First day of my life – Bright Eyes

The title is the song that’s currently playing in my itunes. For some reason this song always makes me really reflective over my life and whats going down.

Hi Blog isn’t that kind of.. your job?

University i guess is a good staring point… Uni is going really well, and right now i’m working on a flash project which i’m enjoying! I like flash and learning it is like video editing to me.. fun.. so yeah! I get to learn and create things whilst having fun which is awesome!

My portfolio website is also coming on alright and can be seen over at my course blog which you should follow if you’re interested in seeing what i design.

This month we managed to put down the deposit on our house for next year as well which was awesome and excites me lots! Actually can’t wait to move in there… my flatmates now are awesome but can be a bit… boring… at times. Two of them sit in their rooms on xbox constantly and another is recluse.. pretty much only really properly talk to Josh properly now. So i’m looking forward to moving in with course people =)

YouTube can be another point i guess.

I’ve been uploading videos more frequently and enjoying it, i like the increase in feedback i’ve been recieving! This week was meant to be a challenge week but i entered a contest… so next week i guess! Some of the challenges are awesome and i’m mega excited.

Also have another Toms life due to go up! 😀

I’m rambling and have been for some time now.