Rain, Rain, Go Away!

For the weekend i came back to Southampton with my Friend from uni. Originally we were going to go see Jedward with two others but then they cancelled (Jedward did) so it kinda fell through and my plans of getting a life time ban from Oceana went with them..

Anyway we went to Oceana anyway to drink. Oceana isnt that great. There was an obese girl dressed as a nurse leaning over onto a rail and i actually WANTED to die. Though not actually die because to die would be a bit… extreme to say the least…

We went then went to Reflex. It was full of old people. Never touch Southampton on a Friday. It’s funny at first.. but then gets kind of creepy. All in all though, it was generally an amusing night.  However the rain swiftly murdered me… as it decided to piss down the second we left the club and went for the night bus.. Which resulted in us both walking back to mine shivering lots and me taking a dailybooth picture to show how my hair was .. curly? That was the first time over the weekend i decided i disliked the rain.

According to twitter i woke up at 10:28 the following day “next to Katie in an Edward Cullen tshirt” This got a mixed response. The best one being from Darren who tld me to kick her. I told him i threw her out of a window. Edward Cullen is slowly polluting the minds of the world and could potentially as i mention lots.. control lots of women so that they go forth and burn down a small country. Like Paris.

We left my house and it was fine.. semi sunny, so it was like “YES! Fuck you rain! I WIN!” Went to Portsmouth and met Katies twin which was kinda weird at first because you see it and its like “Woahhhhh” or at least thats how i react in my mind when i see twins. Like when i saw John Cox and his twin on facebook. My mind was BLOWN. I actually went crazy. Maybe.

Portsmouth is dying i think. Theres a massive outlet place called Gumwharf Quays and last time i went there i was with Pav, Dave and Doug… so AAAAAGES AGO! When i went this time all the surf shops had died and pretty much had… well nothing there i liked and had halved the amount of stuff they had out, and then the other shops.. well they’re shit anyway.

Went to Southampton to get a new iPhone plug and what do you know. HI RAIN! This continued all the way back down the motorway and on the way back which is why i wanted the rain to go away. Normally im confident driving but on the way back on my own the rain was wayyy too heavy and knocked out most of my visibility. It made massive puddles, one of which caused my car which Fawn has named “Sasha” after JD’s scooter, into the next lane (Thank god noone was next to me :S)
When i got back i was just grateful to have not crashed out there, and when Mum and Dad were like “we ordered Pizza. Go get it please?” I died a little bit inside. I DIED.

That;’s my weekend… basically i hate the rain. I REALLY hate the rain. I don’t even know why. I think i have this crazy parallel with the weather and rain just triggers some mental hatred which then gets fully directed towards the rain. The rain should die.





The feeling you get when…

You’re really looking forward to something you’ve planned or have a good feeling about it, for it to then only be thrown back at you and fail as people are complete and utter wankers and refuse to pay attention to your logic / base choices on sub bases and who can give them more from involvement.

It’s worse when some people don’t even give courtesy to respond…

I don’t know what i’m doing now. All i know is that i’ve lost any form of buzz i had last week towards videos.

Twilight New Moon

Went to see New Moon with Katie this evening.

It was the first time i’ve been to a cinema in England where everyone Ooooo’d, laughed, awwwwed, and screamed at the same time. Heck they even laughed at other people in the cinema shouting things…. 

This made me realise that the twilight fan base is so in sync and well linked as it is that they could probably team up and destroy a country. Like North Korea… or Paris. Seriously. Hardcore people right there.

I’ll be honest though.. i was half expecting to be found dead tomorrow, drowned in a sea of women jizz towards Edward Cullen. Safe to say i dodged that bullet. Sat at the back so it didnt quite come near me, innit.

That buzz of excitement that comes when you’re looking forward to something

I haven’t had a uberly amazing excitement buzz towards youtube or any videos for sometime, and it was doing my head in. Last week i had a really good idea out of the blue. I wanted someone to help me get my ideas right and to make sure i had the right aim with it, and to also help me with it all overall, so i approached Liam.

