Smallville Season 9 Finale

Last night saw the Season 9 finale of Smallville being aired, and i have to say the episode was INCREDIBLE!

The series left off on its usual cliff hanger style, as could have been expected seeing as season 10 of the show has already been confirmed. The season in my head as a whole was amazing with the introduction of more Justice League members such as Hawkman, and StarGirl, as well as Doctor Fate, and a quick glimpse at Johns true green martian self. This i feel made the season so much better as it moved closer to the tales embedded within the comics, and dc universe… I just think it’s a shame that characters like WonderWoman and Batman aren’t allowed to be used. (However you can understand this when looking at how successful the dark knight was!)

Spoilers below

The show left various questions unanswered throughout the episode this time, rather than just the one big cliff hanger at the end. Questions such as who the woman that was knitting and entered Tess’s room after her death is, and what she wants? Or theres the question of who was circling in towards Oliver in the vents if not the kandorians, as they quite evidently held a bit of power with the vent bending! (Of course they could have been using big sticks?!) This possibly foreshadows a new threat being introduced in Season 10.

One thought i had was that kara left to find the Kandorians who apparently still existed somewhere seperate the ones in the crystal. She was last seen flying into space so could it be that she was with the super powered people closing in on Oliver?! I’d imagine Kara needs to make a reappearance in this season, especially if it is the last.

Further to this Clarks costume being given to him by his mother, you have to wonder whether the show will use this in season 10, considering he can’t fly yet! (Though the way they ended this season he could very well be flying soon!)

Another thing i thought was interesting was Clarks vision of 2013. Possible a link to what Doctor Fate showed him, showed Luthor running for president as in the DC comic universe.  Lex has often been circulated as not being dead so you have to wonder if through Tess’s (apparent) death he will rise from the Ashes and come back, as afterall.. Lex Luthor is Clarks arch nemesis, and they need to bring him back before they end the show or they’ve moved way too far away from the Superman plots!


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