I’m in love!

With a game…

Final Fantasy 13 is amazing! As soon as i got in today i started playing it and next thing i knew 4 hours had passed! The story seems pretty cool and as always with the final fantasy games, the graphics in both the cutscenes and the action blow away most of the other games i’ve played recently.

The main character Lightning is a  bad ass pink haired girl with a red cape and a sword. Pretty cool. More women need pink hair and swords.


Across the Universe

I’ve been trying to watch more films lately as they prove to be good case studies for my media course, and my knowledge of films is pretty limited so i’m trying to stretch out a bit!

I watched the film “Across the Universe” last night, and loved it! I thought the way the Beatles songs were incorporated into the film was amazing, and i’ve had Jim Sturgess’ version of “i’ve just seen a face” stuck in my head all day! It may have even inspired a video from me.. but more on that if i make one!

Here’s a trailer for the film with that very track for those of you who haven’t seen the film and wanna get a taste!


I feel i need to balance out the blog again. I hate posting stuff like what i just put up.

I’ve had numerous packages come this week.. some are these pillows:

and another is this game which i will inevitably lose much of my time over this weekend to:

Whenever i play a final fantasy game with multiple playable characters i find myself conflicted over who to choose… from what i can work out there are only 6 in this and i think i need to pick 3/4 main ones to battle with… In Final Fantasy 10 i always used Rikku, Tidus, and Yuna.. and then the others SUCKED. I might be smart and balance them out this time.

Google Reader

I randomly went onto my google reader today. Had a lot of blogs that i hadn’t read since last using it.. I just find i get put off by blogs now as people constantly moan and bitch on them, quite evidently about other people, and then leave it ambiguous for people to then just speculate over who it is, whether its them, and eventually (at least in my case) just think the person is pathetic and if they hate the internet / feel they are that miserable so much, that they should just fuck off.

I mean i know that paragraph there is ambiguous and provides the space for speculation, but it stands as an example. I’m sure someone will now read this and get all paranoid and blergh etc.

Blogs i guess are whatever people want them to be.. a creative log of what you’re making and your ideas,  a diary which follows simple thoughts, a place to repost amusing things you find.  I don’t know what i think of this blog. I like posting random things when i remember it exists, and hate posts like this one, but equally after reading through some of the blogs from the past month / two today.. i’ve just decided that people are fucking idiots.

Whilst i’m on this whole moany base i think i’ll just clear out my twitter peeve.

It’s annoying when people don’t RT when you have something good, and you see others suddenly getting loads of RT’s.. but it’s not something i lost sleep over. So when people start suggesting that I personally should have RT’d a video they posted earlier that day it gets stupid when they post at times i’m most likely not even around.

I have a life. I don’t have time to go from the last tweet i read right upto the most recent and see EVERYTHING that’s been posted. Often i find when i did that occasionally it would lead to me finding things that if i posted i would be way to late for. I prefer to use it in real time. Other people might sit on their computers getting fat living at home all day, but i’d like to think i don’t.. so believe it or not me not RTing something isn’t personal.. it’s just me not being online or around twitter. I actually hate it when people try to guilt trip you for not doing stuff like that that you’re

1) not obligated to , or

2) do often anyway, but just one time don’t cause you’re not around and it’s all like WOOOOAHHHH YOU HATE ME! I’M GOING TO KILL MYSELF

I’ve decided people like these just aren’t worth me getting fussed over so i’m just probably gonna take on a whole new frame of mind and ignore / cut them out and stick with the people who actually have a bit of positive outlook in what they do / don’t try to bring others down.

// END