Safe to say i am now really really excited and hoping it goes well! 😀

Gonna be ringing a fair few people over the next few days ref bits and bobs =)



I have had various emails and tweets over the past few days which generally ask what’s happening with my channel and why it isn’t available.

Firstly i would like to throw it out there that i haven’t closed my account and i’m not leaving YouTube.. i’ve just taken the channel down for a few days. It’s a partner feature that allows us to hide our channels when we need to. Initially i did it so i could play with Imagemapping and new designs without people seeing them.. but i kinda gave up on that and reactivated the channel.
But now it’s down again. This is for mixed reasons.. one being im back at trying to imagemap, another being that it’s a memory box for me and recently i’ve found myself missing a lot of people… Finally i took it down for the next few days whilst i properly think about what i’m doing with the channel.

Everyone going to university has resulted in my losing Sam and Dan… two good friends who shared and interest and saw it as a fun thing to do…  I hope to film things in bulk with them holidays but that isn’t enough. I don’t like leaving it there for weeks / months with no videos… and i find when i do that i trash any viewership i once had.

So it’s down for a few days whilst i redesign and rethink.




Last night i had a weird dream. Made weirder as the wind made my door blow as if someone was trying it… I ended up not being able to sleep so wrote it down to remember it

In my dream loads of people were being taken through some processing halls clueless to what we were doing. We were then handed a whistle, a army drinks cannister and some bits of straw. On walking through to the main area i was talking with someone who i dont even know… but in the dream they were apparently a good friend of mine. I said i didnt want to be in the army and that i heard people would die at the war… and got told that there was no going back.

I went back to a desk with a man who had trouble saying the word dyslexia to the boy in front of me.. who was apparently dyslexic. Anyway i chat to him, he tells me i cant leave and gives me more straws. I then turn my back walk off and throw a straw right into his eye.. and run out the door.

I make a run and suddenly the corridoor im running through shifts to my house and i’m looking for a friend of mine who is apparently hiding out there. I then learn that im now a wanted enemy of some new world order and am being hunted down for exposing plots to reduce population with a fake war…

Then theres a knocking at the door and im scared in my dream because i know im surrounded. Then the wind blows my door in the real world and wakes me upt o this knocking… but the way it was knocking was as if someone was there… it was so real. I actually froze for a few minutes, then as it came again i got out of bed and checked under the door.

There ws a shadow and a dark patch of something outside my door. I found myself frozen and not knowing what to do.. at this point i didnt know the lounge window was open sending wind down the corridoor… i thought there was genuinally someone out there .. Considered grabbing the phone and trying security but i didnt want to get someone up over something silly so just ended up opening my door with a umbrella in my hand to find a hoover there… I don’t know why it was even outside my door… Anyhow a gust of wind blasts by me as i go to grab it and i realise the kitchen has open windows and is affecting the doors so shut them all and goto bed happy.
Then my door bangs again. I don’t know what it was that time… i just stayed in bed and ignored it.. but i didnt have any more knocking after it. Not any that i was aware of at least.
Today i spent much of my day working on my website… these can be seen on my course twitter http://www.twitter.com/tomprodinc and blog http://www.tomprodinc.blogspot.com

I’ll be updating them tonioght with stuff on the finished website ready for my presentation tomorrow… it only has to be three minutes long so im all fine with it! =) Would appreciate some feedback once the blogs up later.
Today i found myself reflecting a bit on me… more than normally.

There are times when things are want or like or aspire for are possible for me to get. There are also times when i get signals wrong or get a whole thing wrong and go head first and fuck up. Then there are the times when i genuinally have a shot at stuff but find im scared, and hold back. It’s mixed. I’m fully ready to go and tackle most things, but then when i actually really need to be ready… i’m not.

I hate mental walls. MORE THAN ANYTHING.