Boxing Day Sales

Today i got woken up stupidly early and dragged to sales… I picked up nothing bar a blue hat until like 10 when suddenly the whole of Southampton opened at once…
When in the big shopping center i was tryna decide where to go first and saw Hollister…It had a huge fuck off massive queue.. but people went in there anyway whilst i went in Fatface. I swear i was the only onein there for like 5 minutes and this was time enough.. i ended up walking out with wayyyyy too much. My aim was to get two non blue zip hoodies as i have too much blue.

Mission Accomplished… plus jeans and random other bits i probably didnt need.

Then i walked into Hollister, only to realise i’d skipped a massive queue on my way out. I then laughed as i found people and got told that pretty much nothign was on sale there.. some people literally walked in, looked around hopelessly, and then buggered off. I didnt want to look like a idiot so wandered round and found some tees i liked so picked them up and bought them.. then got charged half on each one even though they werent marked that way.. which was good times!

After deciding i have enough clothes to provide aid to a large portion of Africa now, i headed home where i ordered a new camcorder. WHICH EXCITES ME ALOT!

Im hoping it comes fast as i have lots scripted and ready to do, and so little time before i go back to university… i don’t intend to take my Link costume down there so need to do the stuff with that whilst i’m here!

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