I’m going to make something like that!

The title refers to the video concept i showed an interest towards in my last blog post. 

After speaking with a few people i’ve decided i’m definitely going to work towards a lip dub that takes a motion form with lots of people, and following a conversation with Ed i’m thinking it might be possible to film it somewhere like the tate which allows for motion between the floors, and rooms before eventually exiting out of the ramp area. This would allow for the escalators, stairs and lifts to be utalised, aswell as the rooms with various displays. Taking form with people breaking out from casually looking at the area itself to join the lip dub (people being those involved and not randoms)

I’m going to think of a weekend i’d like to do it and make an event / small meet up gathering in November hopefully =)  This would allow for lots of people to get involved and for it to be a song everyone knows… something i hope to choose over the next few weeks. Any suggestions for songs that allow for actions, such as queens dont stop me now are welcomed ^^ and would help me out =)


I really want to make something like this!

This is the video that currently resides on my channels autoplay: I think it’s really well put together and the concept of group lip syncs that flow in such a way has always been something that has interested me and is deffos something i would love to try. Queen – “Don’t stop me now” is a song that i could see matching this sort of format somehow.. next meet up i’m deffos up for seeing if anyone is up for something like it. Another example:

Lip Dub – Flagpole Sitta by Harvey Danger from amandalynferri on Vimeo.

Is demanding it really the same as getting it willingly?

A lot of people now can be seen on twitter as they upload a video asking (in some cases it doesnt even look like they’re asking) if people will RT the link.

When i see this it kinda bugs me as i just see it the same way i view the whole “rate if you” “Comment about my dog” shit that can be seen on youtube. People generally link videos on their twitter if they like them and want others to enjoy the things they like.. i for example will randomly tweet jake and amir episodes or other random things i favourite. When people link after being told to by someone or asked on twitter… isnt it less that? Hell the people RTing might not even watch it themselves..

It kinda reminds me a long time ago where i had a few people telling me i should be linking them out, and i SHOULD be tweeting and I SHOULD be letting them make videos on my channel because they were my friend… this not being one person but multiple people at different times… Is it really fair to guilt trip people in such a way or expect that? Sure friends help eachother out.. but equally you wouldnt expect someone who’s your friend to start taking advantage of you and exploiting you with that as a card for them to play whenever.

Just looked on twitter for examples of this and there are 5 of this in my own feed… Not gonna screencap anything though cause i’m not attacking anyone specific.. just generally saying this bugs me on a whole.

I can understand tweeting your own things multiple times… but expecting people to do it for you multiple times takes the piss a little bit.. I really do wonder if anyone out there that asks for it actually remembers to rate every video they watch, or comment… i know a lot of people who do it and “watch” my videos yet don’t do this themselves. Equally on twitter… lets say a high followed person requests it and gets 12 people RT, but a variation of different people each time… is that person going to return the favour?

Most likely not.

Do they care?

Probably not.

People watching my videos

Yesterday on the way out I was approached by a guy from my college who told me he’d seen my videos..
I was slightly taken a back and confused with how he brought it up as it wasn’t clear what he was going on about.. And then he told me it was fine and that he wouldn’t tell anyone.. This made it awkward for me as Im normally open and fine with my channel and tell people it happily..
Anyhows I was curious to know how he found it and he told me some girls in a flat next to him were watching them clueless to the fact I attended the uni.Just thinking that they recognised me from somewhere…  Apparently for their course advertising and marketing they use YouTube a lot for research…
To be fair though I was semi expecting another “I’ve seen your videos” soon as my pokemon battle video keeps getting featured and picking up views… Though it seems to have slowed again..

Just remembered.. I wanna make a video of my room for burnzy to show by sister who’s still not seen it..

Zach Braff Dead?

That was the question on my mind this evening as i was in a club named V after a girl came upto me and my friends and told us..
This kinda without even checking sent a chill down me as Zach Braff has always been one of my favourite actors and i love his work on scrubs heaps…  actually adamant about the 9th season not being as good without him…

This was made worse by the fact that all my iphone brought up were blogs about him being dead with screencaps of the cnn page… so i went the evening thinking that he was actually dead which was a bit of a downer…  This however changed when i got in and checked and found he wasn’t dead and it was some in joke with friends blown out of proportion…
I guess it just goes to show the power of the internet and things like twitter… for example in this case a few twitter users picked up on the post and the fact he might have been dead and then reposted it in a panic, sending a wave of panic and curiosity through a wave of the internet until it spurted into people telling one another about it all through the day in person. I think this is amazing, yet also scary as it just goes to show how careful you have to be with stuff like that…

I mean like.. i’m silly at times… like REALLY silly and have a habbit fo saying stupid things that might offend people and probably do when i post them on twitter at times… the thought that these in this scenario could potentially spread like a wildfire scares me slightly and makes me realise how much more control and thought i need to put into what i put on the internet…  I actually privated Eight videos this evening with this in mind which is unlike me but probably for the best with the context of those vlogs… =/

Club notes

Challenged myself to enter stuff in my notes app the other night rather than Twitter…

Hate this song
Love this song
Stop grinding me bitchhhh
Hai there
Fuck I’ve lost everyone
Seriously I don’t have my keycard..
Found Jack thank god….
Why won’t this girl leave me aloneeeee I like the one I’m by nowwwww
Lol boom boom shut the fuck up
Found Owen
Too much drink plz
Getting too laid back now.
Why am I on my iPhone in a dancefloor?!? Seriously