LOL Marshmallow.

Going through my mac deleting old files and i found this.

If time travel was possible i’d go back to the day i was drawn this picture.

I have a list.

A few weeks ago i made a list on my iPhone called “The list of things i will never do again”

The list was first made following a trip to a chinese all you can eat buffet. The buffet left me feeling rather ill and like i could throw up, and to make things worse left a horrible taste of cat food in my mouth… not that i.. know what catfood tastes like… but it’s one of those things you can kinda guess the taste of! There are many things like that.. or at least there are for me! However i won’t go into them incase i make myself seem even less stupid…

My list has since then grown to have over 20 things listed now within the space of just a few weeks! Each new item generally coming from a bad experience, for example:

#13 “Never drink more than 5 bottomless Nandos soft drinks in the space of 30 mins
#18 “Never cover yourself in lipstick thinking it works well as fake blood. Whilst it does infact make good fake blood, it also stains your skin and now two days later you are still pink.”

The bad experiences on my list range from real things i really shouldnt do again such as not talking to certain people for my own good, to silly things that i seem to have put on there for the sake of it such as never bouncing a bouncy ball within 5 ft of a roof. (I was very sad when i lost my skyball you see…)  It’s this range that made me make a rule for the list that kinda contradicts the “never do again” title, as i allow myself to retry one thing a month. If it fails then it’s blacklisted and is FORBIDDENNNNN!!!!!!!! -imagine a big booming voice as that’s said-

I’m not silly though! Some things that were worse / on there for my own good are already blacklisted. This list is like a bible for me.. or at least it will be… i will publish the full list the of things i can’t do if i ever reach 100! Then we can all laugh together at the silly things i’ve banned myself from.

A week without mobile internet

This evening i gave my iPhone to Dan to hold onto for a week, he gave me his Palm Pre. We are both challenging eachother to go a week without smart phones / the ability to use mobile web, twitter and facebook. This includes text messages for social network sites!

If either of us fails this we have to dye our hair a colour of the rainbow. Fun times! (Not)
Each day we will be filming a 1 minute clip of our thoughts about the week and how we’re doing, once we’re done we’re gonna get all the minutes pick the best bits and make a video about the week for you all to see! Watch as we both go from sane to neae mental breakdown! If i’m honest i’m already having withdrawl symptoms! :S

Smallville Season 9 Finale

Last night saw the Season 9 finale of Smallville being aired, and i have to say the episode was INCREDIBLE!

The series left off on its usual cliff hanger style, as could have been expected seeing as season 10 of the show has already been confirmed. The season in my head as a whole was amazing with the introduction of more Justice League members such as Hawkman, and StarGirl, as well as Doctor Fate, and a quick glimpse at Johns true green martian self. This i feel made the season so much better as it moved closer to the tales embedded within the comics, and dc universe… I just think it’s a shame that characters like WonderWoman and Batman aren’t allowed to be used. (However you can understand this when looking at how successful the dark knight was!)

Spoilers below

The show left various questions unanswered throughout the episode this time, rather than just the one big cliff hanger at the end. Questions such as who the woman that was knitting and entered Tess’s room after her death is, and what she wants? Or theres the question of who was circling in towards Oliver in the vents if not the kandorians, as they quite evidently held a bit of power with the vent bending! (Of course they could have been using big sticks?!) This possibly foreshadows a new threat being introduced in Season 10.

One thought i had was that kara left to find the Kandorians who apparently still existed somewhere seperate the ones in the crystal. She was last seen flying into space so could it be that she was with the super powered people closing in on Oliver?! I’d imagine Kara needs to make a reappearance in this season, especially if it is the last.

Further to this Clarks costume being given to him by his mother, you have to wonder whether the show will use this in season 10, considering he can’t fly yet! (Though the way they ended this season he could very well be flying soon!)

Another thing i thought was interesting was Clarks vision of 2013. Possible a link to what Doctor Fate showed him, showed Luthor running for president as in the DC comic universe.  Lex has often been circulated as not being dead so you have to wonder if through Tess’s (apparent) death he will rise from the Ashes and come back, as afterall.. Lex Luthor is Clarks arch nemesis, and they need to bring him back before they end the show or they’ve moved way too far away from the Superman plots!

My Photowall

My photowall has always been an object i look to for good memories / to see the people who make my life amazing.
I never thought looking at it would make me so angry. Someone crossed me wrong / hurt me bad, this is why i’ve been odd recently. Following a pretty heated text session today i finally came to decide cutting this person out is the wisest thing to do now. I cant fix anything, and it’s not worth it. Many good friends told me to do this weeks ago, and i really wish i’d listened then, but i didnt and now i’m sat here looking at my photowall contemplating tearing the whole thing down.

Fortunately i’m not over spontaneious so just ordered a shit load of of photos to replace them with, and expand a little so i can love the wall again.

Problem solved!


Today i learned that i need to listen to  peoples advise more.

New directions

Something i’ve always wanted to try is an interview style video… so right now i’m working on getting ahold of various artists through their management when they’re in Bournemouth as there isn’t as much demand when they’re here! (apparently)

Right now working on Marina and the Diamonds as shes down playing a gig next Thursday at The Old Firestation in Bournemouth… see how that goes! I’ve had responses etc! Just hoping the big big people dont suffocate out the little guy.. even though… i’m not all that little.

Experience 1

I often find that i end up in situations that have me reflecting for a while. So i figured rather than constantly keeping my mind on silly things i’ll blog them.

Today i was driving and got a text from a friend saying a friend of hers had died. She took it really bad so i called. Had a quick phone call and tried my best to chat and be nice and comforting. Tried being the key word. I’m not good at dealing with death myself, i avoid it and hide from it. So when i chatted to her i  didnt know what to say really.

For example i asked this evening how she was doing, and then tried to shift the subject to another question thinking that would be the best thing. Apparently not.

So anyway being the child of the internet i am, i decided to turn to google and hit up a search of what people do in these situations. Various sites said to just be supportive and let the person know you’re there.. which i did do! They also say things not to say. Of course when i look at these sites i cant help but think about how everyones so different that you cant summarise how best to deal with someone who’s struggling with a death generically?

I dont get why the internet generically groups certain emotions into e-guides… for example:

Even if you’ve never spoken to her before in your life!!!




“How to nail ANY WOMAN you want”

This is the world we live in… a world where you can genuinally need a bit of guidance, search it and have a generic thing thrown at you. The fact is this is the first time i’ve searched how best to do something as i really wanted to make sure she was ok as i worry about friends too easily. Unfortunately the internet was useless and offered me little advice.

(As an end note, changing the subject isnt always the best thing.. to do..)

How would you deal with a situation like this? Did i do things the right way?