Nintendo 3DS launch titles announced

Nintendo today announced the full line up of 3DS games that will be launched on 25th March along with the console. In total there are 13 different launch titles catering for a wide range of gaming tastes! These games can all be seen in the table below:

Personally I’m a little disappointed that Nintendo aren’t launching any major titles of their own other than Nintendogs and PilotWings (A mii based flying game) on the day. However they have listed a few of the games that will come out in the following weeks / months, including: Kid Icarus, Star Fox, Ocarina of Time 3D, Mario kart, Paper Mario, and Animal Crossing.

Nintendo’s own games aside, it is also nice to see some other major publishers releasing games on launch. I am particularly excited to see how the Lego games, Street Fighter, and Splinter Cell play out in 3D. Plus who knows! There might be some suprise releases announced nearer the time! There’s still over a month to go.


Sony NGP / PSP 2

Sony today send out a press release announcing their next generation portable entertainment system, which they have chosen for obvious reasons to codename “NGP”. The system will make its debut at the end of 2011, and promises to deliver “the ultimate portable entertainment experience.” At least that’s what sony are saying.. But we may infact be seeing a direct competitor for Nintendo’s up and coming 3DS.

Reading over the press release my first thought was that this could be the heavily rumored PlayStation phone. Fortunately I read on to discover that it is infact basically just the psp2.

The NGP brings wifi and 3g connectivity to Sony’s latest gaming device, promising infinite possibilities for its users to encounter, connect, discover, share and play with other users no matter where they are. The device will also feature various developer built applications that will enhance the devices general experience for users. Taking it past the focus of whatever game you have in the device, a bonus for anyone who gets bored of the same thing easily like me!

One of the most interesting announced features for is the multi-touch pad on the back of the device, as well as the one on the front. This presents a new three dimension-like motion for gamers through touch, grab, trace push and pull movements of the players fingers. Personally this will be the most interesting part to see executed. For a long time touch features on the casings of even iPhones have been desired by users. So to finally see it on a device will be awesome and hopefully a interesting new level of gaming will be achieved, similarly to when touch screen games first came out with the iTouch and iPhone.


The NGP combines touch features with the duel analogue stick features that make playing games on the playstation so playable. This will give an interesting new level of non-intrusive touch responsive gaming as your hands are no longer blocking the scree constantly, something that really annoys me when I’m playing Sonic on the iPhone… so to avoid this is great!

Other features noted in the release include:

  • A “Super oval” Design!- Yes they actual use the term “Super”.
  • A live area where users can interact with others, even possibly stalk them through a feature called “Near”.
  • Two cameras! One on the front and one quite obviously placed on the back… Though it woulda been awesome if they were both on the back and made it 3D!!!! But no.
  • A new game medium placing media onto flash memory cards… The latter probably being the feature that will make the NGP more costly as flash memory sizes vary.


From the press release this seems like it could be a good portable gaming device from Sony, maybe even something that will allow them to re-contend with the Nintendo DS! But of course we’ll have to see how it comes out first.


Scott Pilgrim takes on the world.

The soon to be released film “Scott Pilgrim vs The World”, is without a doubt one of the most anticipated releases of the summer year. Since its announcement various trailers and clips for the film have been released, each giving more footage from the film, which as a result leaves people craving the movie even more each time! Kind of like a drug addiction, but better as its less likely to kill you. Here’s a shot of heroin in the form of the latest Scott Pilgrim trailer:

The film is directed by Edgar Wright, who was the brains behind Shaun of the Dead, and Hot Fuzz, which were both films that pushed the limits of comedy through original themes and plot-lines. This in itself should show what we can expect from Wrights latest venture as he takes on a film which allows for manipulation of romance, comedy, action, and fantasy at the same time! A task which he himself notes is an “intriguing challenge”, and hopefully a challenge that gets kicked down and sent straight to intensive care as it is met with all sorts of epic levels of AWESOME.

Scott Pilgrim vs The World has been well casted with the lead role taken up by Michael Cera, an actor who has previously starred in blockbusters such as Superbad, Arrested Development and Juno. Roles which have always played out well due to his recognisable character personalities, which portray very much an everyman timid geek sort of character. I think this will match him well into the role of Scott Pilgrim, a character who seems to have the whole world against him from multiple angles, as is portrayed through the evil ex’s. Infact one of the evil ex’s he faces is played by Brandon Routh, who is probably most recognisable to most for his role as the man of steel in the most recent film to the franchise “Superman Returns”…. but we should probably avoid mentioning that in the same post as this film… cause ya know.. the trailers for Scott Pilgrim alone piss all over that film.

The film is set to appeal heavily to the video game raised generation of today, who have grown upto A & B buttons of nintendo controllers, and choruses of 8-bit music. At the same time i think it will also appeal broadly to older generations (well… probably not too old?) as it promises to bring a new spin on fight scenes, and romance through it’s comic book fantasy styles. These styles used throughout the film as seen in the trailers are one of my favourite aspects, so I’m really looking forward to seeing how they play out!

I will be attending a early screening August 12th in London so intend to have a review up immediately! Well… as soon as possible… i might still be sat in the cinema chair a week after, slowly trying to face the fact that it will possibly be the best film i’ll see in my life. I might just give up on life there and then infact…. yup… totally just found out the real purpose of Scott Pilgrim vs The World… Global Depression, leading to population control.