Black Ops – First Strike

Something that was released this week was the first DLC for Call Of Duty: Black Ops. Now, for those familiar with the series, this is a huge deal, because the only thing more anticipated than this is the actual release of a new game. So it’s a big deal.

This map pack was released on Tuesday and it includes 5 new maps: 4 multiplayer and 1 zombie. And they are pretty good, and have some pretty wicked features. I’ll start with Berlin Wall. This is an awesome level set in Germany, surprisingly, by the Berlin Wall. The level features a load of buildings which provides good cover and sniping positions as you’d expect, but also there is this area where if you step inside, you’ll get blown apart by turrets. This area is denoted with red on the map and the floor, but tread carefully as you may not spot this as you’re running from your mates. I personally liked this map. Made me think a lot more about the whole gameplay aspect of the game and how to use my environment to an advantage.

The second map is Discovery which is set in the Antarctic. This level is pretty good as shows some of the snowier areas of the game, even though there are a lot of other snowy maps. This map features a lot of bigger, warehouse type buildings but combines it with more open landscape. You can see the northern lights, and somewhere down the bottom is a snowy bridge that you can blow a hole out of. That’s pretty sick to be honest. Makes those pesky RC things less of an issue. I did like this level, but not as much as the others.

The last map i’m going to talk about is Stadium, which is AWESOME!!! Well, i like it. It is held in a stadium area, as the name suggests, and there is a hockey rink involved, but sadly you can’t jump on it, which would have been awesome. But if you shoot the puck and the scoreboard, wicked stuff happens. There are also some other nice little things you can shoot which do things, but i’ll let you find them. This level features a lot of little places to jump and hide behind, but is pretty open, so bring close combat weapons to this fight and you will stand a far greater chance of success.

The other two maps are Kawloon and Ascension, both of which add completely new game play areas to the multiplayer and zombie modes respectively and are pretty sweet. All in all, for 1200MSP it’s not too bad a deal, but as with most of these map packs, is still a little over priced. I’d give it a hearty 7/10.


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Hey there, I'm Dan Vivian. I currently study Maths at the University of Portsmouth and am finding it to be quite enjoyable. I have a huge interest in gaming and technology. I wish to one day write for an official website or magazine about technology and gaming.

8 Responses to Black Ops – First Strike

  1. Ashley says:

    Good blog man! Having played the map pack I have to agree, really great stuff but they are consistently overpriced which is a tad annoying. I still don’t understand why it was released on XBox 360 before PS and PC though, because I’ve never really seen Treyarch take major sides before in the console war.

    In my opinion, the new zombies map is easily the best part of the expansion. The roaming ability is insane and starting the level in black and white and turning in to colour when you turn the power on is genius. They really outdid themselves with that map, but yeah, great blog post!

    • danvivian says:

      Thanks man. And yeah, it is a bit weird that they have been released on xbox 360 first, but it’s something that people have to live with. Microsoft are trying to rule world, that is all.

  2. davidballer says:

    The whole zombies part of Black Ops has really enhanced the overall experience I think, and including this in the DLC packs continues this. I have friends who say it’s ruined COD as realism is stripped. I think it just enhances it by adding more to the game and makes it less boring through broader content.

    I’m with you on the price though.. Might consider actually buying it now after reading this and several other reviews.

    • danvivian says:

      Cheers for reading. They are about £10 roughly, and for 4 maps, it’s pretty steep. It would be more reasonable at £5 for the pack. And i agree about the Zombies, they are the best feature these days.

  3. Aaron says:

    I have to agree with Ashley’s comment the zombie pack is kick ass. Of all the maps discovery bored me the most. It just seemed to fit more with generic snowy massive warehouse surrounded by the stuff.

    The screen grabs at the bottom are great btw hopefully they make anyone that hasnt bought it buy it

    • sallygardener says:

      You’re so wrong there! Name another game that throws aesthetic features like the Northern lights into an antarctic level? Personally I was happy to be playing through a map pack that let me see further ahead then 5 steps in the game, those are the snow levels that are over-done and annoying.

      • danvivian says:

        Thanks for giving the post a read. And i agree about the snowy levels generally being over done, but as it is like the 5th snowy level i have seen, it’s kinda old and boring now. Stadium was pretty fresh though.

    • danvivian says:

      Thanks for checking the post out. And i also have to agree, the zombies are the best part in my opinion. And i agree about discovery too, snowy maps are boring now. And cheers for the screen grab comment.

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