Kinect-ing the world – Kinect Review

This week has been pretty intense for video games, and especially Microsoft. Call Of Duty Black Ops and Kinect have been released. Not only that, but they were released on two consecutive days! I feel sorry for those employees at Game that had to Midnight launch both. Anyway, my Call Of Duty review will go up this weekend.

Kinect, motion controller. If you know me, you will know that after Eurogamer i was pretty set against Kinect. It was extremely buggy and i didn’t like it too much because of that. However, since then they must have ironed those bugs right out. Like seriously! It works so well now. Kinect itself is huge. But that may be because it’s host to an RGB camera, Depth sensor and Multi-array microphone. Together, these pieces of hardware work together with software to give a fantastic gaming experience.

The first game i tried out after buying it was Kinect Adventures. This is a collection of mini games and is supplied with Kinect. As dull as mini games are, this collection is actually surprisingly fun, and i can see myself playing them a lot. In single player, the games are awesome and get you moving far more than the Wii ever could. Especially in the game called Rally Ball. This is where you have to hit Dodgeballs into blocks and the more consecutive hits you get, the faster they become. Not only that, but more balls get added when you hit the power-ups. It can get hectic and i wouldn’t suggest getting behind someone who is playing.

The one thing i was very sceptical about was the multi-player function of the device. At Eurogamer it was multi-player that we tried, and it wasn’t very well constructed and kept bugging out, and initially only picked one person up. But since then, they really have sorted that out. Multi-player works like a dream now. Me and my friends were playing Kinect Joy ride and Kinect Adventures with ease and no bugginess. Kinect Joy Ride is awesome too. Pretending to hold a steering wheel to control a car is something of awesomeness. It can be a little hard to control sometimes, but that might be because i’m not used to it. Boosting sure is fun, you pull your fake wheel into your chest to charge it up and then push forwards to boost. BAM! Super Speed!

The one thing I was very impressed with was the dashboard navigation and voice recognition. Like, it works, and it works well. The multi-array microphone really helps here. It has 4 microphone capsules along the front which all transmit 16-bit audio at 16kHz. I know none of that really means anything to a lot of people, but it’s a good thing. When you set up kinect, it makes you be very very quiet while it determines the level of background noise, and how gaming sounds will affect this. It’s all very very clever, and worth the money. With this technology you can control your xbox by simply saying xbox and then using one of the commands stated. And it works really well. No hiccups at all. It’s superb, and awesome when you want to show off.

Overall, Kinect is probably the best gaming experience i have had in a while. I mean, it’s got potential, but it is awesome for all those Mini-games. And it does that a lot better than the Wii did. How well it will do against full retail games like Call of Duty and Halo is yet to be seen, but for what it is now, it’s something i think i’ll get a lot of the games for it. Kinect gets a near perfect 9.9/10.


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Hey there, I'm Dan Vivian. I currently study Maths at the University of Portsmouth and am finding it to be quite enjoyable. I have a huge interest in gaming and technology. I wish to one day write for an official website or magazine about technology and gaming.

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