Is the YouTube Sub box letting content producers down?

For well over a year now it has often been noted that the YouTube sub box has failed; whether it be people saying videos didn’t appear for them, or people getting annoyed at lack of views.  I myself have often blamed the sub box failure on occasion for lack of views, especially with things that I find myself more proud of having made. In a way this blame kind of becomes a safety blanket, the easy excuse for lack of views without considering that maybe people just don’t like your videos anymore..

Of course peoples tastes change, people subscribe and unsubscribe multiple channels on a daily basis, but admittedly that doesnt necesarily explain why channels with 5k+ are only reaching interaction levels around 100. This combined with the fact people who view videos actually curse the sub box for making them miss the videos like just goes to show that perhaps this failure and lack of viewership is down to a problem that’s been long in need of repair. I mean… what were YouTube doing in the first place to break the sub box anyway?! All I know is that it’s been existant for more than a year now, with new glitches arising every now and again.. and no real acknowledgement of an issue from YouTube.

I kind of hoped that when they added the publish percentage to the videos page this would ment it and was their way of forcing it into sub boxes. Unfortunately, even when this did hit 100% I found people subscribed telling me on Twitter od Dailybooth that “It hadnt appeared” in their sub boxes… and now to add to this it would appear this feature is even broken for me as it merrily sits on 0%

I don’t have mutliple tens of thousands of viewers (and in some cases even that doesnt seem to be doing any good!) so when it does fail or my viewship dips i find myself hit hard, as unfortunately for me, it seems to always occur on videos im more proud of and have put more thought into. The only benefit to the failure is the relief it brings in knowing the lack of views and output of video isnt necessarily all to myself. All the same i still find it disheartening at times and just wish YouTube would bother to try and fix it.. after all the subscription box is something that sits at the hub of YouTube.. without it it’d be pure luck of the draw!


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