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My dreams are better than feature films!

Quite often I wake up and find myself thinking “That dream was AWESOME!” and  I’d like to say I write them down whilst I remember them… But I’m too fail for that. THAT WAS UNTIL NOW! For now I am going to write down last nights dream! Mainly because I couldn’t shorten it into 140 characters for Twitter.

So for the majority of my dream last night I found that I was running from things, to things and just running for the hell of it. However whenever I run from or to things in dreams I find that for some reason I struggle to run.. Whereas normally it wouldnt be a problem.. Yet if im running away from something that could kill me I run slow and my heart races until I get away / get killed and wake up!

Anyway, last nights dream saw me and a group of friends being hunted down by a group of assassins. I have no idea why we were wanted dead but it was weird. It kinda started back at my old secondary school as they burst in and took some people and I managed to get away after knocking one down and having one of those “im running but cant run WTF” moments. THis was even mocked when someone walked past me faster than I was running in the dream…

So I somehow make it away safe and next thing I remember is being outside a house with Dave, Pj, Laura and 3 random people I didnt know. We’re just sitting outside the house sort of hiding from these people and watching when suddenly there’s a growling and someone is all like “SHIT THERES A BEAR!” and next thing I know my mindset it “Oh yeah.. forgot we were in America.” – How do you forget you’re in a different country?! So we then walk slowly because apparently bears are blind and only respond to movement by sound? and eventually we get into the house where despite the fact there are assassins outside we sleep and this weird butler comes in and kicks the randoms out to sleep in the kitchen because “There’s no carpet there to sleep on” bastard.

Then my dream kinda shifts again and I’m talking to a woman about how her lookalike was killed and how she needs to be careful and how I’m going to assign 2 of my team to watch her. Apparently I now head up a super powered team! But this woman isnt a woman in the dream.. she’s a bottle of sauvignon blanc wine with a female head and dress.


I then call someone on my watch which is now all holographic and stuff and get told the assasins are coming and have taken a mixture of people hostage waiting for me including the people I was just with, somehow wine lady, my sister, my nan, pixie lott (The second the gets into my dream I know I’ve taken the joke with her too far), Some old school friends and my car.

The bits I can remember of the rest of the dream are me sneaking up and seeing my car then getting into it and running lots of people over, going all crazy on them and shooting them down saving people until I got shot myself and was like “SUCK IT! IM INVINCIBLE!” Then after saving everyone and getting all of these people into my tiny car which is apparently now like a clown car.. I start the ignition and it blows up.

Then I woke up.

Palm announce event, poetically.

Ok, so here is a break from our normal broadcast to bring you something different

Today, Palm decided to let the world in on a secret, that isn’t so much a secret anymore. They have an event planned for February to show off some of their new technology. Now, this has created a lot of buzz in the palm community, and for me for that matter. I for one will do my best to find everything out about the event for you, but here it is, the lovely poem from Palm to us lovely people about 2011:

“‘Twas the week after Christmas, when all over Palm
All the creatures were stirring, no mouses were calm;
More smartphones are coming in two-o-one-one,
To bring more mobility to everyone;

Designers are nestled all snug in their cubes,
With visions of webOS (a series of tubes);
We’ve read all your tweetering (no need for ALL CAPS),
We all know that this ain’t a time for no naps.
Yes, out on the blogs there has been so much chatter,
You’d think it was truly a death-or-life matter

The webOS update brings goodies like Flash,
And Just Type and stacking (and won’t cost you cash).
More treats that the new year will bring unto you?
(We have heard that you’re feeling they’re long overdue.)

And what to your wondering eyes will appear?
Not a miniature hint now, but never you fear,
We’ll have news to share with you, soon as we can,
I know what you’re thinking: “Just tell us your plan!”

I’m sure that you’ve heard that a tablet is nigh,
And lots more phones, and ePrint, and cool apps, oh my,
“First, Palm Pre! then, Pixi! and, Pre Plus (and Pre 2)!
Next, Whatzis? or Whosit! or, Thingabob? and Yoohoo!”
(Those aren’t the real names! they’re not even the codes!
You’ll have to wait! have to wait! the future bodes!)

But for now I’ll exclaim that unless something leaks,
“Happy newness to all…in the forthcoming weeks.”



Is the YouTube Sub box letting content producers down?

For well over a year now it has often been noted that the YouTube sub box has failed; whether it be people saying videos didn’t appear for them, or people getting annoyed at lack of views.  I myself have often blamed the sub box failure on occasion for lack of views, especially with things that I find myself more proud of having made. In a way this blame kind of becomes a safety blanket, the easy excuse for lack of views without considering that maybe people just don’t like your videos anymore..

Of course peoples tastes change, people subscribe and unsubscribe multiple channels on a daily basis, but admittedly that doesnt necesarily explain why channels with 5k+ are only reaching interaction levels around 100. This combined with the fact people who view videos actually curse the sub box for making them miss the videos like just goes to show that perhaps this failure and lack of viewership is down to a problem that’s been long in need of repair. I mean… what were YouTube doing in the first place to break the sub box anyway?! All I know is that it’s been existant for more than a year now, with new glitches arising every now and again.. and no real acknowledgement of an issue from YouTube.

