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Twitter Agents

Hey blog it’s been a while hasn’t it? We’re going to change this. Get ready to keep up with my life.

Nearly a month ago i received a letter in the post which contained an awesome little USB holder in the form of a cassette. The casing had instructions for me to listen to an mp3 which was on the usb, @reply on twitter confirmation to attend the event i had been invited to, and then to destroy the tape (something which i failed to do.. it was just too awesome!)

Anyway a few weeks on and me and Dan are on our way to London where we were handed two handsets. One being a HTC Hero, which was a pretty nifty little phone! Only flaw i found with it was the speed of its twitter app. The other phone was a INQ chat which Dan almost threw at a wall out of pure rage due to the fact it refused to load twitter, connect to the net, or generally work on anything.  I’ll be honest.. in my head i was formulating a plan to have it murdered and frame a local tramp in Leicester square!

So with these phones we went on a hunt for twitter birds. The first few clues went super quick and we were doing amazingly due to the help from my twitter and my iPhones internet… but then our advantage card died and my iPhone lost battery which was the only source of fast loading twitter we had as the HTC’s twitter was taking about 2-3 mins to load at a time!

Another issue was the fact we needed to photo clues in dark areas.. the phones had no flash so couldnt pick them up in some places which just caused mental hell! xD

Anyway they send out the ending tweet telling everyone to go back to the pub where me and Dan were like “HELLZ YEA!!!!” caue we ‘d got 5 so thought we’d won.  Turned out there were more than 5.. Me and Dan infact came last. But we got a pretty snazzy free twitter on 3 jacket which i’m gonna tie into some video sme point hopefully!

At the end of the day it was an awesome night and it was fun running round doing a picture hunt via twitter, the concept was genius! We also met some awesome people afterwards at a little pub get together they held afterwards!

The whole idea behind the hunt was to promote “freetwitteron3” which is being offered at the moment on various phones. Personally from the experience with the inq.. if you’re considering this make sure you go with a phone that can actually handle apps like the htc, and wont keep crashing or you’re wasting money. The hunt had birds and secret agent people with pictures of twitter birds (staff of 1000 heads the company that runs 3mobilebuzz.)

So yeahhhhh! Check out @3mobilebuzz on twitter! They’re an awesome bunch of people.