I can use the force! – Star Wars Force Unleashed 2 Review

Today is a very special day for the gaming world. It sees in the release of 3 new games that are set to be awesome. Fable 3, Rockband 3 and Star Wars Force Unleashed 2. Of course, by the title, i’ve been paying the last of the 3. And my gosh, it is fantastic!

The game starts off after the first one where you play as Starkiller. Yep, that’s right, the same guy from the first. Anyway, as that is basic knowledge to anyone, i’ll mission on.  The first thing to notice is the very impressive increase in graphical detail from the first. Like, seriously, you can see the rain on Darth Vader’s helmet and everything. It’s SIIICK!  Also, the difference between cut scenes and gameplay isn’t too bad either. And as a lot of cut scenes are rendered using gameplay graphics, you won’t complain when the awesome cut scenes come on.

As we all know, it’s not about the graphics in this game, it is far more concentrated about the physics engines, particle engines and other such nerdy things. Well, the first thing i noticed was how much more advanced it is in this game. The rag doll physics on people when you throw them is much improved, and stuff feels slightly weightier as items get bigger. On top of this, when you slice enemies, you may notice a limb or two will fall off. This makes the game seem much more awesome for some reason, just having limbs flying everywhere! It’s brilliant. Other than the noticeable changes, I haven’t found much else different. It’s still the same old epic game play, just enhanced.

Now, the force powers are all pretty much the same, except you can do almost everything from the very start of the game. However, there is a nice new one now. Jedi Mind Control. This is awesome. With this power, you tell the enemies to either top themselves by jumping out of a window or off a bridge, or you tell them to kill their friends. I think it’s random as to which one is selected, but it sure is fun. Especially when you have the big fellas with sticks jumping into generators, blowing themselves up!

Another new feature is the fact that starkiller has two Lightsabers! ZOMG!!! I know what you’re thinking, and I thought the exact same (unless you think it’s super cool already). But it actually works really well and makes killing stuff that bit more awesome. Also, this means you can use two different lightsaber crystals, which opens up the gameplay so much! On top of this, they don’t define the different missions as missions in the story. They all play into each other which is so much better than the first where you come across a score screen after every level! On top of this, the game is far more story based than the first which was just seek and destroy. Oh, by the way, some of the big enemies are huge. And I mean HUGE!!! They are so big. Wicked times.

Overall, as a sequel, this game lives up to the original so well, and expands on it. In terms of gameplay, not much has changed, but the changes are cool. In terms of story development, this game sees a far more developed plot and characters seem far more involved. So, this game gets a high score of 9.1/10.