I kind of hoped that when they added the publish percentage to the videos page this would ment it and was their way of forcing it into sub boxes. Unfortunately, even when this did hit 100% I found people subscribed telling me on Twitter od Dailybooth that “It hadnt appeared” in their sub boxes… and now to add to this it would appear this feature is even broken for me as it merrily sits on 0%

I don’t have mutliple tens of thousands of viewers (and in some cases even that doesnt seem to be doing any good!) so when it does fail or my viewship dips i find myself hit hard, as unfortunately for me, it seems to always occur on videos im more proud of and have put more thought into. The only benefit to the failure is the relief it brings in knowing the lack of views and output of video isnt necessarily all to myself. All the same i still find it disheartening at times and just wish YouTube would bother to try and fix it.. after all the subscription box is something that sits at the hub of YouTube.. without it it’d be pure luck of the draw!

Imaginary train strikes, Alternating routes, and Lessons learnt

Right now i am sat on a train from Munich to Dusseldorf, from where i will pick up a train to Amsterdam. The plugs, wifi and comfortable reclining seats on this train are making it so much better than the trains i’ve hopped on in the UK before. My local ones for example have the same seats through all classes, and don’t all have plugs, and then the long distance ones i’ve hopped on to Scotland were always crammed, and uncomfortable for long journeys, so in comparison this train and the trains i’ve been on previously have been awesome!

On Saturday i began my trip across Europe in Pisa, Italy. It was an amazing starting point, and the weather couldn’t have been better! Upon arriving i checked into the hostel to lose my bag, and then headed off around the city. We weren’t sure where to start so headed for the tower of Pisa, since that was the most obvious starting point. As it turned out that was a pretty sound decision as we got to see a fair few awesome buildings on the walk up and back! There were a fair few ruins and old churches that weren’t mapped on the tourist map we were handed at the hostel, so finding those was a bonus!

After visiting the tower we decided to goto the train station to check trains to Venice the next day. This is where i was informed of a last minute train strike from 9pm Saturday night to 9pm Sunday night. Which was at the time a planning disaster as we ideally had to be on a train getting into Venice around 4pm, so we weren’t getting in too late!  The problem with strikes on individual lines or locations abroad is that there’s no way of finding out about them easily. I googled lots that night and found NOTHING in English about the strike, which is understandable! They’re in Italy… but still! It would have been awesome to have had a way to find out about strikes before hitting the actual station.

The next day i got up early to goto the train station to see if the strikes had ended early, and was happy to find that they had! We managed to hop on a train to Florence, checked out the city for a bit, and then made our way to Venice! The journeys were taken on two different trains. One was on a large normal carriage train that only had 2nd class, so we sat there and were surrounded by some interesting people, including a man who had been traveling for 7 years!  The train from Florence to Venice was a bit better as we were able to hop into first class and use plugs to keep everything charged up! (Which is always a bonus when you’re possibly addicted to the internet and various social outlets!)  All in all i found the journeys weren’t the sort of uncomfortable ones where you sit around looking at a watch, i found they were filled with interest as just looking out the windows showed amazing sights!  The train to Venice for example had amazing views when we hit the railway that connects venice to the mainland! The sun was shining, and loads of boats were out on the water so it looked amazing! I’m actually gutted that i spent more time staring and didn’t think to take a photo in time!  Taking pictures is one thing i think you need to be ready for when on a train in Europe, as i have been on this journey now! Some of the views are beautiful, and it often seems like you can see forever!

Venice is one of the most beautiful cities i’ve been to. As soon as i stepped out of the station there was a canal with water buses! This for me was an immediate one up on the roads you normally see exiting train stations! I found Venice was a bit of a maze, and it took us forever to find the hostel. The whole walk through venice was either through small side streets or alongside canals which was great! As you walk it’s kind of like you play Where’s Wally with the Gondola men wearing their red and white tops!

One of my favourite parts about Venice’s maze like streets was how easy it was to get lost! We went for a wander and got lost and ended up finding the most amazing square with full instrumental bands playing various songs like the theme from Pirates of the Caribbean, a tower with a view of loads of Venice and some awesome architecture all around! It was hard to go far in Venice without wanting to stop to take a picture of a canal, or a some amazing architecture on a building! The insane thing was that we wouldn’t have found any of it had we not got lost wandering around Venice in the hope of finding sites like that!

We learned in Venice was that overnight trains need to be booked a few nights in advance! We tried to book an overnight train from Venice to Paris for Monday night, and were informed that the train was “Fully booked for pass holders”. So obviously there are a limited number of beds and chairs that can be allocated to pass holders! This almost messed us up as it left us with the only option of leaving at lunchtime 14th and arriving at 11pm.. too late to really do anything! Let alone get to Amsterdam.

