The Other Guys Review

Super-Cops like Danson and Highsmith would be nowhere without desk jockeys to clean up all the paperwork for them. This is where the “other guys” come in, as their roles within the police department see them sifting through paperwork whilst bad-ass cops roam the streets. At least, this is the case in Adam Mckays latest release The Other Guys.

Terry Hoitz (Mark Wahlburg) , and Allen Gamble (Will Ferrel) are the other guys. They find themselves stuck in the office each day working through the paperwork of New Yorks most beloved cops, Danson (Dwayne Johnson) and Higsmith (Samuel L Jackson). If anything, through the casting alone there’s an immediate spectrum set up for people watching the film, as on one end you’re shown two of hollywoods most bad-ass action stars, against people more related to comedy than gunfire and explosions.
When i first started watching The Other Guys i found myself being built up for an epic action comedy with insane scenes that see the cops saving the day through crazy scenarios that would normally be impossible! Unfortunately this only lasted for the first scene and i found the closest it got to action later was a building explosion and a gun scene. With this in mind i felt that from the action side of things, this film was a bit of a let down as it got further in.

However this film is more of a parody of the various cop movies that have cropped up over the years, so can’t really be put down for it’s lack of action as it makes up for it with the constant comedy throughout the film.
Whilst this film may not necessarily be upto par with Anchorman and Step Brothers, it is still a pretty funny release from McKay! Ferrels casting in this film was perfect as his random outbursts and unpredictable attitude shine through best! Quite a large part of the comedy within the film is based around Ferrels character, and his split personality in which one side of him is a timid office worker, and the other is a crazed chick attracting pimp with a strange hold over women.  This added with Coogans appearance throughout the film, various parodies of other cop films, and the most random plot twists you’ll see in a while, help this film maintain constant laughs throughout.

The one negative point i really had with the film was how it seemed to drag out unnecessarily in places, and use over done jokes to fill these spaces with humor – which if anything just made it worse! This came as the film followed Terry and Allen as they tried to solve the main case of the film. Whislt a necessary part to the film, i feel it was played on a bit too much and could have been condensed more to give more room for later aspects such as the climax fight scenes, or the crime fighting duo of Danson and Higsmith (Seriously annoyed they weren’t kept in!)

So all in all, i think this film is a must see if you’re a fan of Ferrels work in Anchorman and Step Brothers, or if you just fancy heading out to the cinema to have a few laughs with mates! But not a great film if you’re one of those people that hates long gaps that lose your attention! So with that in mind i’m giving this film 3.5/5 as it amused me throughout, but at the same time the massive drag out boring bit in the middle really had me yawning.

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