Nintendo 3DS launch titles announced

Nintendo today announced the full line up of 3DS games that will be launched on 25th March along with the console. In total there are 13 different launch titles catering for a wide range of gaming tastes! These games can all be seen in the table below:

Personally I’m a little disappointed that Nintendo aren’t launching any major titles of their own other than Nintendogs and PilotWings (A mii based flying game) on the day. However they have listed a few of the games that will come out in the following weeks / months, including: Kid Icarus, Star Fox, Ocarina of Time 3D, Mario kart, Paper Mario, and Animal Crossing.

Nintendo’s own games aside, it is also nice to see some other major publishers releasing games on launch. I am particularly excited to see how the Lego games, Street Fighter, and Splinter Cell play out in 3D. Plus who knows! There might be some suprise releases announced nearer the time! There’s still over a month to go.


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5 Responses to Nintendo 3DS launch titles announced

  1. Morgan says:

    WHAT THE HELL! Nintendo have really flopped with this one… Nintendogs and a Mii game… 2 games people wont play.

    • Tom Burns says:

      I think it depends how it plays out. The whole Mii feature took off quite well with the Wii sports feature I think. So if multi-player incorporates well it could be a popular title, ultimately however I would imagine it will be like wii sports and come free with the 3DS (or at least I hope!)
      In terms of Nintendogs.. I’ve never played it personally, and lets be fair. It’s not all that targetted at guys. I think unfortunately for older gamers the release is a bit restricting.

      • sarahsaysstuff says:

        nintendogs is amazing! I read that it will be like eye pets with them able to run around in your real room. Do you know if this is true?

  2. davidballer says:

    I have a wii and only ever use it for nintendo exclusive games like mario and zelda so i think that putting the release on other games is a bad move even if they are 3d… Going to wait for more original releases before buying one i think.

    • Tom Burns says:

      Hi David, I totally agree with you original games front. It is what adds appeal to the Wii, and DS for so many gamers! The only reason I really bought a Wii a few years ago was to finish Twilight Princess, but then the release of gamers like Mario Kart made it so much more worth it!
      I think the reason other games get played on other consoles is the whole HD aspect, and since 3D is arguably taking on HD now it will be interesting to see if people transition from high quality portable gaming to pick 3D games instead.

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