moving in with. University halls randomly group you in with a bunch of other people. I seem to have ended up in a flat of all guys… LADS LADS LADS. LADS ON TOUR. IN A FLAT.

I hope none of them have serial killer tendencies.

It’s really weird that I don’t know these people. I tried to find them on Facebook but didn’t have much luck, and my anxiety is balanced between the experiences of two friends who have now finished their first year at University. ¬†Laura’s experience makes me feel hopeful about my own one. She went to Sheffield and stayed in halls with people she didn’t know, and is now apparently really close with them! Unfortunately the flip-side is provided by Ian, who ended up with a mirror drawing, serial killer flatmate.

Fingers crossed.

The positive from this all is that my friend Ashleigh is also going down to Bournemouth, although not to the same University. She’s off to be a chiropractor on a FIVE YEAR course. I’ll be an adult before she is, but that doesn’t matter right now. What matters is that she’ll be in Bournemouth, so I’ll have a friend straight out! She’s even invited me down to a Beach Party with her and her course, which should be a laugh! Hopefully my non-serial killer flatmates will be around and up for it as well.

Now back to the title of this blog.. ¬†Time has always been something that has managed to both amaze and worry me. I tend to have an idea about what’s coming next and like to consider all possibilities. I’m not someone who likes to be caught off guard, so I’m usually prepared for the good and I’m usually prepared for the bad.

I don’t know what to expect with University and .. this scares me. A lot

The summer has been a¬†roller-coaster¬†of change and I’ve had ¬†to endure a lot of unpredictable things. I Received my exam results, went abroad for the first time alone with friends to Malta, and organised a gathering called Summer in the City. Thing is, these have all been one off events and aren’t really going to happen consistently again. Sure I’ll go on holiday with friends, I’ll get more grades and I’m sure we’ll have plenty more gatherings in fields and Leicester Square… Difference with University is that it’s going to constantly exist for the next three years of my life, and I have no idea how my routine will exist whilst I’m there.

There’s one more issue with me leaving for university,and I saved this one to last as it’s the hardest. Next week I will wake up early in the morning to set off in convoy with my parents to the coastal town of Bournemouth. At the same time my friends will hop in their own cars and drive further away to cities like London, Birmingham and even Edinburgh. I’ll miss them.


Some strange blog decides to knock Sammy about her barbie prom box thing anonymously… She finds it today and gets a little worked up…¬†

Link: http://www.thatsnotracist.com/?p=34

I look at it and just see it as some idiots on the internet trying to be funny, and from the looks of it, how this “Sami” person posts and the admin supports them when in the comments someone called “Leah” actually defends the post.. its just a bunch of pricks trying to be funny but failing by miles… I mean that can be shown with how the website hasnt been used for blogs since July and its now september.. apparently people werent buying into their prickish posts.


What bugs me about this is how the person does it hiding behind an anonymous shroud… anything i post. Such as this, is far from that. This blog leads to my youtube, my twitter, etc people can see i’m an 18 year old boy typing a blog post… whereas with things like this… its just cowardice. Which is why i guess i’ve always hated blogs like this.. It’s like that Youtube one someone made months ago that slated Alex, Becky, Charlie and many others… its just all stupid and makes me wonder why people sit at home doing this when theres a world out there to be exploring and enjoying… equally if they dont want to get out theres a lot of other things on the internet to take their time other than being anonymous pricks.

I notice on this post there are two diggs and two people commenting to slate the person defending my sister… whats the bet the digged their own stuff? Dicks.