Sonic the Hedgehod 4: Episode 1 | Review

Sonic the Hedgehog is a game series that’s been present in my life since i was a kid. I remember playing on my dads megadrive; often getting him to complete levels for me as i would constantly die, but all the same loving the game to bits! So hearing about Sonic 4 pretty much left me ecstatic!

Over the past few years we’ve seen a few platform Sonic games crop up, however none of them (with the possible exception of the speed stages in Sonic the Hedgehog on the PS3) have managed to present the same swift moving fast paced levels that keep you observing the screen as you speed through multiple stages! This is an positive to Sonic 4 as it brings back the fast paced environments that saw the Sonic series rise to popularity, but in a modernised 3D style!

Certain aspects enhanced the overall  game play for me as they kept it different to the original games, whilst maintaining similarity where needed.  I found that the way the whole game rotates with Sonic as he runs a loop to be an amusing addition as it kinda throws you off for a moment, but also keeps the game fast paced as you’re now being spun around the unexpected. I also thought that including Sonic’s homing attack was a great move by the developers as it threw in a decent ability that has cropped up in recent platform releases, and added more mixture to the game play as it provides more ways to speed through levels, and get the princess chaos emeralds!

The level styles themselves are similar to the ones from the first 3 Sonic releases, but in a much more modernised 3D environment! This gives stunning levels to speed through with catchy backing tracks to keep you playing along happily, so no complaints there! I was especially pleased to see the return of the casino city style levels (even if they were the bane of my childhood…)

In terms of boss stages, i feel the game has successfully shaken things up from the previous games as it adds little twists to the boss tactics that remove the repetitive easy kill style! Now if you get caught out, or don’t pay attention you could end up dead! If anything however this just adds to the game as it makes it less of a speed through with little effort and be complete thing.

Whilst playing the game i only really found one thing that bugged me, and that was how you still die as you get stuck between platforms!!!! Other than death by poor playing, i found that this game was extremely enjoyable to play, and was highly reflective of the games i used to love as a kid. Plus the fact it’s available on most consoles aswell as the iPhone and iPod Touch make it a must have game if you’ve ever enjoyed the original sonic games!


Apples iPad

iPhone 3GS

The iPhone 3GS was announced today and i think it looks amazing… not physically… because… well… they haven’t changed it physically.
Picture 7

It’s the features that make this new phone appealing to me. The video recording especially. As a YouTuber this appealed to me lots… so i intend to use Burnzy121 for portable videos via the phone when it is released.

Picture 8 

Snow Leopard didn’t amaze me much but Dale made a fair point:
Picture 10

However moving back to the iPhone o2 have just started tweeting….
Picture 11 Picture 12

I think they;ve now fucked over a good change. Tethering would have been amazing, but £15-30 a month extra? no. No. NO 

Next the price. The price in America for the phones is $299  max so it is rather messed up that the price is near equal that amount in pounds….The upgradability. I dont get. last year people could upgrade as soon as the new one came out regardless of when they got the prior one… so im hoping its not when upgrade is coming cause thats 18 months for pretty much everyone. 

Personally o2 have potentially just fucked this up


Apple WWDC 2009

Prior to all mac events i like to blog or vlog about what i am expecting to happen, and since i can’t vlog due to exam revision and time restrictions which prevent me will go here.

Generally for me all apple events can be a tad annoying as through them you get reminded of the people who came along to macs and apple products following the popularity of them, or follow them because they are seen to be a cool thing to follow. I follow Apple and mac things because i take a genuine interest in the company and its moves, and i love the products.  For years i have used macs, through various generations, and i was introduced to mp3 players through the ipod when my uncle gave me one when i was younger and they first came out.

I guess in a way this is why it annoys me that the things kinda become a trend and people treat it that way and use these events to spam twitter dailybooth and other shit with stuff thats only really reassuring themselves that they know what a mac is XD

That aside… what i think.

I’ve been following patents and rumor sites such as mac rumors this time more than i used to because i have taken a genuine interest in one product that will hopefully be coming out. A third generation iPhone.

The iPhone would apparently have a electronic compass, video recording, video calls and a front facing camera – could do db with that i guess ^^ and all of the features with 3.0 which seem to be leading upto youtube integration in such a way that you can upload videos from your phone.

I was thinking i’d make a channel for my iphone videos if this happened, but then i decided 2 channels is enough and i’ll use burnzy121…

There have been many leaked pictures of the possible phone depicting a matte finish, which in my mind looks so much more amazing than the current one. Another thing… they’re apparently (if leaks are real) removing the bezel. This would take away the silver bar and make it fully the colour it is… which would be kinda cool i guess =)

The leaked case also showed a button down the side – camera? and a higher up ear piece on the phone.

Snow Leopard is another thing definitely coming out, like the new iPhone OS. Im expecting Apple to pull out a suprise or two with this. At the moment it seems to be a OS release that won’t bring much other than performance improvements and provide a stepping stone for the next system… however i can’t see apple doing this as it would be foolish and too much like the Vista release Windows pulled… so im hoping Snow Leopard has more to it so when i see it tonight im like YES MATE!! GOING TO THE APPLE STORE TOMORROW!!!! 

I mean.. if they release a new phone i will go to the apple store / o2 to get an upgrade the day its released to i dont have to wait for restocks XD

Apple always have a wildcard… something we’re not expecting. Any tablet rumors i think can fuck off. If a tablet is coming out i’d imagine it would be out next year sometime. I am however liking some rumors that are circulating about some macbook changes which could possibly put 3g in macbooks.

This would be cool, and could be a lead into Apple releasing tethering for iPhones… would be interesting to see how it is run too and how people use it, like subscriptions etc…