Toy Story 3 – The ultimate trip down memory lane.

Last night, I went to see Toy Story 3 for the third time in what was an eerily empty cinema screen. After watching the film again / surviving a night screening in what was possibly a muggers lair, I finally feel capable of blogging about the wonderful film, which to me was very much a (partially emotional) trip down memory lane. Of course by partially I mean… 0.1 mm worth of emotional… cause you know… I’m a real man.. YEAH!

Toy Story 3 follows on 11 years after the first film with Andy now being 17, and ready to leave for college. The time progression between Toy Story 2 and 3 works amazingly as it creates a feeling that the films have grown up with you (if you were born before 1997…).

Toy Story 3 immediately introduces its initial focus on growing up, and the idea of what happens to old toys when you’ve grown up. This focus works well as it’s something many people can relate to at some point in their lives. For example, my attic is a vast maze of toy boxes which could be used to trace the various phases of my life!  This aspect of me matches that of Andy within the film as he chooses to store the toys safely in the attic as opposed to donating them to a daycare centre as proposed by his mother (“Mom” if you wanna go with crazy American spellings!). This part of the film is good as it explores the sentimental aspects behind your possessions as he refers to them as “Old Junk noone else would want” but chooses to store them in the attic safely rather than throwing away, which i felt silently showed the toys sentimental values to him. Especially considering these are also presented to have been the favourite toys from the whole Toy Story series, as they are the only ones he has held on to.

It should come as no surprise to people who have seen trailers, and posters for the film, that the toys all end up being donated to daycare. This setting brings in an large abundance of new main characters and sub characters to replace the ones that have been written out of the current movie (I still don’t think i can forgive pixar for getting rid of RC!!). These new Toys add a lot more to the new settings and storyline than i felt was given in Toy Story 2, as it widens the whole spectrum of the toy world further. The daycare characters also come with such a vast variation in styles due to them being donated that it allowed a solid set of original toys to be introduced which i feel works amazingly! Even though some of them don’t talk…. but none-the-less still amazing! GROUP PICTURE!

The storyline is awesome, as it explores a toys relationship to it’s owner, and the purpose of a toy. This is explored through Woody’s continued sense of belonging to Andy and desire to be there for him as he grows up and “has kids of his own”, but also from another perspective as some of the toys are doubtful and scared of being thrown away for good. This gives two ends of the spectrum as to the purpose of a toy when you’re too old for it, one being the end where you save your toys for your own kids or relations, and the other end being that of simply disregarding them when you grow up and never thinking twice about the toys and any fond memories you may have (Basically if you throw away toys you are destroying your past? Maybe??! YES. Yes you are. If you throw away toys you are a sick and twisted memory eater!) The film also considers that toys should always be played with until they break and die, as it presented through the daycare with broken toys going into the trash…

In terms of villains, i like how they kept it as a toy villain like Toy Story 2. I think it is built better in this case however on how the bad guys are purely seen to be the bad toys, where as in Toy Story 2 the collector, and Old Prospector were seen as the bad guys, giving a mix between person and toy. The use of a big bad (pink..) bear that controls and manipulates other toys works well in this as it introduces a chain of command feel to the toy world as Andys toys are seen to enter yet another society of toys.  Infact i think throughout the whole series of films it’s been interesting to see the contrast from a community of toys loved very much by their owner (Andys) to one where toys are beaten (Sids), a collectors haven and toy store (TS2), a daycare, and a small girls bedroom whcih is very much reflective of Andys room and the way he treated his toys in Toy Story 1,2 and the initial flashbacks of 3. This kinda gives a nature nurture sense to the film as the toys very much base around how they are nurtured, and owned.

I infact think that Lotso hugging bear is a two faced bastard of a toy in how he first comes across nice and loving, then turns into a hitler style dictator, before coming out as a general nob that you just want to see get hit by a truck. I thought the same of Ken in a way too, but he was always portrayed as the faker try to impress toy that in reality is just a girls play thing. Unlucky Ken. // Character moan over.

The soundtrack was once again composed by the amazingly talented Randy Newman! Each of the tracks flows with the film and just gave it the right feel! I loved the little “You’ve got a friend in me” style riffs that featured throughout various tracks, it kept it in suit with the rest of the films for me!

The ending of Toy Story 3 was without a doubt the most emotional part of the film. I don’t want to go into to it too much as for me it was the most beautiful, and perfect ending to a film i’ve seen in a long time, and should be witnessed personally. All i can say is that as soon as it got to that part of the film i found my eyes watering, as have many others according to my twitter and facebook feeds! I think the fact so many people have been set off by the end of this film says enough in itself as to the beauty. All i will give you is this amazing piece of music by Randy Newman that features over the end, which will remind anyone who has watched the film how AMAZINGLY AWESOME the ending was, and also give a feel of the mood to anyone who hasnt watched it so they can… prep the tear glands.

To round things up Toy Story 3 for me was one of the films i’d been anticipating most this year, and it lived upto surpassed my expectations, as it made me happy they hadnt killed a set of films i’d loved as i’ve grown up through  crappy sequels *Cough* Shrek *Cough*. With this in mind i will give Toy Story 3 a 10/10 (Mainly because it made me cry, and i give into things that make me cry… but not really! I’m a man.. REMEMBER!)


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One Response to Toy Story 3 – The ultimate trip down memory lane.

  1. Jared says:

    Good review post!
    I went to see it this morning with my lil bro. Simply amazing! Made me tear a bit too.. Not the brother though. I think the film was made more for those who grew up with the film.

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