Theme Weeks

Earlier this year i uploaded 3 meme inspired videos to RandomProdInc in the space of a week. This was the first theme week i ran on my channel, the theme of course being internet memes. The week in general went well, it allowed me to make original creative parodies as can be seen with my take on David After the Dentist. I was also able to directly parody memes such as Geddan matching it to the same style as most geddan videos, and the lip sync video which contained the free flow wanna be showman style seen in most lip sync videos.

(Possibly the best freeze frame on faces ever.)

As i mentioned, the week went very well and was taken well by subscribers, and people on twitter. This showed with a distinct view rise throughout the week with people eagerly awaiting to see what memes i was going to upload next. In this sense i felt that the lip sync was a bit of a cop-out as it did not carry the same calibre as the previous two in my mind. Whilst not as good in my mind it’s done better than the others with over 10,000 views and rising!

Anyway… the purpose of this post was for me to talk about theme weeks in a broader sense rather than just a reflective one.  When i was thinking about future videos recently i found that theme weeks came to mind. The reason for this was due to the similar themes throughout various parodies and videos i’ve scripted. For example there is a set of TV Show parodies, which i’ve half filmed, and then a set of film parodies. This has led me to plan out as many possible theme weeks as possible, so that i can run one every fortnight / month depending on how active i am online (more likely a month..)
So far my themes are TV, Film and Video games. These will allow me to play about with the many costumes i’ve aquired over the past year! The first week i will put on the channel will be the TV themed week as i already have two of the parodies filmed! Just need to work on the third..
My Movie week will probably be the hardest as i’m hoping to parody this:

I think the hardest part will be finding people to participate, however i’m considering doing it at SITC. There are infact a few videos i want to get filmed at Summer in the City as the videos require high level of participants to be involved. Such as this one:



A few weeks ago i was asked by a friend to speak at an event he had organised for a new project of his called 3BillionClub. When asked to do so i was the first speaker to be confirmed for the evening, and i had no idea who would show up to watch me blabber on as Kristian had only just started the promotion for his event.

As time went on and it got closer to the  evening i would be speaking things slowly became more real to me. Kristian told me that the venue was 100 capacity. Something which struck a strong sounding chord in my head that rang “SHIT”. I then got sent the list of attendees he had and realised that the people attending were infact real people from real recognisable backgrounds, and whom had a solid foot in the media in their own way. This struck a different chord with me which made me suddenly wonder what i actually had to offer that these people wouldn’t have heard already, and wouldnt look at me like a complete idiot over.

I had infact been asked to talk about brand engagement with online communities such as the YouTube community based on my own experiences working with Global Cool, and ThreeMobileBuzz in the past. Things which to me had always been somewhat minor, and nothing compared to the amazing things i’d seen friends offered and given the chance to do through YouTube, yet these were things that seemed to shine through for others as good experiences for me to have under my belt.

Anyway fast tracking over to the talk. I turned up and the room slowly filled with people, and it was at this point that the calm cool frame of mind i’d maintained for so long dropped. I had a thousand worries fly into my head at once, all circulating around the single thought “I’ve not done anything like this before…. What do i actually do?”

Well this got answered pretty quickly as i was introduced pretty soon after this mini mental dilemma. I walked up, took a breath, and just spoke. I ran through the slides i’d made which contained the information on my experiences, and what i thought went well with each of them. I went through slides that contained things i thought people who have emailed me have done wrong. I even touched on Summer in the City on some slides explaining how it’d all been run off our own backs and was still successful without brands. I ran through all of these stages of slides until i hit the end slide, and next thing i knew half an hour had passed.


Was the thought in my head suddenly.

I then was presented with a question time slot in which people were invited to ask me questions. It was here that i discovered people do indeed have a lot to learn when it comes to online vloggers and YouTube users as many people were keen to ask me how the community worked, why i enjoyed YouTube, why i make videos etc. This was interesting to me as i found my initial thought of “I cant show them anything they;re all older and successful in their own ways” being changed to recognise that Kristian had infact asked me to talk because i could show them new things, and show them how YouTube worked in a community sense with brands.
Anyway enough about me. The evening also had three other talkers.

The fact is that this was the first time i’d had to speak in front of a group of complete strangers. In class presentations there are always the teachers, and people within class. Even at uni with presentations, whilst i don’t know some people i still know the majority. For that reason i think that was a bit harder as it was stepping out of the norm for me.