Fortunately Rail Europe have a handy little website that lets you search trains easy with schedules and i found out that it was possible to get an overnight train to Munich! There were no beds available which was a bit of a bummer as i’d wanted to hop into a bed ona  train, but they did have seats in a cabin that resembled the one you see on the Hogwarts Express in Harry Potter with a closed door and 6 seats in their own cabin!  It was cool being in a closed cabin closer with 6 people as you find yourself talking a lot more, meeting people on public transport is amazing! You can meet so many awesome people with amazing stories! For example, i found out that ex US military get free / dead cheap flights from military airports if there is a plane headed out with space on! Insane!!!  The man that told us this had literally travelled the world and knew so many places in Europe that are off the Tourist trail, but worth visiting, which i think is a much better way to travel around Europe!

Another girl within our carriage was from Melbourne, and had been traveling for 9 months. She was on her way to Oktoberfest, something i’ll hopefully be able to get down for around the 18th!

Surprisingly i slept a lot on the train sat up! The only time i woke up was at the Austrian border as a man opened the door, turned on the lights and screamed “PASSPORTTTSSS!!!”. This was a moment i can only compare to one of those video games where your character falls asleep and then wakes up to some insane scenario where everyone else is awake panicking, whilst a ship sinks as you just wake up!.  In this case it was just a passport man, but as i dazily woke up i saw multiple people mouthing “Passport” to me and then looking up to some angry looking man. I thought he had a gun, but i think it was a scanner….

Things i didn’t know before i came to Italy
-Overnight trains fill up fast and not booking them ahead is a rookie mistake.
-Planning ahead for one linear route doesn’t work. You always need at least one back up plan! I could have been stuck in Pisa and Venice! Lesson learnt.
-Getting lost is the best way to find my own sights
-Hundreds of people are inter-railing. It’s actually ridiculous how much i underestimated this!
-European trains make some of the trains in the UK look like baggage transport for people.

Lessons learned from overnight train:
-Dry Shampoo is probably an awesome idea!
-Talking to strangers pays off as you learn so much!
-It’s actually not as hard sleeping on a seat in a train.
-Passport control people are crazy.

Anyway now i’m sat on a train to Dusseldorf as i mentioned! The rail passes Global Cool gave me are first class so we;ve been able to use the wifi and get free drinks on travels which is awesome! It is however filled with business people though, which has led to me being asked not to vlog or film by other passengers… so my footage so far consists of random shots in cities! Still power, reclining seats, and wifi balance out with not being able to film! Instead i’m just taking pictures out of the window. Check it!

Moving about

Yesterday, I moved into my new house for the next university year! It was exciting time, and I think it’ll take a while for me to register mentally it’s the house I’m living in for uni.

As soon as I arrived at the house I found everyone waiting outside for the landlord to arrive with keys. We ended up waiting about 20 minutes before I called to be told the key was infact under a brick by the door! Typical…

I went straight to my room and instantly found my mind planning what to put on walls and how to give it a more “me” feel. I’ve already taken down the curtains ready to change!

No videos or photos from there until it’s fully decorated though!!

Other than that new reviews channel:

And Summer in the City has finally come around!!

Cap’n! My Eyelids are-a bulging!…. Arrrr?

Today when i was getting my hair cut i was looking at my face in the mirror, as you do when getting a hair cut, and i noticed a reddish mark underneath my left eye, on the eyelid area to be precise.

As you can see there’s this little red bulge on the bottom corner of my eyelid. It hurts a tiny bit when you touch below it but other than that is fine, so it’s not of a worry to me right now. The only issue i have with it is that people keep asking me if i’ve been punched in the eye, or if i’ve caught my face somehow. Which i haven’t, so when i say that i just get weird looks as if i’ve been beaten up by some 5 year old and am too embarrassed to tell everyone because being beaten up by a 5 year old is just ridiculous and wouldn’t happen to someone my size… right? … RIGHT?!?!

No this blog post is not a confession that i got beaten up by a 5 year old.

I’m thinking it might have something to do with me fueling up a boat at work the other day and getting diesel in my eye as it kinda spat back. Though at the time i thought it’d missed me and hadn’t actually affected my eye as it merely landed on the skin around… so maybe that’s irrating it.. maybe not… maybe some tiny colony of people has decided to set up on my eye and the buldge is infact them burrowing into my skin to build a tiny town… I’d like to think the tiny people got in whilst i was brushing my teeth.

Infact who doesnt want tiny people to get into their body via a tooth brush?! It’s totally the future… new levels of humanitarian work! Allow tiny humans to live in your body and turn it into a habbitation… if you’re lucky they’ll get into the brain and let you fly so you can be a spaceship… sounds good, right?

To answer that.. being able to fly unaided due to little people fiddling about with your mechanics  sounds amazing! But in reality it will never happen. There are no little people inside of me, or you. Not now at least. So i’m gonna just see how this eye thing goes i guess! Filming a video tomorrow… maybe i should get my sister to apply make up to hide it……………LOL JK i’m a real man.