Fable 3 – Become a King or Queen like me

So, a little while a go you might remember a post on here about Fable 3 and my first impressions of it from eurogamer. As i recall, i didn’t hold it highly in my sights, but i have purchased it, and i must say it’s pretty good.

As i said before, the gameplay is pretty much identical to that of Fable 2 with a few enhancements. However, the pause menu, if you can really call it a menu, is pretty swish. The reason being you play as your character in the menu. It’s like a little room dedicated stuff like character customisation and saving and other such features. It’s pretty swish. Within this, you have a gift shelf where you can get all kinds of gifts. But more about that in a wee bit. On top of this, your weapon’s looks change as you level up your relevant skills. It looks wicked cool!

One thing that is epic in this game, is the story. Now, i’m playing as a female character, so i can only assume there are slight changes in the story (i’ll update when i find out), but the whole idea is to turn Albion from being a disaster place to being kick ass again, like it was in Fable 2. And it’s got loads of famous people in it. So it wins there.

All the best aspects of Fable 2 are back, like mini games to make money and the property ladder. To start off with, there is one new mini game in particular that i LOVE. Lute Hero. Think guitar hero but with lutes! The whole mini game system has changed from pressing A when in a certain area on an eyebrow thingy to a scrolling button pressing affair. Slightly easier to achieve the highest multiplier, but you earn less gold. And as far as i’m aware, the property ladder is still the same concept. Buy a house, rent it out, receive the rent every 5 minutes. As far as gaining gold while the xbox is off is concerned, i haven’t actually found out if that still happens yet (will update once i know).

Finally, the multiplayer is the biggest improvement in my eyes. When you are walking around Albion, if your friend is online as well, you might see them floating around as an orb with which you can interact. This is pretty sick, as i managed to gift my friend 2000 gold without it interrupting his or my game. Clever stuff. Also, when in a game together, the screen isn’t locked to having to show both players at the same time, making combat far easier. I remember in the Fable 2 trying to complete the crucible with my friend mike, and, well, let’s just say it was incredibly hard.

Overall, I think i’m going to get addicted to Fable 3 as I did Fable 2. One issue i do have with it, is, like Fable 2, it takes a while to really get into it. The character building is awesome, but takes a little long to begin with. However, I can’t complain much as it’s freakin’ awesome to play alone and with mates. P.S. You can marry your friends over xbox live. It’s pretty funny. I’m going to give this game a very high 9.3/10.


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Hey there, I'm Dan Vivian. I currently study Maths at the University of Portsmouth and am finding it to be quite enjoyable. I have a huge interest in gaming and technology. I wish to one day write for an official website or magazine about technology and gaming.

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