Ben Perreau went on after me. He works within Global Radio and, spoke of his experiences which had led to him being there such as working with NME. Ben also runs a fantastic music website called Gigulate which is well worth a look at!

Ben was followed by Lucian Tarnowski. Lucian founded a website called Brave New Talent, which i feel is an amazing concept. Whenever i try to explain it i leave people looking at me like i’m a mad man.. so i think it’s best you check out his website!

Finally the night was closed by Daren who spoke of his experiences over the years, and later went onto suggest an Apple boycott to get cheaper goods. Something i can’t see working seeing how stubborn Jobs is, but a clever concept none the less. It took the idea that lots of people who want a product will say they will only purchase it if given a group discount, and have it mailed to a single location. Much like whole-sale i guess.

Toy Story 3

Toy Story 3 is arguably the most anticipated film of the summer. It is without a doubt the one i am most excited for, having grown up with the films and often finding myself revisiting them on DVD .

I think the plot of the film is amazing in how it places the story line in the future of Andy as he is about to go to college, and illustrates what happens to toys as you grow up and it is suddenly frowned upon to keep them. This being something i have often found myself pausing over as i find old toys, or clearing a room and considering what to do with them.. often resulting in a trip to the attic as i can’t push myself to part with the things i’ve loved over years.

Another thing i like about the story is how Andy’s age in a way links in well with the years between the films. Which i think makes it more engaging for people like me who grew up on the franchise!
I for one am extremely excited to see the film as it comes out in the UK, and find myself extremely jealous of the USA who get to see it a month ahead of us!

LOL Marshmallow.

Going through my mac deleting old files and i found this.

If time travel was possible i’d go back to the day i was drawn this picture.

I have a list.

A few weeks ago i made a list on my iPhone called “The list of things i will never do again”

The list was first made following a trip to a chinese all you can eat buffet. The buffet left me feeling rather ill and like i could throw up, and to make things worse left a horrible taste of cat food in my mouth… not that i.. know what catfood tastes like… but it’s one of those things you can kinda guess the taste of! There are many things like that.. or at least there are for me! However i won’t go into them incase i make myself seem even less stupid…

My list has since then grown to have over 20 things listed now within the space of just a few weeks! Each new item generally coming from a bad experience, for example:

#13 “Never drink more than 5 bottomless Nandos soft drinks in the space of 30 mins
#18 “Never cover yourself in lipstick thinking it works well as fake blood. Whilst it does infact make good fake blood, it also stains your skin and now two days later you are still pink.”

The bad experiences on my list range from real things i really shouldnt do again such as not talking to certain people for my own good, to silly things that i seem to have put on there for the sake of it such as never bouncing a bouncy ball within 5 ft of a roof. (I was very sad when i lost my skyball you see…)  It’s this range that made me make a rule for the list that kinda contradicts the “never do again” title, as i allow myself to retry one thing a month. If it fails then it’s blacklisted and is FORBIDDENNNNN!!!!!!!! -imagine a big booming voice as that’s said-

I’m not silly though! Some things that were worse / on there for my own good are already blacklisted. This list is like a bible for me.. or at least it will be… i will publish the full list the of things i can’t do if i ever reach 100! Then we can all laugh together at the silly things i’ve banned myself from.

A week without mobile internet

This evening i gave my iPhone to Dan to hold onto for a week, he gave me his Palm Pre. We are both challenging eachother to go a week without smart phones / the ability to use mobile web, twitter and facebook. This includes text messages for social network sites!

If either of us fails this we have to dye our hair a colour of the rainbow. Fun times! (Not)
Each day we will be filming a 1 minute clip of our thoughts about the week and how we’re doing, once we’re done we’re gonna get all the minutes pick the best bits and make a video about the week for you all to see! Watch as we both go from sane to neae mental breakdown! If i’m honest i’m already having withdrawl symptoms! :S

My Photowall

My photowall has always been an object i look to for good memories / to see the people who make my life amazing.
I never thought looking at it would make me so angry. Someone crossed me wrong / hurt me bad, this is why i’ve been odd recently. Following a pretty heated text session today i finally came to decide cutting this person out is the wisest thing to do now. I cant fix anything, and it’s not worth it. Many good friends told me to do this weeks ago, and i really wish i’d listened then, but i didnt and now i’m sat here looking at my photowall contemplating tearing the whole thing down.

Fortunately i’m not over spontaneious so just ordered a shit load of of photos to replace them with, and expand a little so i can love the wall again.

Problem solved!


Today i learned that i need to listen to  peoples advise more.